Hyundai Stafford Saturday Bowls 2019

2019 Registered Players for Alstom

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The results are from 2018. Any members who no longer play for your club may now be deleted

LeagueT 1Alstom
No players 27 - Played 12Played
PlayerReg NoJunFemVet1Results
John Bosson *ST5795  11
Joan CurryLAD41992   
Rob Dunn *ST3630   8
Bryan EdgeST0352    
Ann Evans LAD19545   
Michael Evans *ST7745   11
Sheila FennaLAD50839   
Bernard Fulton *ST1231  11
Jean Fulton *LAD19776  11
Charlie Goodchild *ST5608  11
Stan HallST5840    
Derek Hancock *ST9677   11
Peter HillST7972    
Marion HunterLAD22650   
Carol Knowles *LAD46745   
Tony Knowles *ST7307    
Eddie Lochrie *ST2052   
George Matthewson *ST9178    
Ted Rees *ST6653   1
Irene StevensLAD53360   
Pauline StevensLAD22628   
Ted TurtonST7506    
George Tweddle *ST1276   12
Iris WalkerLAD19769  
Graham Webb *ST1215  12
Kate Webb *LAD19753  9
Mike Whitehorn *ST835  12