West Bromwich Mid Week Bowling League 2017

Mick Edmunds Handicap Trophy

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Semi Final Round Held on 07/08/17
1Hamstead Social Club A702259W B F SAtHamstead Social Club A
1W B F S783161Hamstead Social Club AAtW B F S
Combined Result with handicapW B F S13753131Hamstead Social Club A  

Quarter Final Round Round must be played on or before 09/07/17
1Hamstead Social Club A844031The Stile(+15)AtHamstead Social Club A
1The Stile(+15)581381Hamstead Social Club AAtThe Stile
Combined Result with handicapHamstead Social Club A16571104The Stile(+15)  
2Short Heath Libs844041Glasscutters(+15)AtShort Heath Libs
2Glasscutters(+15)793162Short Heath LibsAtGlasscutters
Combined Result with handicapShort Heath Libs14653135Glasscutters(+15)  
3Hamstead Sovial Club B(+15)521372W B F SAtHamstead Sovial Club B
3W B F S844029Hamstead Sovial Club B(+15)AtW B F S
Combined Result with handicapW B F S1567196Hamstead Sovial Club B(+15)  
4Rowley Lab703157Coseley TavernAtRowley Lab
4Coseley Tavern773163Rowley LabAtCoseley Tavern
Combined Result with handicapCoseley Tavern13444133Rowley Lab  

Second Round Round must be played on or before 14/05/17
1Greets Green640484Rowley LabAtGreets Green
1Rowley Lab822268Greets GreenAtRowley Lab
Combined Result with handicapRowley Lab16662132Greets Green  
2Church Hill B(+15)631380Coseley TavernAtChurch Hill B
2Coseley Tavern773132Church Hill B(+15)AtCoseley Tavern
Combined Result with handicapCoseley Tavern15762110Church Hill B(+15)  
3Cradley Sports    Hamstead Sovial Club B(+15)AtCradley Sports
3Hamstead Sovial Club B(+15)    Cradley SportsAtHamstead Sovial Club B
4Short Heath Libs    Coseley AthleticAtShort Heath Libs
4Coseley Athletic    Short Heath LibsAtCoseley Athletic
5Church Hill A803165W B F SAtChurch Hill A
5W B F S773154Church Hill AAtW B F S
Combined Result with handicapW B F S14244134Church Hill A  
6The Pheasant    The Stile(+15)AtThe Pheasant
6The Stile(+15)    The PheasantAtThe Stile
7Hamstead Social Club A    ByeAtHamstead Social Club A
7Bye    Hamstead Social Club AAtBye
8Glasscutters(+15)    ByeAtGlasscutters
8Bye    Glasscutters(+15)AtBye