Crown Green Bowling Competition Results and Rankings 2017
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2017 Competition Results for John Lloyd

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Woodley Spring Classic 128
3 Rounds Missing, but won
Round of 16Noel Burrows2021
Points 6
Derek Fletcher Classic 128
Round of 64Neil Bithel1421
Round of 128John Grace2120
Mossley Hill Classic
QuartersWayne Ditchfield821
Round of 16Carl Armitage2120
Round of 32Mark Holden2120
Round of 64David Gwilliam2111
Round of 128C Ashton2116
Points 12
Castle Private Classic
Round of 32Greg Smith1321
Round of 32C Kearns621
Round of 64M Humphrys2119
Round of 128Connor Chamberlain2116
Richmond Open Classic
QuartersDanny Barwise921
Round of 16Gary Smith218
Round of 32Steve Harrison2118
Round of 64Rob Rogers2115
Round of 128Aiden Kenny217
Points 12