Crown Green Bowling Competition Results and Rankings 2018

Isle of Man June Festival Held on Fri 22nd Jun

Final Round
1Martin Gilpin2120Chris Kelly

Semi Round
1Martin Gilpin2110Colin Price
2Chris Kelly219Craig Gant

Quarters Round
1Colin Price2119Matthew Kirk
2Martin Gilpin2120Phil Lee
3Craig Gant2119Nigel Briggs
4Chris Kelly2119Jack Dyson

Round of 16 Round
1Matthew Kirk2116Carl Fielding
2Colin Price2120Steve Baskerville
3Phil Lee2114Jordan Cain
4Martin Gilpin2116Martin Keatley
5Craig Gant2116Andy Hamman
6Nigel Briggs2119H Hargreaves
7Chris Kelly2115Joe Cranston
8Jack Dyson2115Ben Gloag

Round of 32 Round
1Matthew Kirk2115Ira Collier
2Carl Fielding2119John Horsley
3Steve Baskerville2119Gerald Merry
4Colin Price2112James Wilcox
5Jordan Cain2111Josh Mordue
6Phil Lee2111Ian Wakefield
7Martin Gilpin2115Peter Jones
8Martin Keatley2111John Kennish
9Andy Hamman2118Rich Goddard
10Craig Gant2116Stefan Kelly
11H Hargreaves2120John Geraghty
12Nigel Briggs2120Rob Fitzpatrick
13Joe Cranston2115Andy Sorsby
14Chris Kelly2119Mally Fowler
15Ben Gloag2119Jon Palmer
16Jack Dyson2112Callum Wraight