Crown Green Bowling Competition Results and Rankings 2017
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2017 Competition Results for Phil Davies

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Helsby Classic
3 Rounds Missing, but won
QuartersTerry Glover1621
Round of 16Scott Parry214
Points 12
Metro Sports Open 64
Round of 16Noel Burrows1421
Round of 32John Gately2112
Round of 64C Jolley2112
Nursery Classic
Round of 16C Heyes1421
Round of 32Mark Sutton2116
Round of 64C Kearns2117
Frank Beeley Trophy
FinalGary Ellis3130
SemiMike Tunstall3126
QuartersChris Jenkins3119
Round of 16Jack Hargreaves2119
Round of 32T Colclough217
Round of 64Mark Sutton217
Points 24
Moorfields Open
Round of 32Glyn Storer2021
Round of 64Simon Taylor215
Round of 128J Gardner2117
Mike Roach Memorial
Round of 64John Garrett Snr1221
Billy Bennett Memorial Trophy
Round of 16Glyn Storer1821
Round of 32Dan Roberts216
Round of 64Stephen Lea2110
Round of 128Danny Parkinson2119
Points 6