North Wales Coastal Bowling League 2015

May Ashenden Trophy

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Final Round Held on 14/08/15
1Min Y Don(+10)220100192Bethesda(+57)AtBeaumaris

Semi Final Round Held on 24/07/15
1Min Y Don(+10)1055049Penrhyn New Hall A(+78)AtMin Y Don
1Penrhyn New Hall A(+78)6714102Min Y Don(+10)AtPenrhyn New Hall A
Combined Result with handicapMin Y Don(+10)21791194Penrhyn New Hall A(+78)  
2Bethesda(+57)993282Conwy B(+46)AtBethesda
2Conwy B(+46)1034179Bethesda(+57)AtConwy B
Combined Result with handicapBethesda(+57)23546231Conwy B(+46)  

Quarter Final Round Held on 03/07/15
1Rhos Park A(+3)923296Min Y Don(+10)AtRhos Park A
1Min Y Don(+10)923285Rhos Park A(+3)AtMin Y Don
Combined Result with handicapMin Y Don(+10)19855180Rhos Park A(+3)  
2Caernarfon(+30)1055054Penrhyn New Hall A(+78)AtCaernarfon
2Penrhyn New Hall A(+78)954190Caernarfon(+30)AtPenrhyn New Hall A
Combined Result with handicapPenrhyn New Hall A(+78)22746225Caernarfon(+30)  
Combined Result with handicapBethesda(+57)21055208Llanfairpg(+26)  
4Conwy B(+46)1055056Grove Park(+84)AtConwy B
4Grove Park(+84)993292Conwy B(+46)AtGrove Park
Combined Result with handicapConwy B(+46)24373239Grove Park(+84)  

First Round Held on 19/06/15
1Colwyn Bay Rbl(+38)843294Rhos Park A(+3)AtColwyn Bay Rbl
1Rhos Park A(+3)964168Colwyn Bay Rbl(+38)AtRhos Park A
Combined Result with handicapRhos Park A(+3)19364190Colwyn Bay Rbl(+38)  
2Benllech(+54)712389Min Y Don(+10)AtBenllech
2Min Y Don(+10)1055077Benllech(+54)AtMin Y Don
Combined Result with handicapMin Y Don(+10)20482202Benllech(+54)  
3Conwy A1024160Caernarfon(+30)AtConwy A
3Caernarfon(+30)1055063Conwy AAtCaernarfon
Combined Result with handicapCaernarfon(+30)19564165Conwy A  
4Prestatyn Highbury(+66)923297Penrhyn New Hall A(+78)AtPrestatyn Highbury
4Penrhyn New Hall A(+78)883286Prestatyn Highbury(+66)AtPenrhyn New Hall A
Combined Result with handicapPenrhyn New Hall A(+78)26355244Prestatyn Highbury(+66)  
Combined Result with handicapLlanfairpg(+26)21464205Holyhead(+53)  
6Bethesda(+57)1055054Penrhyn New Hall B(+96)AtBethesda
6Penrhyn New Hall B(+96)852389Bethesda(+57)AtPenrhyn New Hall B
Combined Result with handicapBethesda(+57)25182235Penrhyn New Hall B(+96)  
7Conwy B(+46)1055040Beaumaris B(+69)AtConwy B
7Beaumaris B(+69)1055064Conwy B(+46)AtBeaumaris B
Combined Result with handicapConwy B(+46)21555214Beaumaris B(+69)  
8Beaumaris A(+18)964165Grove Park(+84)AtBeaumaris A
8Grove Park(+84)7814101Beaumaris A(+18)AtGrove Park
Combined Result with handicapGrove Park(+84)22728215Beaumaris A(+18)  

Preliminary Round Held on 29/05/15
1Colwyn Bay Rbl(+38)873289Craig Y Don(+39)AtColwyn Bay Rbl
1Craig Y Don(+39)841496Colwyn Bay Rbl(+38)AtCraig Y Don
Combined Result with handicapColwyn Bay Rbl(+38)22173212Craig Y Don(+39)  
2Rhos Park A(+3)994154Rhos Park B(+32)AtRhos Park A
2Rhos Park B(+32)811498Rhos Park A(+3)AtRhos Park B
Combined Result with handicapRhos Park A(+3)20082167Rhos Park B(+32)  
3Benllech(+54)1055064Sunny Rhyl(+77)AtBenllech
3Sunny Rhyl(+77)8314102Benllech(+54)AtSunny Rhyl
Combined Result with handicapBenllech(+54)26191224Sunny Rhyl(+77)  
4Min Y Don(+10)1055056Eirias Park(+53)AtMin Y Don
4Eirias Park(+53)671499Min Y Don(+10)AtEirias Park
Combined Result with handicapMin Y Don(+10)21491176Eirias Park(+53)  
5Conwy A1004177St Asaph A(+8)AtConwy A
5St Asaph A(+8)872387Conwy AAtSt Asaph A
Combined Result with handicapConwy A18773172St Asaph A(+8)  
Combined Result with handicapCaernarfon(+30)21064179Abergele(+31)  
7Vardre A(+67)1024177Prestatyn Highbury(+66)AtVardre A
7Prestatyn Highbury(+66)994169Vardre A(+67)AtPrestatyn Highbury
Combined Result with handicapPrestatyn Highbury(+66)24255238Vardre A(+67)  
8Penrhyn New Hall A(+78)1055072Llanrwst A(+14)AtPenrhyn New Hall A
8Llanrwst A(+14)1055047Penrhyn New Hall A(+78)AtLlanrwst A
Combined Result with handicapPenrhyn New Hall A(+78)23055191Llanrwst A(+14)