Crown Green Bowling Competition Results and Rankings 2017
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2017 Competition Results for Jonathan Wood

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Sandal Classic 128
QuartersWayne Moseley2021
Round of 16Gareth Coates2120
Round of 32Scott Fisher2117
Round of 64Nick White2112
Round of 128Gary Smith2120
Points 12
Lindley BC 2000 64
FinalGraeme Wilson2021
SemiN Haigh2115
QuartersCraig Newton2114
Round of 16Ian Booth219
Round of 32Andrew Skyes2114
Round of 64Gareth Nicholson2119
Points 18
Pudsey Classic
Round of 128Gareth Coates821
Brighouse Classic
Round of 64Wayne Ditchfield1621
Round of 128Mark Johnson2117