Crown Green Bowling Competition Results and Rankings 2017
Competition Averages

2017 Competition Results for Greg Smith

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ECC Open 256
SemiScott Simpson1621
QuartersWayne Ditchfield2115
Round of 16Josh Mordue219
Round of 32Paul Busby2113
Round of 64John Brown2117
Round of 128Keith Hatzer216
Points 18
Maggies Invitation 32
SemiSimon Coupe1821
QuartersStuart Rutter210
Round of 16Paul Lamb210
Round of 32Chris Ward210
Points 6
Meole Brace Open 256
Round of 32Ben Harris821
Round of 64Nick Hughes213
Round of 128Craig Davies2113
Round of 256L Belcher214
Points 6
Mossley Hill Invitation 32
QuartersMike Tunstall1321
Round of 16Dave Carter2116
Round of 32Paul Dunn2116
Les Evans Memorial Classic
FinalDarren Plenderleith2117
SemiChris Ward215
QuartersWayne Rogers216
Round of 16Steve Morrey2112
Round of 32Scott Simpson217
Points 18
Spring Waterloo 256
3 Rounds Missing, but won
Round of 32Dean Butler821
Points 6
Wharton Cons 128
Round of 32Chris Barlow3130
Round of 64John Price (Potts)3122
Round of 128Mark Sutton3120
Points 6
Moseley CC 32 Invitation
Round of 32Chris Ward1221
Moor Lane Open 32
FinalTom Pritchard2120
SemiGareth Herbert2118
QuartersBarry Booth218
Round of 16Carl Fielding2113
Round of 32Dane Hopwood216
Points 18
Castle Private Classic
FinalSean Morrey1821
SemiMatt Gilmore213
QuartersMatt Fellows2111
Round of 16N/A210
Round of 32John Lloyd2113
Round of 64Chris Jenkins2113
Round of 128C Pattinson217
Points 24
Sandal Classic 128
FinalJames Davison2117
SemiWayne Moseley2110
QuartersThomas Hanson2112
Round of 16Mark Hughes2115
Round of 32Paul Bailey2114
Round of 64Richard Jackson218
Round of 128Tony Riley215
Points 30
Richmond Open Classic
SemiDanny Barwise1821
QuartersLee Heaton2110
Round of 16Terry Glover2113
Rog Ogiliev Mixed 32 Memorial
FinalChris Brown2111
SemiGraeme Wilson2115
QuartersJack Dyson2120
Round of 16Simon Coupe2119
Round of 32Jack Hargreaves2120
Points 18
Pudsey Classic
SemiLee Heaton1521
QuartersJack Dyson2115
Round of 16Chris Brown2118
Round of 32Bradley Massey2112
Round of 64Warren Wilson214
Round of 128Simon Brown215
Points 18
Brighouse Classic
QuartersJames Hanson1121
Round of 16Chris Kelly2112
Round of 32Liam Griffin2120
Round of 64Daniel Petcher2116
Round of 128Alex Wolfenden2111
Points 12
Grange Classic
Round of 64Dean Ferris1421
Mike Roach Memorial
QuartersCallum Wraight1821
Round of 16Rich Goddard2114
Round of 32R Nevins2113
Round of 64Barry Booth2112
Points 6
Greville Open
FinalPaul Lamb2110
SemiTom Pritchard2115
QuartersTom Palmer2114
Round of 16Phil Clinton216
Round of 32James Seville2119
Points 18
Autumn Waterloo
2 Rounds Missing, but won
Round of 32Andy Thornton2021
Round of 64Mark Hughes2110
Round of 128David Lloyd2119
Points 12
Talbot Trophy
3 Rounds Missing, but won
QuartersRobert Hitchen2021
Round of 16Stuart Mort219
Round of 32Mark Johnson2111
Points 18
Ray Leath Memorial Open
Round of 16Mick Lynch00
Round of 32Dan Taylor2116
Round of 64Mark Myles2113
George Masters
Round of 16Justin Pegram00
Round of 32Ross Dunkley 3127
Round of 64Bradley Bayliss3118
Round of 128Shelton Orpe3115
Points 6
Marton Institute 64
FinalTommy Johnstone2114
SemiRich Goddard2116
QuartersMatt Gillies219
Round of 16John Kennish2112
Round of 32Gary Ellis2113
Round of 64W Symth214
Points 24