Coors Mid Shropshire Bowling League 2017

Harris cup

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Final Round Held on 16/09/17
1St Georges(P)(-32)-32002Wrock Wood A(+2)AtTBA

Semi Final Round Held on 23/08/17
1St Georges(P)(-32)10933100St Georges A(+4)AtSt Georges(P)
1St Georges A(+4)7615116St Georges(P)(-32)AtSt Georges A
Combined Result with handicapSt Georges(P)(-32)19384180St Georges A(+4)  
2Wrock Wood A(+2)1235186Highley A(+15)AtWrock Wood A
2Highley A(+15)9342100Wrock Wood A(+2)AtHighley A
Combined Result with handicapWrock Wood A(+2)22575194Highley A(+15)  

Second Round Held on 19/07/17
1Bowring(P)(-27)10133108St Georges(P)(-32)AtBowring(P)
1St Georges(P)(-32)11033106Bowring(P)(-27)AtSt Georges(P)
Combined Result with handicapSt Georges(P)(-32)18666180Bowring(P)(-27)  
2Allscott A(+8)9033116St Georges A(+4)AtAllscott A
2St Georges A(+4)1183395Allscott A(+8)AtSt Georges A
Combined Result with handicapSt Georges A(+4)23866193Allscott A(+8)  
3Newport(P)(-26)994287Wrock Wood A(+2)AtNewport(P)
3Wrock Wood A(+2)10533110Newport(P)(-26)AtWrock Wood A
Combined Result with handicapWrock Wood A(+2)19457183Newport(P)(-26)  
4Bowring A(+1)11842113Highley A(+15)AtBowring A
4Highley A(+15)1155190Bowring A(+1)AtHighley A
Combined Result with handicapHighley A(+15)24375209Bowring A(+1)  

First Round Held on 17/05/17
1Bowring(P)(-27)1175168Madeley C C A(+3)AtBowring(P)
1Madeley C C A(+3)9933110Bowring(P)(-27)AtMadeley C C A
Combined Result with handicapBowring(P)(-27)20084170Madeley C C A(+3)  
2St Georges(P)(-32)1266044Wrock Wood B(+13)AtSt Georges(P)
2Wrock Wood B(+13)8415121St Georges(P)(-32)AtWrock Wood B
Combined Result with handicapSt Georges(P)(-32)215111141Wrock Wood B(+13)  
3Allscott A(+8)1205178Trench A(+17)AtAllscott A
3Trench A(+17)1034292Allscott A(+8)AtTrench A
Combined Result with handicapAllscott A(+8)22075198Trench A(+17)  
4Newport B(+40)9415120St Georges A(+4)AtNewport B
4St Georges A(+4)1255158Newport B(+40)AtSt Georges A
Combined Result with handicapSt Georges A(+4)249102192Newport B(+40)  
5Newport(P)(-26)1266082SJ Bayley A(+14)AtNewport(P)
5SJ Bayley A(+14)10424107Newport(P)(-26)AtSJ Bayley A
Combined Result with handicapNewport(P)(-26)207102200SJ Bayley A(+14)  
6Charlton A(+21)6506126Wrock Wood A(+2)AtCharlton A
6Wrock Wood A(+2)1165186Charlton A(+21)AtWrock Wood A
Combined Result with handicapWrock Wood A(+2)244111172Charlton A(+21)  
7Donn Wood A006126Bowring A(+1)AtDonn Wood A
7Bowring A(+1)126600Donn Wood AAtBowring A
Combined Result with handicapBowring A(+1)2531200Donn Wood A  
8Highley A(+15)10824112H U S C A(-21)AtHighley A
8H U S C A(-21)1083394Highley A(+15)AtH U S C A
Combined Result with handicapHighley A(+15)21757199H U S C A(-21)  

Preliminary Round Held on 26/04/17
1Bowring(P)(-27)1244281Sinclair B(+24)AtBowring(P)
1Sinclair B(+24)5615125Bowring(P)(-27)AtSinclair B
Combined Result with handicapBowring(P)(-27)22293161Sinclair B(+24)  
2Madeley C C A(+3)1125191Horsehay A(+5)AtMadeley C C A
2Horsehay A(+5)11233103Madeley C C A(+3)AtHorsehay A
Combined Result with handicapMadeley C C A(+3)21884208Horsehay A(+5)  
3St Georges(P)(-32)1245184Sinclair A(+6)AtSt Georges(P)
3Sinclair A(+6)8024115St Georges(P)(-32)AtSinclair A
Combined Result with handicapSt Georges(P)(-32)20793170Sinclair A(+6)