Crown Green Bowling Competition Results and Rankings 2017
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2017 Competition Results for Jason Jones

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Mossley Hill Invitation 32
Round of 32Ben Gloag1721
Mossley Hill Classic
SemiWayne Ditchfield1721
QuartersPaul Whalley2110
Round of 16Matt Fellows2115
Round of 32Dean Butler2111
Round of 64Daniel Jones2111
Round of 128Steve Baskerville2116
Points 18
Metro Sports Open 64
QuartersJamie Bramley2021
Round of 16D Jackson219
Round of 32Tommy Johnstone2117
Round of 64Matt Gillies2119
Points 6
Castle Private Classic
Round of 16Nicola Boulton1121
Round of 32Daniel Jones2117
Round of 64Lee Cavill216
Round of 128Matt Farmer217
Points 6
Moorfields Open
Round of 64Ryan Walters1321
Round of 128Jeremy Muff2113
Grange Classic
Round of 64Steve Barber1621
Autumn Waterloo
2 Rounds Missing, but won
Round of 16Mike Leach1221
Round of 32Ryan Sandham2112
Round of 64Alan Hanford2117
Round of 128Carl Fielding2120
Points 18