Stafford Bowling League 2019

2019 Registered Players for Bridgetown

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The results are from 2018. Any members who no longer play for your club may now be deleted

LeagueT 1Bridgtown
James CupCT 1Bridgtown
No players 24 - Played 14PlayCup
PlayerReg NoJunFemVet1C
Ray BaileyST2984   14 
Will BirdST9759   11 
Neil BromleyST3258   14 
Ashley DaceST6751     
John DaviesST2983   15 
Mark DeanST870   11 
Geoff GarbettST2252     
Philip GuestST3252   12 
James HarrisNM4570   8 
Danny HarveyST13   3 
Derek JonesWW16823     
Kevin KearyST15     
Andy ParkerST8199   15 
Tony PartridgeST3536   7 
Roy PeachST0024    
Steve PowisST7714     
Tony RhodesST1580   16 
Norman RobertsonST7204     
Dave ShawST6789     
Fred StokesST8368   12 
Joe StokesST3780   9 
Joanne TonksLAD49293  13 
Lionel TurnerST3929     
Tim TurnerST7237