Burton Ladies Bowling League 2018

Home & Away

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Semi Final Round Round must be played on or before 10/08/18
1Washlands Trent782265Belvedere B(+10)AtWashlands Trent
1Belvedere B(+10)682272Washlands TrentAtBelvedere B
Combined Result with handicapWashlands Trent15044143Belvedere B(+10)  
2Stretton A672259Stretton BAtStretton A
2Stretton B763162Stretton AAtStretton B
Combined Result with handicapStretton B13553129Stretton A  

Quarter Final Round Round must be played on or before 09/07/18
1Etwall752265Stretton BAtEtwall
1Stretton B732259EtwallAtStretton B
Combined Result with handicapStretton B13844134Etwall  
2Belvedere B(+10)713154Washlands A(+10)AtBelvedere B
2Washlands A(+10)803165Belvedere B(+10)AtWashlands A
Combined Result with handicapBelvedere B(+10)14644144Washlands A(+10)  
3Stretton A703159Washlands ParkAtStretton A
3Washlands Park722272Stretton AAtWashlands Park
Combined Result with handicapStretton A14253131Washlands Park  
4Rolleston B(+10)711383Washlands TrentAtRolleston B
4Washlands Trent742263Rolleston B(+10)AtWashlands Trent
Combined Result with handicapWashlands Trent15753144Rolleston B(+10)  

First Round Round must be played on or before 04/06/18
1Bye    EtwallAtBye
1Etwall    ByeAtEtwall
2Marstons(+10)510484Washlands TrentAtMarstons
2Washlands Trent562266Marstons(+10)AtWashlands Trent
Combined Result with handicapWashlands Trent14062127Marstons(+10)  
3Stretton B743171Swad CathsAtStretton B
3Swad Caths470484Stretton BAtSwad Caths
Combined Result with handicapStretton B15871118Swad Caths  
4Stretton A783164Stretton C(+20)AtStretton A
4Stretton C(+20)391381Stretton AAtStretton C
Combined Result with handicapStretton A15962123Stretton C(+20)  
5Belvedere B(+10)    ByeAtBelvedere B
5Bye    Belvedere B(+10)AtBye
6Rolleston B(+10)    ByeAtRolleston B
6Bye    Rolleston B(+10)AtBye
7Washlands A(+10)    ByeAtWashlands A
7Bye    Washlands A(+10)AtBye
8Washlands Park    ByeAtWashlands Park
8Bye    Washlands ParkAtBye