Crown Green Bowling Competition Results and Rankings 2018

Lindley Bowling Club 2000 Competition Held on Fri 27th Jul

Final Round
1Graeme Wilson2119Josh Brown

Semi Round
1Josh Brown219James Martin
2Graeme Wilson219Paul Bailey

Quarters Round
1Josh Brown2112David Scott
2James Martin2114Liam Griffin
3Paul Bailey215Neil Slattery
4Graeme Wilson2110Steve Gilroy

Round of 16 Round
1Steve Gilroy214Rob Wiltshire
2Paul Bailey2117David Gwilliam
3Graeme Wilson210Qualifier Unknown
4Paul Bailey210Qualifier Unknown
5Liam Griffin2113Kieren Smith
6David Scott2120S Haigh
7Neil Slattery2113Danny Sillitoe
8Josh Brown2114Craig Newton

Round of 32 Round
1Rob Wiltshire2119Gareth Nicholson
2Steve Gilroy219Terry Brook
3Paul Bailey2118Gary Siswick
4David Gwilliam2117Chris Kearns
5Graeme Wilson210Qualifier Unknown
6Qualifier Unknown210Qualifier Unknown
7Qualifier Unknown210Qualifier Unknown
8Paul Bailey210Qualifier Unknown
9Kieren Smith2116Gary Foulkes
10Liam Griffin2116G Pratt
11S Haigh219Liam Fallas
12David Scott2113Craig Gant
13Danny Sillitoe2112R Taylor
14Neil Slattery2119Nick White
15Craig Newton2119Josh Mordue
16Josh Brown2112Andy Sorsby

Round of 64 Round
1Gareth Nicholson219Andy Webb
2Rob Wiltshire2111Ben Gloag
3Terry Brook2115Gareth Lally
4Steve Gilroy2116Robert Hitchen
5Paul Bailey210Dean Scarth
6Gary Siswick2117Jonathan Wood
7Chris Kearns2113R Nicholson
8David Gwilliam2120Marc Armitage
9Graeme Wilson210Qualifier Unknown
10Qualifier Unknown210Qualifier Unknown
11Qualifier Unknown210Qualifier Unknown
12Qualifier Unknown210Qualifier Unknown
13Qualifier Unknown210Qualifier Unknown
14Qualifier Unknown210Qualifier Unknown
15Qualifier Unknown210Qualifier Unknown
16Paul Bailey210Qualifier Unknown
17Kieren Smith210Walkover
18Gary Foulkes2118Ashley Tattersley
19Liam Griffin2115Nathan Haigh
20G Pratt2111Kieran OPrey
21Liam Fallas2115Danny Teale
22S Haigh2111Scott Tattersley
23Craig Gant2110Malcolm Gilbert
24David Scott2113James Wilcox
25Danny Sillitoe2115Gareth Coates
26R Taylor2120Roger Crowther
27Neil Slattery2115Jamie Hulley
28Nick White219John Hanson
29Craig Newton216Keith Hatzer
30Josh Mordue2117Michael Sweeney
31Andy Sorsby2112Mark Regan
32Josh Brown219Paul Burke