AGM Agenda Item   Proposed Rule Changes 2019


The Management Committee proposes the following rule changes for discussion at the 2018 AGM:


Proposed Rule Change (amendments in bold)

Section 1 – Organisation of the League


Occasionally there might be proposed rule changes that would affect only one division.

1.7. Insert new 1.7b.  1.7b.  Where proposed Rule changes will apply only to particular divisions, the proposals may be voted on only by Clubs with teams in the division(s) or the division immediately above or below the division(s) concerned.

There are some Clubs that persistently fail to send representatives to meetings and are consequently uninformed on matters relating to the League.

1.8 Amend to read:  Any Club failing to be represented at a League Executive meeting or the Annual General Meeting shall be fined £10.  Apologies will not be accepted in lieu of attendance.

Section 2 – Membership of the League


It is proposed to increase the fee per player per match to 35p.  This increase would mean that the prize money won by the first four teams in each division could be increased by £50 ie 1st to £250, 2nd to £200, 3rd to £150, 4th to £100.

2.3 Delete ’30 pence’ insert ’35 pence


Section 3 – Composition of the League


Amendment to Rule 3.3

There may be occasions when more than two teams might need to be promoted or relegated in order to maintain the structure of the League.

3.3 Insert new sentence at end:  NB Occasionally, in exceptional circumstances and at Management discretion, it may be necessary to promote or relegate more than two teams in order to maintain a balanced divisional structure.

Section 4 - Fixtures


There have been too many Walk Overs, which are occasionally affecting divisional standings.  This proposal would give a game to all the opposing players present and expecting to play, and assist those Clubs struggling to find players for their lower teams.  This system is operated successfully by several other leagues.

NB It will be monitored by the Results Secretary to ensure the system is not being abused and is not being used to strengthen a team particularly when playing against a stronger team.

4.3b  Remains as at present.

Insert new 4.3c:  It is expected that clubs will fill teams by drawing players from the teams below them.  In the event of the LOWEST team of a club being unable to field a full team for a match, its captain may put face down four or more cards with the name of players who are prepared to play twice that evening.  The opposing Team Captain will draw from these cards a player who is allowed to play twice.  If more than one player is required, he/she may continue to draw from the remaining cards.  The points that these players score will count towards their team total, but six points will be deducted from the total aggregate for that match for each player who has played twice.

Note 1.  The person entering the match result on the website will select a player called Played Twice for the second game and enter the name of the player concerned in the box shown.

Note 2. The players who play twice must also have played at least 50% of their games for that team to date; this will be monitored by the Results Secretary and if they have not played the required number of games up to the date of the match the result will be declared a Walk Over for the opposing team. 

Note 3. The individual player’s score from their second game will not count in their individual averages.

4.3d  Existing Rule 4.3c to be renumbered 4.3d.

Rule 4.5 needs clarification.

4.5.  To be amended as follows: 4.5a.  All matches must be played on the published fixture date.  In exceptional circumstances only and subject to the agreement of both Team Captains and the Fixtures Secretary it may be possible to play a match in advance of the due date.  NB See Rules 4.6 and 4.7 for the only allowable reasons for postponement of matches.

4.5b.  Matches shall commence at 7.00pm and shall be completed in one evening (weather permitting).  Not less than four games shall be in progress by 7.15pm and no more than 15 minutes shall elapse between completion of one game and commencement of the next.

Section 5 – League Competition Rules


At present we are paying out far more in prize money than is being collected in entry fees.  The increases in entry fees are intended to address this situation.


5.2.5  Insert new rule: 5.2.5. For 2019 the entry fees for the following competitions will be £10: Individual Merit, Ladies’ Merit, Over 60s, Under 25 and Under 21.  The entry fee for all doubles competitions will be £12 (£6 per player): the League Doubles, Mixed Doubles, Judith Purcell and St Alkmund.

5.3.  Amend to read: Entrance fee £10 per team.

5.4.  Delete ‘£5.00’ insert ‘£10’

We need to encourage more Clubs to enter the Presidents competition so are proposing the introduction of a Handicap system.

5.4.6.  Insert new paragraph: 5.4.6. The Presidents Cup is to be played on a Handicap basis, according to the position of that Club’s highest team in the League:

Division 2    Scratch

Division 3    12 on

Division 4    24 on

Division 5.   36 on

Division 6    48 on

Division 7    48 on