Crown Green Bowling Competition Results and Rankings 2017
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2017 Competition Results for Chris Jenkins

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Mossley Hill Classic
Round of 32Peter Grimston1221
Round of 64Michael Heap2119
Round of 128Colin Lane2113
Castle Private Classic
Round of 64Greg Smith1321
Round of 128Clay Flatley2117
Frank Beeley Trophy
QuartersPhil Davies1931
Round of 16Chris Kelly2117
Round of 32David Walker2114
Round of 64Ashley Daykin2120
Points 6
Tetleys LMRCA Open
3 Rounds Missing, but won
Round of 16Paul Mackie00
Points 6
Grange Classic
Round of 64Chris Kelly1421
Moorlands Sports and Social Cl
QuartersPaul Dudley1621
Round of 16Terry Glover219
Round of 32Alec Byrnes213
Round of 64Tom Mainwaring2117
Round of 128David Proctor2110
Points 12