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Bradley Park Bowling Club are very grateful to the following:-
Russell Dobbins and the Committee at The Aggregate levy Funding For Wales.
Jane Foulkes and the committee at Sports Wales. Gwersyllt Community Council.
All the above have contributed to fund the project at Bradley. We will all help carry forward the good work on improving the facility and make it a facility for everyone to be proud of , and for members of the public to use.


Important Dates:


Latest information:

Wed Sep 30th

Bradley Winter League 2020/21 Postponed

Unfortunately, the Welsh Government has introduced further Covid-19 restrictions from 6pm on Thursday 1st October throughout most of North Wales. The main one affecting the league is that people are unable to leave or enter Wrexham County to play sport or exercise. Anyone living outside Wrexham County will therefore be unable to attend the green from Thursday evening onwards, which leaves us with no choice other than to postpone the league. Furthermore, we don't want to put anyone’s health or life at risk. Should the situation change by January we will be looking at playing half a season instead, with teams just meeting each other once. Best wishes and good health to all our teams, players and supporters and we hope to see you all back bowling soon.


Sat Sep 19th

Bradley Winter League Champions 2019/20: Gladstone Libs


Congratulations to Gladstone Libs on winning the league for the first time. Thank you to all teams & players who took part, especially with the disruption to the season.


Pictured below, left to right:


Darren Hankin (Coach!), captain of Gladstone Libs, receiving the league trophy from Brenda Jones of the Welsh CGBA.


The Gladstone Libs team and supporters.


Colin Saville of Gladstone Libs with the league trophy.


Darren Hankin & Brenda Jones  Gladstone Libs Champions 2020  Colin Saville Gladstone Libs


Wed Sep 2nd

Unplayed Matches - Points Awarded


Coed Talon are unable to field a team for their remaining 2 matches against Ifton Miners and Bersham. This is because they have a number of players whose personal situations mean that they cannot risk contracting the virus. Normally, if a team drops out of the league then their results would be expunged entirely, but the League Committee understands and respects their decision not to play under the circumstances and have therefore decided to take a different approach. Coed Talon will remain on their current points total of 2440 and will receive 0 points for the 2 unplayed games. Rather than award 136 points each to Ifton Miners and Bersham, which would disadvantage all other teams not in this position, points will be awarded to both of these teams for the unplayed matches based on their average points scored across the whole season.


Sat Aug 29th

Bradley Winter League Guidelines - Covid-19


The main thing is that if any player has a high temperature, loss or change in their senses of smell or taste or a new continuous cough then they must not attend the green.

Anyone who has attended the club and subsequently develops symptoms of Coronavirus or tests positive for Coronavirus MUST inform Louise Roberts, the Club Secretary (Tel No. above) immediately so that we can start track and trace procedures.

You’ll already be aware of the evening(s) that your teams are playing. The gates will be opened by a Bradley club member and will remain open during the evening sessions.

Full social distancing (2m in Wales) is to be maintained at all times, both on and off the green.

Captains are asked to complete an attendance sheet to give the names and telephone numbers of all team members and non-playing match attendees. Please can these be given to Ray Barnes or Dave Salisbury prior to the games starting. Copies have been emailed to Captains, there’ll also be some paper copies available at the club.

There’s a maximum of 30 people allowed at the site at any one time. If there are less than 30 in the facility, we will be able to allow some additional spectators. Spectators must report to Dave Salisbury to give their name and contact number.

Teams must NOT congregate in the Car Park and must not car share from different households.

No more than 4 jacks or 12 players will be allowed on the green at any one time. (Plus measurers when needed).

Team Captains must ensure that all players provide their own ‘marked’ jack, bowls and mat for use in a game. (Equipment also includes Bowl Lifters where required). Such items may be personally owned or borrowed from the player's own club. All equipment MUST be sanitised before and after play.

Bradley BC will provide equipment cleaning facilities.

Only the ‘owner’ of the equipment will be allowed to touch it during play. This means that each person will need to have a separate jack to set the mark during the game.

ALL Players MUST sanitise their hands before and after playing.

Handshakes are NOT permitted.

Due to social distancing the Leader must tell his/her opponent the bias of the jack.

Bradley BC will supply all measuring equipment.

Each team must nominate a designated measurer. Only the designated measurers are allowed on the green and only when requested by players. The tape MUST be sanitised after each use.

Sanitising wipes will be provided by Bradley BC at all Sanitising Stations.

During the measuring process, players MUST socially distance themselves from the measurers.

Game Score Cards and Marker Boards must be provided by the individual teams and are to be retained by the Team Captain.

Pens and Marker Boards will NOT be provided by Bradley BC.

There will be 3 sanitiser stations around the green with both wipes and hand sanitiser available. These can be accessed and used by both players and spectators at all times including but not limited to on arrival, during play and on departure.

We request that you do not wear disposable gloves but the wearing of facemasks is at the players discretion.

Drinks will be served using the outside serving hatch. There will only be one person in the kitchen serving the drinks and plastic cups and spoons will be used so that they can be disposed of.

There will be bars of chocolate available but no cooked food.

Please try to have the correct change available for anything that you have to pay for so that we don't have to pass coins between people.

The clubhouse will be open throughout all matches so that those in attendance can access the toilet facilities. However, the main room in the clubhouse will not be in use so please can Captains use the table outside to conduct the draw.

The main clubhouse door will be left open so that people can access the toilet with less touch points.

Users will be asked to use hand sanitiser before entering the toilets and to leave the toilet door open after use, so it’ll be easy to see if the toilets are in use for those outside the clubhouse.

Any queue for the toilet must be socially distanced outside the building.

Paper towels are in use instead of hand dryers. These are to be placed in the bins provided in the toilets.

Users are asked to use anti-bac wipes on taps, door handles etc before leaving the building.

If you’re unsure about anything, have any concerns or any of your team report feeling unwell then please contact our Secretary Louise Roberts on 07921705018 or Chairman Ray Barnes on 07763151572.


Thank you for helping us to keep everyone safe.


Sat Aug 29th

Unfortunately, Coed Talon will be unable to complete their remaining 2 fixtures for the 2019/20 Winter League. They're unable to raise a team as some players' personal situations mean that they cannot risk contracting the virus, a decision which we understand and respect. We will advise the league's position on unplayed matches under such circumstances in due course.


Thu Aug 27th

Restart of the Bradley Winter League 2019/20

We are now in a position where we can play the remaining fixtures from the 2019/20 Winter League. Most teams only had 2 games left to play when we went into lockdown in March and these fixtures have been rearranged over the next 3 weeks, starting Tues 1st September. Ray has attempted to contact all captains to check that their team still wishes to play and, if so, to explain in more detail how things will work.

You can see the fixtures via the usual pages if you click on the 2019 Fixtures/Results link on the menu on the left-hand side of this page.

Permission to complete the league has been granted by the Welsh CGBA on condition that a risk assessment is submitted to them and that we play under their Covid-19 guidelines. As there are restrictions on the number of people gathering, we're currently only able to play one match per night. These will still commence at 6.30pm.

Full information on the guidelines to be followed at the green during a match will be e-mailed to all team captains and will be posted on this website shortly.

However, at this stage we can certainly say that social distancing MUST be observed, strong hygiene practices MUST be followed (hand-washing, use of hand sanitiser), and that all players MUST bring their own jacks, mats and bowls.

Toilets will be available and there will be a restricted service of tea/coffee and snack bars only from the kitchen.


A decision on running the Winter League for 2020/21 is still to be made and will depend in part on how things go over the next 3 weeks.


Tue Jun 23rd

Reopening of Bradley Park Bowling Green - Club Members Only - From Weds 24th June


We're finally able to confirm that the green will be open for a limited number of games for Club Members only from Wednesday 24th June 2020.

The Welsh Parliament have given the green light to the opening of Bowling Clubs with effect from Monday 22nd June, subject to adherence to current guidelines in respect of the Coronavirus pandemic.

In light of this the Committee has decided to open the Green with effect from 9am on Wednesday 24th June in line with Guidelines published by the WCGBA. This short delay has been to allow the setting up of the required booking system for the Green and to put sufficient safety procedures in place.


Anyone who lives more than 5 miles away from the green should not be attending at the moment, in line with the current Welsh Government guidelines about staying local. This is due to be reviewed at a future date.


Anyone who falls into the vulnerable or extremely vulnerable category is advised to stay away from the green but this is a personal matter and the club will respect your decision.

The Guidelines for the use of the Green are as follows:

1.      2 groups/games permitted on the green at a time. This will be monitored by Louise Roberts at the time of booking.

2.      Each game can be made up of:
-       A single bowler
-       Up to 4 bowlers from the same household
-       Up to 4 bowlers from a maximum of two households, while practising social distancing.
This means that the maximum number of people on the green at any one time is 8. Junior members will only be able to play alone or with someone who does not fall into a vulnerable category. These rules will be monitored and adhered to by Louise at the time of booking.

3.      Only Club members are allowed on the Green. This means that if you have not yet paid your Subs for 2020 you will not be able to either book or play on the green. Members who would like to bring themselves up to date can speak to Louise to arrange this.

4.      Spectators must also book to attend the green. They must also be a member and will only be permitted if there is only one other household in attendance, as this will comply with the current socialising guidelines issued by the Welsh Parliament. A spectator must also adhere to social distancing rules.

5.      The clubhouse and toilets are to remain closed. Nobody who has booked the green to play should enter the Clubhouse for any purpose whatsoever. The clubhouse key will be removed from the green so that the clubhouse cannot be opened.

6.      You should lock the gate behind you when you arrive to avoid members who have not booked or members of the public accessing the green. You should use the wipes provided to wipe the gate lock after use.

7.      Members must only use equipment brought from home (jacks, mats, bowls etc.). They must clean their equipment before and after use. Jacks should only be used by members of the same household so where 2 households are playing in a game, they will need to use their own Jacks to set the mark. One player should be responsible for handling the mat throughout the game. Do not touch your opponent’s bowls and do not measure an end, unless you are from the same household. If you do not have your own jack please speak to Louise as the club may be able to loan you one on a short-term basis. You would then take this away from the green to avoid cross contamination.

8.      Keep strict social distancing measures in place - you must remain 2 metres away from people outside of your household.

9.      Follow strong hygiene practices at every opportunity - wash your hands before arrival at the green and bring hand sanitiser to use before and after playing. Wash your hands again as soon as you arrive home.

10.     Travel to the green on your own or with members of your own household only. Do not offer a lift to, or accept a lift from, anyone outside your household.

11.     Limit the number of items that you bring to the green and make sure that you take everything away with you. Even rubbish should be taken home to be disposed of.

The Booking System will operate as follows:

1.      The day will be divided into 1-hour slots from 9am to 8.00pm with 15-minute intervals in between to avoid members coming in to contact with each other at the cross over points.

2.      No bookings will be taken between 9am and 12.45pm on a Monday or between 9am and 12.45pm on a Friday to allow maintenance to take place.

3.      Members should phone Louise on 07921 705018 stating the date and time required. She will then be able to discuss the safety measures with you and arrange the booking. Only one person in the group needs to make the booking but the names and contact phone numbers of all participants are vital in case we need to use contact tracing.

4.      Bookings will be taken for a rolling 14-day period. Members should not attend or use the Green without a prior booking.

5.      In the event you need to cancel your booking please ensure you do so promptly to allow other Members to use the slot.

6.      Members in the last booked slot on any given day are responsible for locking and securing the Green.




It's important that everyone follows the rules. Lets work together to make this safe for everyone to attend and enjoy.


Mon Mar 16th