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Chaiman Secretary Treasurer
Wed Apr 24th 1 Match
Thu Apr 25th 19 Matches

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Sun Mar 3rd
The League urgently needs a new League Secretary.
We are looking for someone who is enthusiastic, computer literate and has access to the internet.
The position carries an annual honorarium.
We would also like him to be familiar with social media and help promote the league affairs that way too.
Terry and I are like dinosaurs in that area!

Both Terry and myself are keen that the League continues to run smoothly and ideally would like to see someone
who wants to do the job - rather than a reluctant conscript.
To that end we are both very willing to provide all the help and support that the new Secretary might initially need.

Terry would retain his position as Fixtures Secretary and additionally would take on the job of Treasurer for the next season.
I will happily help mentor the new Secretary and provide any information, documents and contacts that they would need.

With the functionality of our website at, the task is not as difficult and time consuming as it
used to be in the old days.
It does however demand effort and attention to provide timely information and leadership during the season.
It also requires difficult decisions to be made from time to time.
It is an opportunity to get to know more people and to make a contribution to promoting our sport.

We need to hear from anyone who may be interested.
If you are interested, or have and questions or concerns before putting your name forward then dont hesitate
to give me (09102 681675) or Terry (01902 683178) a call.