Norley Bowling League 2019

Coronation Cup

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Preliminary Round Round must be played on or before Wed Apr 24th 2019
1Wharton Rec B2100ByeAtN/A
2Hartford A2100ByeAtTBA
3Middlewich RBL A  Castle S&SC CAtWharton Cons
4Barnton CC A  Winnington Park BAtComberbach
5Tarvin A  Coppenhall AAtTarporley BC
7Comberbach A  Lions Over Park BAtOwley Wood No 2
8Alpraham B  Owley Wood AAtDelamere
9Castle S&SC A  Wharton Cons AAtDavenham
10Barnton CC B  Lions Over Park AAtWinnington Park No2
11Davenham Rec A2100ByeAtN/A
12Meadowbank A  Middlewich Com ChAtLostock Graylams
13Delamere  Kelsall AtTarvin
14Winnington Park C2100ByeAtN/A
15Castle S&SC D  Coppenhall BAtMiddlewich Rbl
16Moulton RBL B  Tarporley BAtKelsall
17Winnington Park A2100ByeAtN/A
18Hartford B  Alpraham AAtLions Over Park No1
19Norley  Bunbury AAtCuddington
20Winsford C&C A  Overton Memorial HallAtCrowton Vh
21Davenham Rec B  ByeAtMiddlewich Com Ch
22Hazel Pear  Tarvin BAtOverton Mh
23Wharton Cons B2100ByeAtN/A
24Winsford C&C B  Moulton RBL AAtBarnton Cc
25Gt Budworth  Lostock GralamsAtHartford
26Owley Wood D  Meadowbank BAtWinnington Park No 1
27Middlewich RBL B  Owley Wood CAtWinsford C&c
28Crowton Vill Hall  Tarporley AAtAlpraham
29Bunbury B  Comberbach BAtOwley Wood No 1
30Nantwich Barony Park  Owley Wood BAtCoppenhall
31Manley  Wharton Rec AAtMoulton Rbl
32Castle S&SC B2100ByeAtN/A
First Round Round must be played on or before Wed May 8th 2019
1Wharton Rec B  Hartford AAtTBA
2Middlewich RBL A or Castle S&SC C  Barnton CC A or Winnington Park BAtTBA
3Tarvin A or Coppenhall A  ByeAtTBA
4Comberbach A or Lions Over Park B  Alpraham B or Owley Wood AAtTBA
5Castle S&SC A or Wharton Cons A  Barnton CC B or Lions Over Park AAtTBA
6Davenham Rec A  Meadowbank A or Middlewich Com ChAtTBA
7Delamere or Kelsall   Winnington Park CAtTBA