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Cannock League 2020 Season - Cancelled
We hope that you are all keeping well.
As there is little chance of any competative play this year the committee has decided to formally cancel this season.
Unless a club needs us to refund the 2020 subs then they will be carried over to next season.
An e-mail has gone out to all clubs to this effect - see Information heading below for the full detail.
If you have any questions or do require a refund then please get in touch


The Committee



Important Dates:


Latest information:

Thu Mar 4th 2021

The following e-mail has gone out to all club contacts this morning, just in case we haven't got the correct contact for your club posting it here as well.

We have asked for responses to by Monday 8th March.


Dear All

I hope that you are keeping well, you are being sent this as the 2020 contact for your club's Cannock Bowls League team(s).  If this is no longer you then please pass the information to the new contact.  If your club/green puts in two teams please make sure that the other captain has the information - up to you as a club whether you want to reply once or twice I don't mind which but please make it clear which.

If anyone knows who has taken over at Lea Hall can you let me know.

Given the circumstances it won't be possible to hold a physical AGM meeting this year, as such we will do a written statement and option to vote for the committee members to tide us over until next year, when hopefully we will be able to meet again on mass.

At this point it looks hopeful that some sort of league bowling will be possible this summer as such we would like each club to provide us with the responses to the following questions, by Monday 8th March so that we can look into what options we have.

Any plans that we make will adhere to BCGBA guidelines.

1. Please provide the name of your club, and the venue being used this year.
2. Please provide contact details for the club secretary and the team captain(s).
3. Is your club/green opening for league games?
4a. Will your club be able to open the toilet facilities?  What part of the release from lockdown plan will opening these be reliant on?
5. Does your club still want to submit a team/teams for the 2021 season?
6. If the answer to 5 is No, is this just a withdrawal for this year, or do you wish to withdraw completely?
7. Will your team be able to provide a full team of 10 players each week?
8.  If the answer to 7 is No, how many do you believe that you will have?
9.  If a number of club's can't put in a full team which of the following options would you prefer (this would be a change for 2021 only)?
9a. To reduce the number of games played in the evening.
9b. To allow players to play more than once - to allow for the players in the teams that can put a full team in all to get a game.
9c. A mixture of 9a and 9b.
10. The committee has already be advised of a new team wishing to join the league, do you wish to submit another team this year?
11. If bowling is allowed but for a limited season would you be happy with a restructuring of the league to reduce the number of teams in each division to reduce the number of weeks needed (again this would only be for 2021)?

Please let me know if you have any points that you want added to the AGM statement.  The current committee members are all prepared to stand for another year, but if you know of anyone who would like to be put forward for one of the roles or to join the committee then please send their details to me by the Monday 8th March.

Best wishes to everyone
Helen, on behalf of the Committee

Sat Dec 5th

I have been asked to pass on the news that Ron Neville of Hazelwood and Chase Terrace BC passed away last Monday.

On behalf of the committee and the league I would like to pass on our sympathy to his family and friends.


Mon Sep 7th

It is with great sadness that the committee learnt of the death of George Tweddle on Saturday 5th September 2020.

Until his resignation this spring, due to his failing health, George was one of the main stalwarts of the Cannock League, not only as a player but working in one or more roles on the committee for longer than most of us can remember. 

He will be greatly missed, not just for all the years of work he did, but for the character he was on and around the green.

Wed Jul 1st
The following e-mail has been sent out to all club contacts.
I hope that you are keeping well.  I don't think it will come as much of a surprise to anyone that following a recent committee meeting we have decided to formally cancel the Cannock League for this season.
I did get in touch with you earlier in the year about the repayment of subs.  Apologies for not providing an update sooner but we have had problems sorting out a new cheque book and the change in mandate due to the change in committee at the AGM.  We are still not yet in a position where we can issue cheques, although we are hopeful we now have everything in place to get this sorted.
As such we are proposing to change the plan and carry over the subs paid to date and use them for next season.
If your club needs a refund this year can you please reply to me and we will sort this out as soon as we can.
I'm sending this e-mail to the team contacts can you pass the information onto your club's treasurer please.
Stay safe and hopefully see you on a bowling green soon.
on behalf of the Cannock League Committee

Thu Apr 23rd

Les from Chadsmoor asked me to pass on to everyone the news that Alf Preece passed away last Saturday.  Alf, who was 88, passed away one week after his wife of 60+ years.  Neither is thought to have been coronavirus related.  Our thoughts are with their family and friends at this very sad time. 

Thu Apr 2nd
Alan Winters from Oak Park has asked me to pass on the sad news that three of their members have recently passed away. 
Cheriann Slade, Edwin Brookhouse and Eddie Dwyer will all be sadly missed.  The causes for all are not related to Coronavirus.
On behalf of the committee and the league I would like to pass on our sympathy to their family and friends.

Mon Mar 16th
To County Secretaries, Management and Officers.
Following the Government announcement this afternoon it is with great sadness that we now have to suspend all bowling for the foreseeable future.
Based on the advice announced we need to avoid all mass gatherings and sporting event as these will no longer be supported by the emergency services. 
If anyone within your household has symptoms then the whole family need to isolate for 14 days.
Limit social contact wherever possible and encourage working from home. 
At risk groups - those over 70 and those with medical conditions need to take additional care.
All BCGBA meetings should now be postponed as un-necessary travel should be avoided. Contact in Pubs, Clubs and restaurants to be avoided. 
Taking this all into account all leagues should now suspend matches until such time as we are given an all clear to resume competition.
All BCGBA and BCGLCC Competitions are now suspended until further notice this should include all qualifier events. 
As a Bowls community we need to look after our members and I encourage you to follow the advice being given and support those we are able to at this very difficult time. 
I will add links onto the website / face-book as these are updated. 
Please take care of yourself and stay safe.  
On behalf of the Management Committee BCGBA
Chris Hasselby  (BCGBA Chairman)
Mark Bircumshaw (CEO)

Mon Mar 9th

Hi All

The fixtures (with the exception of the Knock out cup details) for 2020 are now live on the system.  Fingers crossed there arent any errors but if you spot any problems can you let me know asap please.

Im now working through the contact details and as I update each team I will send out a pdf of the fixtures sheet for your division.  Hope to have this finished by the end of next weekend.

I will be organising the draw for the knock out cup asap and will get those on when it has been done.

If I havent yet had your teams contact details then please you e-mail to the following information for your team or teams.

If possible the following details for 2 contacts for each team@

Name, Team Role, E-mail, Contact Number

Please note that the details for at least one if not both of the teams representatives will be displayed on the website in order to provide contact details for the committee and other clubs. By providing these details you are giving permission for the League to use the details in this way.




Sat Nov 16th 2019
It is sad to record the death of Ron Hames of  Hammerwich Bowls club.
The funeral will take place on Friday 29th November, 10.15 at Christ Church Burntwood followed by a cremation at Fradley then back to St Mathews Burntwood
Family flower only, but any donations to Cancer Research UK and Dementia UK can be forwarded to Joh Shorts Chasetown.
Our condolences are with the family at this sad time