Crown Green Bowling Competition Results and Rankings 2017
Competition Averages

2017 Competition Results for Leighton Roberts

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Severnside Open Two 128
Round of 32Simon Homer1921
Round of 64John Clarke2113
Round of 128Jamie Wyer2113
ECC Open 256
Round of 256Dave Smith1021
CCF West Brom Open 256
SemiJason McLoughlin1721
QuartersCliff Johnson219
Round of 16Glyn Picknell2114
Round of 32Jamie Dunn2113
Round of 64Adam Patrick2117
Round of 128Connor Chamberlain2116
Round of 256Josh Cotton218
Points 24
Mossley Hill Classic
Round of 128John Bailey1521
Hillcrest Classic 128
Round of 128Carl Armitage2631
Castle Private Classic
Round of 16Bradley Massey1421
Round of 32D Hamblett2118
Round of 64Chris Bly216
Round of 128Neil Slattery2114
Points 6
Richmond Open Classic
FinalDanny Barwise821
SemiDave Carter2111
QuartersSteve Morrey2115
Round of 16Martin Keatley2117
Points 6
Moorfields Open
FinalGary Ellis2118
SemiStuart Mort217
QuartersDan Roberts2115
Round of 16Steve Brown219
Round of 32Ryan Walters218
Round of 64Martin Gilpin2111
Round of 128M Budworth2113
Points 30
Moorlands Sports and Social Cl
FinalPaul Dudley2021
SemiGary Ellis2111
QuartersIan Nicholson2116
Round of 16John Hignett2113
Round of 32Paul Harrison218
Round of 64L Greenhalgh218
Round of 128Derek Harrison215
Points 24
Autumn Waterloo
2 Rounds Missing, but won
Round of 128Ryan Sandham1921