Crown Green Bowling Competition Results and Rankings 2018

St Andrews Classic 16 Invitational Held on Sat 2nd Jun

Final Round
1Callum Wraight2114Stuart King

Semi Round
1Stuart King2110Wayne Ditchfield
2Callum Wraight2110Stuart Mort

Quarters Round
1Wayne Ditchfield2114Simon Coupe
2Stuart King2110Gareth Gwilliam
3Stuart Mort2111Chris Brown
4Callum Wraight2115Scott Fisher

Round of 16 Round
1Wayne Ditchfield2113Ian Beecroft
2Simon Coupe218Jack Hargreaves
3Stuart King2119Mike Leach
4Gareth Gwilliam2119Craig Rammell
5Chris Brown2117David Walker
6Stuart Mort2111Michael Coupe
7Scott Fisher2119Owen Jackson
8Callum Wraight2119Gary Ellis