North Wales Coastal Bowling League 2016

May Ashenden Trophy

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Final Round Held on 12/08/16
1Colwyn Bay Legion(+30)22782208Beaumaris B(+78)AtConwy

Semi Final Round Round must be played on or before 22/07/16
1Colwyn Bay Legion(+30)883278Min Y DonAtColwyn Bay Legion
1Min Y Don954174Colwyn Bay Legion(+30)AtMin Y Don
Combined Result with handicapColwyn Bay Legion(+30)19246173Min Y Don  
2Beaumaris B(+78)984154Conwy B(+45)AtBeaumaris B
2Conwy B(+45)823273Beaumaris B(+78)AtConwy B
Combined Result with handicapBeaumaris B(+78)24964181Conwy B(+45)  

Quarter Final Round Round must be played on or before 01/07/16
1Beaumaris A(+18)953281Colwyn Bay Legion(+30)AtBeaumaris A
1Colwyn Bay Legion(+30)1014159Beaumaris A(+18)AtColwyn Bay Legion
Combined Result with handicapColwyn Bay Legion(+30)21264172Beaumaris A(+18)  
2Caernarfon(+36)561489Min Y DonAtCaernarfon
2Min Y Don1055045Caernarfon(+36)AtMin Y Don
Combined Result with handicapMin Y Don19491137Caernarfon(+36)  
3Beaumaris B(+78)1024176Prestatyn Highbury(+60)AtBeaumaris B
3Prestatyn Highbury(+60)802377Beaumaris B(+78)AtPrestatyn Highbury
Combined Result with handicapBeaumaris B(+78)25773216Prestatyn Highbury(+60)  
4Llanfairpg(+30)853276Conwy B(+45)AtLlanfairpg
4Conwy B(+45)893280Llanfairpg(+30)AtConwy B
Combined Result with handicapConwy B(+45)21055195Llanfairpg(+30)  

First Round Round must be played on or before 17/06/16
1Beaumaris A(+18)863287Rhos Park B(+30)AtBeaumaris A
1Rhos Park B(+30)621495Beaumaris A(+18)AtRhos Park B
Combined Result with handicapBeaumaris A(+18)19973179Rhos Park B(+30)  
2Rhos Park A(+3)7814101Colwyn Bay Legion(+30)AtRhos Park A
2Colwyn Bay Legion(+30)933286Rhos Park A(+3)AtColwyn Bay Legion
Combined Result with handicapColwyn Bay Legion(+30)22473167Rhos Park A(+3)  
Combined Result with handicapCaernarfon(+36)22982185Bethesda(+54)  
4Penrhyn New Hall A(+54)792387Min Y DonAtPenrhyn New Hall A
4Min Y Don1055051Penrhyn New Hall A(+54)AtMin Y Don
Combined Result with handicapMin Y Don19282184Penrhyn New Hall A(+54)  
5St Asaph A(+24)005105Beaumaris B(+78)AtSt Asaph A
5Beaumaris B(+78)105500St Asaph A(+24)AtBeaumaris B
Combined Result with handicapBeaumaris B(+78)28810024St Asaph A(+24)  
6Prestatyn Highbury(+60)105500Holyhead(+63)AtPrestatyn Highbury
6Holyhead(+63)005105Prestatyn Highbury(+60)AtHolyhead
Combined Result with handicapPrestatyn Highbury(+60)27010063Holyhead(+63)  
7Llanfairpg(+30)1055048Grove Park(+87)AtLlanfairpg
7Grove Park(+87)3005105Llanfairpg(+30)AtGrove Park
Combined Result with handicapLlanfairpg(+30)240100165Grove Park(+87)  
8Conwy B(+45)974156Vardre A(+66)AtConwy B
8Vardre A(+66)5405105Conwy B(+45)AtVardre A
Combined Result with handicapConwy B(+45)24791176Vardre A(+66)  

Preliminary Round Round must be played on or before 27/05/16
1Craig Y Don(+39)803285Beaumaris A(+18)AtCraig Y Don
1Beaumaris A(+18)943267Craig Y Don(+39)AtBeaumaris A
Combined Result with handicapBeaumaris A(+18)19755186Craig Y Don(+39)  
2Rhos Park B(+30)1055063Benllech(+48)AtRhos Park B
2Benllech(+48)8823101Rhos Park B(+30)AtBenllech
Combined Result with handicapRhos Park B(+30)23682199Benllech(+48)  
3Rhos Park A(+3)974164Sunny Rhyl(+75)AtRhos Park A
3Sunny Rhyl(+75)5714100Rhos Park A(+3)AtSunny Rhyl
Combined Result with handicapRhos Park A(+3)20082196Sunny Rhyl(+75)  
4Colwyn Bay Legion(+30)1004153Eirias Park(+54)AtColwyn Bay Legion
4Eirias Park(+54)732396Colwyn Bay Legion(+30)AtEirias Park
Combined Result with handicapColwyn Bay Legion(+30)22673180Eirias Park(+54)  
5Bethesda(+54)974169Llanrwst A(+9)AtBethesda
5Llanrwst A(+9)1044174Bethesda(+54)AtLlanrwst A
Combined Result with handicapBethesda(+54)22555182Llanrwst A(+9)  
6Penrhyn New Hall B(+99)5205105Caernarfon(+36)AtPenrhyn New Hall B
6Caernarfon(+36)1055034Penrhyn New Hall B(+99)AtCaernarfon
Combined Result with handicapCaernarfon(+36)246100185Penrhyn New Hall B(+99)  
7Penrhyn New Hall A(+54)882390Conwy AAtPenrhyn New Hall A
7Conwy A1004150Penrhyn New Hall A(+54)AtConwy A
Combined Result with handicapPenrhyn New Hall A(+54)19237190Conwy A