Crown Green Bowling Competition Results and Rankings 2017
Competition Averages

2017 Competition Results for Wayne Ditchfield

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ECC Open 256
QuartersGreg Smith1521
Round of 16Andrew Hughes2120
Round of 32Larry Wells217
Round of 64Dane Hopwood2110
Round of 128Chris Watts2116
Points 12
Spring Waterloo 256
3 Rounds Missing, but won
Round of 32Dave Rocky Jones1921
Points 6
Mossley Hill Classic
FinalAndy Thornton2116
SemiJason Jones2117
QuartersJohn Lloyd218
Round of 16John Finch2118
Round of 32Carl Fielding2114
Round of 64Terry Glover2112
Round of 128Peter Scott2117
Points 30
Hillcrest Classic 128
QuartersThomas Hanson3031
Round of 16James Grimston3117
Round of 32Lee Heaton3127
Round of 64Andy Spragg3128
Round of 128Danny Ferris3121
Points 12
Wigan Subscription Classic
FinalJohn Crossley2931
SemiMark Britton3129
QuartersJosh Mordue3119
Round of 16Steve Freer310
Round of 32Billy Speed3121
Round of 64Carl Fielding3120
Points 18
Poker Stars Super 32 Isle of M
FinalConnor Chamberlain2111
SemiLee Johnstone2113
QuartersBrian Smith2116
Round of 16Jack Dyson2120
Round of 32Craig Gant2117
Points 18
Richmond Open Classic
Round of 16Steve Morrey1921
Round of 32Mike Tunstall2117
Round of 64Bradley Massey2112
Round of 128D Hankin2111
Points 6
Cleckheaton Classic
QuartersCallum Wraight1321
Round of 16Chris Bly213
Round of 32Kieran OPrey215
Round of 64Rob Swift217
Points 6
Pudsey Classic
Round of 64Andrew Skyes1421
Round of 128Kieren Smith2120
Brighouse Classic
QuartersAndy Webb1921
Round of 16Stuart King2116
Round of 32Simon Brown218
Round of 64Jonathan Wood2116
Round of 128Kevin Burns2118
Points 12
Rastrick Classic
Round of 16Jack Dyson1621
Round of 32Wayne Moseley2111
Round of 64Mark Allman2119
Round of 128S Sutton2116
Points 6
Builders Supplies (West Coast)
QuartersChris Brown521
Round of 16Kevan Shaw2117
Round of 32David Liley212
Autumn Waterloo
2 Rounds Missing, but won
FinalSimon Coupe2114
SemiChris Brown2115
QuartersChris Ward2113
Round of 16Mike Beer2120
Round of 32Ian Grady2113
Round of 64Paul Heap2114
Round of 128Craig Shore2115
Points 42
Peel Autumn Shield 128
3 Rounds Missing, but won
SemiDave Bradford1421
QuartersOwen Jackson2114
Round of 16Glyn Hargreaves2112
Points 18
Brownedge Baxi Classic
FinalJack Dyson3127
SemiI Penzer3111
QuartersSimon Coupe3128
Round of 16Graeme Wilson3117
Round of 32Andy Thornton3113
Round of 64Chris Mordue3110
Points 24
Isle of Man Autumn Mens
3 Rounds Missing, but won
SemiJohn Bailey00
QuartersPaul Bailey2112
Round of 16Darren Brooks2116
Round of 32Steve Ellis2113
Points 24