Lichfield & District Bowling League 2018


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Final Round Held on 11/09/18
1Rag B210100161Lichfield A(+30)AtLea Hall

Semi Final Round Round must be played on or before 14/08/18
1Ashmole A842385Rag BAtAshmole A
1Rag B974163Ashmole AAtRag B
Combined Result with handicapRag B18273147Ashmole A  
2Rugeley Prog A1034172Lichfield A(+30)AtRugeley Prog A
2Lichfield A(+30)853280Rugeley Prog AAtLichfield A
Combined Result with handicapLichfield A(+30)18746183Rugeley Prog A  

Quarter Final Round Round must be played on or before 16/07/19
1Chadsmoor823287Ashmole AAtChadsmoor
1Ashmole A1004175ChadsmoorAtAshmole A
Combined Result with handicapAshmole A18764157Chadsmoor  
2Rag B984175C R Hawks(+30)AtRag B
2C R Hawks(+30)732397Rag BAtC R Hawks
Combined Result with handicapRag B19573178C R Hawks(+30)  
3Rugeley Prog A953272Heath Hayes AAtRugeley Prog A
3Heath Hayes A902376Rugeley Prog AAtHeath Hayes A
Combined Result with handicapRugeley Prog A17164162Heath Hayes A  
4Rushall(+30)851497Lichfield A(+30)AtRushall
4Lichfield A(+30)872391Rushall(+30)AtLichfield A
Combined Result with handicapLichfield A(+30)21464206Rushall(+30)  

Second Round Round must be played on or before 19/06/18
Combined Result with handicapChadsmoor17073166Windmill  
2Ashmole A1055052Willenhall Nordley(+15)AtAshmole A
2Willenhall Nordley(+15)5114100Ashmole AAtWillenhall Nordley
Combined Result with handicapAshmole A20591118Willenhall Nordley(+15)  
3Rag B913266Amasal(+30)AtRag B
3Amasal(+30)822392Rag BAtAmasal
Combined Result with handicapRag B18364178Amasal(+30)  
4C R Hawks(+30)1003276Ridwares A(+30)AtC R Hawks
4Ridwares A(+30)943286C R Hawks(+30)AtRidwares A
Combined Result with handicapC R Hawks(+30)21655200Ridwares A(+30)  
5Streetly A6705105Rugeley Prog AAtStreetly A
5Rugeley Prog A912388Streetly AAtRugeley Prog A
Combined Result with handicapRugeley Prog A19673155Streetly A  
6Lichfield Road(+30)005105Heath Hayes AAtLichfield Road
6Heath Hayes A105500Lichfield Road(+30)AtHeath Hayes A
Combined Result with handicapHeath Hayes A21010030Lichfield Road(+30)  
7Uxbridge Arms(+15)892393Rushall(+30)AtUxbridge Arms
7Rushall(+30)914185Uxbridge Arms(+15)AtRushall
Combined Result with handicapRushall(+30)21473189Uxbridge Arms(+15)  
8Lichfield A(+30)1004183Rag A(+15)AtLichfield A
8Rag A(+15)934179Lichfield A(+30)AtRag A
Combined Result with handicapLichfield A(+30)20955191Rag A(+15)  

First Round Round must be played on or before 01/05/18
1Whittington A(+15)833283ChadsmoorAtWhittington A
1Chadsmoor973275Whittington A(+15)AtChadsmoor
Combined Result with handicapChadsmoor18055173Whittington A(+15)  
2Windmill1055069Stafford Road A(+15)AtWindmill
2Stafford Road A(+15)6014102WindmillAtStafford Road A
Combined Result with handicapWindmill20791144Stafford Road A(+15)  
3Ashmole A843264Hawkins Sports(+15)AtAshmole A
3Hawkins Sports(+15)592396Ashmole AAtHawkins Sports
Combined Result with handicapAshmole A18064138Hawkins Sports(+15)  
4British Rail(+30)853287Willenhall Nordley(+15)AtBritish Rail
4Willenhall Nordley(+15)1055040British Rail(+30)AtWillenhall Nordley
Combined Result with handicapWillenhall Nordley(+15)20773155British Rail(+30)  
5Harrisons782388Rag BAtHarrisons
5Rag B1055061HarrisonsAtRag B
Combined Result with handicapRag B19382139Harrisons  
Combined Result with handicapAmasal(+30)21337190Penkridge  
7C R Hawks(+30)1055075Hednesford AAtC R Hawks
7Hednesford A843270C R Hawks(+30)AtHednesford A
Combined Result with handicapC R Hawks(+30)20573159Hednesford A  
8Ridwares A(+30)943284Hatherton A(+30)AtRidwares A
8Hatherton A(+30)872386Ridwares A(+30)AtHatherton A
Combined Result with handicapRidwares A(+30)21064201Hatherton A(+30)  
9Streetly A913277Lea Hall A(+15)AtStreetly A
9Lea Hall A(+15)5805105Streetly AAtLea Hall A
Combined Result with handicapStreetly A19682150Lea Hall A(+15)  
10Rugeley Prog A1034172Hammerwich A(+15)AtRugeley Prog A
10Hammerwich A(+15)852386Rugeley Prog AAtHammerwich A
Combined Result with handicapRugeley Prog A18973172Hammerwich A(+15)  
11Lichfield Road(+30)1055050Ashmole B(+30)AtLichfield Road
11Ashmole B(+30)833299Lichfield Road(+30)AtAshmole B
Combined Result with handicapLichfield Road(+30)23473163Ashmole B(+30)  
12Hagley A(+15)861495Heath Hayes AAtHagley A
12Heath Hayes A1055046Hagley A(+15)AtHeath Hayes A
Combined Result with handicapHeath Hayes A20091147Hagley A(+15)  
13Chase Terrace B(+30)813281Uxbridge Arms(+15)AtChase Terrace B
13Uxbridge Arms(+15)974177Chase Terrace B(+30)AtUxbridge Arms
Combined Result with handicapUxbridge Arms(+15)19364188Chase Terrace B(+30)  
14Bridgtown A(+15)1055071Rushall(+30)AtBridgtown A
14Rushall(+30)1024165Bridgtown A(+15)AtRushall
Combined Result with handicapRushall(+30)20346185Bridgtown A(+15)