Norley Bowling League 2017

Coronation Cup

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Final Round Held on Wed Sep 27th 2017
1Castle S&SC A(+2)203199Manley(+65)AtComberbach
Semi Final Round Held on Thu Aug 17th 2017
1Manley(+65)269242Hartford A(+98)AtCuddington
2Castle S&SC A(+2)185153Comberbach A(+6)AtWinsford C&c
Quarter Final Round Held on Thu Jul 27th 2017
1Manley(+65)261239Lions Over Park B(+94)AtMiddlewich Rbl
2Hartford A(+98)278247Castle S&SC D(+66)AtWharton Cons
3Castle S&SC A(+2)202176Meadowbank A(+16)AtKelsall
4Comberbach A(+6)203169Wharton Cons AAtOwley Wood No 1
Second Round Round must be played on or before Thu Jun 1st 2017
1Lions Over Park B(+94)244218Comberbach B(+20)AtNorley
2Manley(+65)223206Owley Wood A(+18)AtHartford
3Hartford A(+98)269256Bunbury A(+74)AtLions Over Park No1
4Castle S&SC D(+66)264223Owley Wood D(+80)AtWinnington Park No2
5Meadowbank A(+16)216208Alpraham A(+96)AtMiddlewich Rbl
6Castle S&SC A(+2)183173Rudheath S&SC (+4)AtWinsford C&c
7Wharton Cons A208169Norley(+87)AtBarnton Cc
8Comberbach A(+6)203137Davenham Rec A(+32)AtOwley Wood No 2
First Round Round must be played on or before Thu May 4th 2017
1Comberbach B(+20)226199Winnington Park B(+64)AtBarnton Cc
2Lions Over Park B(+94)270192Lions Over Park A(+64)AtDavenham
3Manley(+65)237209Hazel Pear(+28)AtWharton Rec
4Owley Wood A(+18)228218Tarporley B(+102)AtNorley
5Bunbury A(+74)249244Winsford C&C B(+50)AtMoulton Rbl
6Hartford A(+98)299233Owley Wood B(+88)AtMeadowbank
7Castle S&SC D(+66)250214Winnington Park A(+54)AtWharton Cons
8Owley Wood D(+80)260258Nantwich Barony Park(+86)AtTarporley BC
9Meadowbank A(+16)212208Wharton Rec A(+47)AtWinnington Park No 1
10Alpraham A(+96)265243Tarporley A(+48)AtBunbury
11Castle S&SC A(+2)207192Winnington Park C(+94)AtHartford
12Rudheath S&SC (+4)2140ByeAtTBA
13Wharton Cons A210135Moulton RBL A(+30)AtCuddington
14Norley(+87)245241Kelsall A(+46)AtOwley Wood No 2
15Davenham Rec A(+32)237221Coppenhall B(+98)AtMiddlewich Rbl
16Comberbach A(+6)216179Owley Wood C(+94)AtWinnington Park No2
Preliminary Round Round must be played on or before Wed Apr 5th 2017
1Winnington Park B(+64)274240Tarvin B(+104)AtCuddington
2Comberbach B(+20)212199Gt Budworth(+43)AtWinnington Park No 1
3Lions Over Park B(+94)239217Barnton CC A(+22)AtDavenham
4Lions Over Park A(+64)251223Moulton RBL B(+68)AtLostock Graylams
5Hazel Pear(+28)232186Delamere(+87)AtWinnington Park No2
6Manley(+65)239231Castle S&SC C(+76)AtCrowton Vh
7Owley Wood A(+18)228211Davenham Rec B(+76)AtMeadowbank
8Tarporley B(+102)273263Hartford B(+102)AtDelamere
9Bunbury A(+74)250213Winsford C&C A(+24)AtKelsall
10Winsford C&C B(+50)260211Bunbury B(+108)AtHartford
11Owley Wood B(+88)260221Overton Mem Hall(+36)AtManley
12Hartford A(+98)30844Bye(+44)AtMiddlewich Com Ch
13Castle S&SC D(+66)249212Tarvin A(+40)AtLions Over Park No1
14Winnington Park A(+54)229217Lostock Gralams(+56)AtMoulton Rbl
15Owley Wood D(+80)2900ByeAtN/A
16Nantwich Barony Park(+86)242204Wharton Cons B(+10)AtMiddlewich Rbl
17Meadowbank A(+16)217195Alpraham B(+96)AtTarvin
18Wharton Rec A(+47)195190Hop Pole(+8)AtCoppenhall
19Tarporley A(+48)2580ByeAtN/A
20Alpraham A(+96)279247Spinner & Bergamot B(+104)AtWinsford C&c
21Castle S&SC A(+2)2120ByeAtN/A
22Winnington Park C(+94)3040ByeAtN/A
23Middlewich RBL A(+14)2240ByeAtN/A
24Rudheath S&SC (+4)214185Middlewich Com Ch(+72)AtN/A
25Moulton RBL A(+30)240100Wharton Rec B(+100)AtLostock
26Wharton Cons A198184Lostock(+100)AtSpinner & Bergamot
27Kelsall A(+46)2560ByeAtN/A
29Coppenhall B(+98)249236Castle S&SC B(+38)AtBunbury
30Bye(+80)  Davenham Rec A(+32)AtN/A
31Owley Wood C(+94)230227Spinner & Bergamot A(+34)AtComberbach
32Comberbach A(+6)209183Barnton CC B(+80)AtGt Budworth