Crown Green Bowling Competition Results and Rankings 2017
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2017 Competition Results for Bradley Massey

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ECC Open 256
Round of 64John Dewey821
Round of 256Stuart Gittings2118
Castle Private Classic
SemiSean Morrey1521
QuartersRoss Meese2115
Round of 16Leighton Roberts2114
Round of 32Matt Thurlwell2119
Round of 64Peter Illidge216
Round of 128Barry Ellams2110
Points 18
Carling Cup
Round of 16Paul Leah1621
Round of 32Michael Sweeney2111
Round of 64Lee Scoefield2110
Richmond Open Classic
Round of 64Wayne Ditchfield1221
Round of 128Peter Hammond2119
Pudsey Classic
Round of 32Greg Smith1221
Round of 64C Rumney2116
Round of 128Neil Simpson216
Gambart Baines
3 Rounds Missing, but won
Round of 32David Poole1021
Round of 64N/A210
Points 12