Crown Green Bowling Competition Results and Rankings 2017
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2017 Competition Results for Andrew Hughes

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Severnside Open Two 128
Round of 32Callum Wraight1521
Round of 64Darren Powis2114
Round of 128Paul Reeves2114
ECC Open 256
Round of 16Wayne Ditchfield2021
Round of 32Rich Lawson2114
Round of 64Elliot McGuinness2120
Round of 128Bradley Bayliss213
Round of 256Daniel Davies2117
Points 12
CCF West Brom Open 256
SemiBen Percival721
QuartersLewis Scott2114
Round of 16Chris Ward2118
Round of 32Danny Edkins2114
Round of 64Jamie King2119
Round of 128Paddy McGuinness2110
Round of 256Chris Firth2113
Points 24
Meole Brace Open 256
Round of 32Michael McDonnell1521
Round of 64Dave McDermott2116
Round of 128Darrell Matkin216
Round of 256Paul Roberts2112
Points 6
Spring Waterloo 256
3 Rounds Missing, but won
Round of 32Mark Holden921
Points 6
Richmond Open Classic
Round of 64Nidge Hughes1421
Round of 128June Kenny216
Moorfields Open
Round of 16Darren Griffiths1821
Round of 32D Morrison2112
Round of 64R Goodhand218
Round of 128John Garrett Snr217
Points 6
Autumn Waterloo
2 Rounds Missing, but won
Round of 16Simon Coupe1421
Round of 32Tony Mellor2119
Round of 64Stuart King2117
Round of 128Jordan McDermott2110
Points 18
Charlie Tattersall Memorial
1 Rounds Missing, but won
QuartersDave McDermott2731
Round of 16Andy Murray3130
Round of 32Graeme Wilson3123
Round of 64Paul Bailey319
Points 12