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Sun Jan 31st 2021


By the time you have read this, things may well have changed – probably not for the better.

These proposals may then seem naïve, hopelessly optimistic and fanciful.

However, we believe we should display some leadership and set out a vision that sees some light and sunshine for the future.

It would be reckless beyond belief if we ignore the real threats and clear risks to all our members.

The vaccine provides some hope for our general demographics so we would like to share with you what we hope to provide this season and allow you to get together and make some positive plans.


We are working towards:

  • A Return to Bowling opening for all member clubs over the Whitson weekend
  • Encourage member clubs to welcome their members back and start practicing (you will all be rusty)
  • Welcome back returning members and formulate teams and squads
  • Notify the League Secretary of intentions to compete.
  • Introduce and reinforce Covid-19 protocols for all Bilston League games at all member clubs to ensure existing safeguards are maintained
  • Promote a limited number of friendly games to get everyone back in sync.
  • Start a formal League Schedule from 1 July.
  • We will use last years rankings and adopt last years’ schedule.
  • We will in effect play a half-season where all teams play each other but either at home or at away.
  • There will be prizes awarded but no promotion or relegation.
  • We will investigate if there is an opportunity to play a full KO Cup programme.
  • If not (and it will probably be not) we will play an end-of season Covid Cup featuring the top two sides from each division based on KO Cup rules.


It will not be possible to hold a 2021 AGM but all member clubs will be fully informed and we will ideally seek a unanimous support for these proposals.

Just to remind you that no fees were requested last year and no League officials received an honorarium.

Payment of League fees will be requested this year if these proposals are adopted.


It may well require that we will need to revisit these proposals.

However, we would ask you to prepare for a return to bowling this time in some form.


We will discuss this in Committee at the end of March and circulate formal proposals at that time.

In the meanwhile, please all keep safe. Follow the guidance.

Remember, having the vaccine doesn’t make you immune - it just makes the effects less-worse and reduces the likelihood of having life-threatening illnesses and avoid a visit to hospital.


Take Care. Stay safe.

We need you back.