1. The League shall be called "The Nuneaton and District Men's Bowling League", hereinafter referred to as The League.

2. The Officers of the League shall consist of a President, Senior Vice Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Competition Secretary, Match Secretary/ Secretaries.Together with delegate(s) to the North Midlands Management Meetings and at least five other members, they will form a League Management Commitee,elected at an AGM of whom five members from seperate will form a quorom when discussing League business.

3. A League meeting shall be held on the second Monday of each month commencing 7.00pm.at the designated League Headquarters. (unless notified otherwise by management),with a quorom of twelve delegates from seperate clubs to transact all league business. Each club can send, as many members as they wish, but only two votes per club will be allowed. Clubs not represented will be fined £4, which will be doubled when the abscence occurs consecutively to a maximum of £16 per meeting.

4. The Annual General Meeting shall be held during the close season at such time and place as may be determined by the League management. A special General Meeting may be called by the League management on receipt of a requisition signed by one third of the clubs in membership stating the reason for calling the meeting, which will take place within 28 days of the receipt of the requisition by the Secretary. Only registered members of the League shall be permitted to and have the right to vote at General meetings, (two votes per club). Notices of Motion proposed and seconded, for any General Meeting must be written and in the hands of the Secretary 28 days before such a meeting takes place. The Secretary shall give at least 14 days notice of any General Meeting with copies of the balance sheet if required.The business of the Annual General Meeting shall be the adoption or otherwise of the Annual report and Balance sheet, the election of Officers for the following year and all proposals affecting league Rules. Where clubs have no involvement or interest in a subject being decided by a vote, they shall be asked to abstain.

5. Any club lodging a complaint must deposit The sum of £5 with the Secretary. In the event of the complaint in the opinion of the Management Committee not being justified, the club shall forfeit the £5 so paid. Where the complaint, in the opinion of the Management Committee, is justified, then after having heard the whole matter and made their award, the sum of £5 shall be returned to the club in question. The code of behaviour and Disciplinary procedure will be applied.

6a. All games shall be governed by BCGBA Rules. Each team will consist of 6 players. All games and competitions will be played 21 up on the date specified. On Saturday,Sunday and in the Midweek Leagues, aggregate scores will decide the result of the match. 1 point awarded for a Home Draw, 2 points awarded for an Away Draw, 3 points for a Home Win and 4 points for an Away Win. Each winning player also counts 1 additional point towards the final result. In the event of a tie at the end of the season, individual wins to be counted first, then aggregate scores.

6b. Teams with players short will forfeit 21 shots for each player short; match score sheets must show these games marked as WALKOVERS.

6c. A club whose team fails to field a full side will be fined £1 for every player short effective from the first match. Where shortages occur during the last 5 matches scheduled to be played in any 1 season, the fines will be £2 for the 1st player short, £3 for the 2nd, £4 for the 3rd and so on. Unless there are extenuating circumstances, which must be notified in writing to the Match Secretary as soon as practicable.

6d. Any deliberate falsification of a match score sheet will be deemed the responsibility of all those team members involved in that fixture. The Management Committee may take individual players concerned to task, when measures may be taken against them. Both Clubs concerned may be fined up to a maximum of £25 each.

7. All teams shall pay a £10 registration fee plus £3.75 green fees per match, any team not resigned at the time of the league (League Formation Meeting) prior to the AGM will be considered a member of that League for the following season and will be liable for all League dues. The League Fees, Team Registrations, Players registration fees and all other dues are to be paid by 31st May and the balance, Competition Fees etc., by 31st October. Any Club not settling their accounts by the due date shall be fined £10.

8. The Match Secretary shall arrange the dates of all matches. Any player registering shall be allowed to play in the Nuneaton & District League and another League on the same day. Re-arranged fixtures and fixtures played on alternative days(i.e.Tuesdays in the Midweek League) to count. However players may not play for 2 teams on any of the set date fixtures in the same League ( a walkover will be awarded if this occurs).

9. All games shall be played to a finish on the date specified. If abandoned because of bad weather, a match sheet must be started and the game shall carry on where it left off and be completed as per the original score sheet within 14 days or within 7 days following the end of the season, whichever applies. The Match Secretary should be notified within 3 days or a fine of £5 may be levied. League matches shall take precedence over outside League and Cup competitions. Clubs must play matches on the date specified. When a match is postponed because of an unfit green, a match sheet must be submitted stating the reason for postponement and signed by both captains. This should be forwarded to the Match Secretary of the League applicable, within 3 days or suffer a fine of £5. If for any reason a match is postponed, the club causing the postponement will be fined £20 and they must inform their opponents and the Match Secretary of the league applicable in writing with at least 7 days notice being given. It will be the responsibilty of the club not causing the postponement to arrange a new date within 14 days (or 7 days following the end of the season). Failure to comply with this rule will result in the Management Committee either arranging a new date for the match to be played, allocating the match points or applying a nil-nil draw. In the event that fixtures have not been played following the end of the season, they may also impose further fines up to a maximum of £10 per match. Where the Management Committee are required to make a decision concerning any matches not played on the specified date, the clubs concerned will be expected to submit written evidence to the Committee for consideration. The League Secretary will give each club 7 days notice of the impending action in order that the said clubs can if they wish be represented at the meeting before a decision is made. League matches shall take precedence over outside Leadue and Cup Competitions 

10. Clubs must keep their Greens open until 7 days following the end of the season to allow any postponed matches to be played. (Failure to provide a green for a postponed Home Fixture will result in the forfeiting of the match points and incur a fine of £12).

11. In the event of any dispute arising during a match, it shall be referred to the two captain's and if a settlement cannot be effected in any way it shall be detached as a no end. 

12. Games to start at times specified as per league. The green must be vacated 5 minutes before the designated start time and the Home Side must vacate the green to allow the Away Side exclusive use of the green for their 15 minutes practice.

13. The following are the designated start times but may be altered by order of the Management Committee of the League when necessary: Saturday League 5.30pm, Sunday League 10.30am, Midweek League 6.30pm(except in May,June, and July when 7.00pm applies).

14. The order of play shall normally be decided by each captain placing his own cards and agreeing from which end to start numbering. In the event of any team failing to field at least 3 players to commence the first half of the match at the designated start time, walkovers will be recorded against each player short. Match sheets must be endorsed to record these shortages as walkovers for the first half and be fully made up 45 minutes after the scheduled start time when all players listed on the sheet must be present to commence the second half.

15. Each player will be awarded 1 point for a Home Win,2 points for Away. The average aggregate will be 21-15 Away.21-11 Home,where walkovers apply. In the event of a tie on points, the average winner will be decided on shot's difference.

16. All affiliated Clubs must send in a list of individual members together with their BCGBA membership card number to the Match Secretary to the league applicable, at least 7 days before the start of the season. During the course of the season,players may play for any team except during the last 4 games, when only players moved up during this period and players who have not played more than 4 games for a senior team may move down. However, players relegated before the last 4 games can continue to play for a lower team irrespective of how many games played for a senior team. All players must be selected from those lists furnished. The playing of an unregistered member of any Club shall be deemed an offence and will entail the forfeiture of the game in question and a fine of £5 may be imposed. Only members who are properly registered 7 days prior to taking part in any Match or Contest shall be deemed eligible to play. All clubs to provide names and contact numbers of each Captain from each team at the start of the season.

17. Match score sheets must be fully completed by the Home Team Captain, with every detail added to it before being signed. It will be the responsibility of the Visiting Team Captain to check the completed match sheet to ensure that every detail is correct before signing it. The Home Club secretary will then be responsible for ensuring that the score sheet of each match is sent or posted to the Match Secretary of the League applicable. First class postage stamps must be used- posted the day of the match , to arrive within 4 days or suffer a fine of £1 per late sheet plus a deduction of 1 point per match sheet. (48 hours if entered on website). Match sheets sent in with omissions may result in both clubs being fined £1 each. The Match Secretaries of each League whose decisions will be final, will levy these fines.

18. Written notification must be given by any club requesting or ceasing to be members of the League stating on which date they wish their membership to begin or cease. Any club ceasing to remain members of the League shall, from the date of membership ceasing, forfeit all claims upon any property that the League may then or at any time possess. In the event of a team withdrawing from the league, the results of matches played will be void and points deducted. Rule 6(c) will also apply.       

19. All Clubs in membership shall contribute the sum of £5 towards the cost of raffle prizes at the Annual League Presentation. All clubs will be allocated 2 tickets to the presentation. The cost of the 2 tickets to be included within the October bill.

20. When playing competitive bowls in all League matches & League Competitions correct attire should be worn, dress shorts of a reasonable length, just above the knee would be permissible, but not short shorts nor sleeveless shirts nor flipflops. Any member or team contravening this rule will be reported to the League Management Committee for any action deemed necessary to be taken.

21. Clubs presented with League Trophies will be held responsible for the costs of replacing any lost or stolen Trophies and for the cost incurred when engraving them. Individuals will also be similarly liable. Trophies must be returned to the League Secretary when requested or a fine of £10 will be levied.

21(a) The Management Committee shall deal with any questions arising not provided for in the foregoing rules.



1. All League Competitions must be played on the dates stipulated on the website, unless due to inclement weather conditions this is not possible. The League Mangement Committee will announce alternative dates. Any player entering a Competition can be automatically be selected as 'Green Captain' it will be his responsibility initially, to ensure that a match sheet be made up, and scorecards kept. The Winner(s) or Winning Team Captain, will be responsible for the return of all the scorecards and match sheets to the Competition Secretary (or nominee) as soon as practicable. But in any case within 3 days of the match or competition being played, a fine of £1 will be levied against individuals or clubs who fail to do so.

2. Any Club entering players into any League Competition will make their Green available for any stage of the competition. Any Club failing to open their green when required to do so, will be subject to a fine of £5. Players registered for 2 clubs must make the Competition Secretary (or nominee) aware if selected for play on one of their own greens. Failure to do so will result in disqualification of player or team.

3.  In 'Singles' Competitions, players shall play on greens as selected and no substitutions or alterations will be allowed once the draw has been made. In the Men's Pairs & Mixed Pairs Competitions both players must be named, the male name being first in the mixed pairs. Once the draw has been made and venue(s) decided a substitute would be allowed, as long as one of the original players drawn is at the venue, the person substituting has not already been in the draw and is not a Home bowler. Any player contravening this rule will be disqualified. Any player or pair drawn to play opponents playing on their own green will be given 2 shots start. In the mixed pairs competition the lady always casts the jack and lead at all times. Rule 20 will also apply.


Pearson/Pearce Cup: (Handicaps Apply)

 1. Teams shall consist of 6 players who must be registered as per League Rules, teams playing unregistered players will be disqualified from the competition. Every club will be entered into this competition but in mitigating circumstances, clubs that are unable to field a side on Friday Evenings could apply in writing to the Management Committee for consideration to be withdrawn from the Pearson/Pearce Competitions without penalties. Those clubs wishing to enter more than 1 Team should mark each Team 'A', 'B', 'C' etc and register them with the Competition Secretary on or before the stipulated date. Only registered players may compete in the teams specified and must not transfer from one team to another. 

2. The entrance fee will be £5 per team and £1.50 Green fees per game.

2. Any team with player shortages will incur a £1 fine per player short. Any Club failing to field a team in the 1st Round of the Pearson Cup the maximum penalty of a £20 fine will be levied, they will also forfeit their right for entrance into the Pearce Cup (consolation). This Maximum penalty of a £20 fine will be levied in any subsequent round in both of these competitions.

3. Matches to be played on neutral greens on the dates specified by Competition Secretary Friday Evenings starting at 6.30pm.Three players from each team must be present to commence the match. (Rule 14 applies). Sheets to be made up 45 minutes after the start time when all players must be present. Aggregate score to decide result of match. In the event of a tie, one player of choice from each team will play off.

4. On Finals night correct attire to be worn, Black tailored trousers, collared shirt no exceptions allowed.


Saturday Cup: (Handicaps Apply)


1. All teams in the League will be entered. Entrance fee £3 per team and £1 Green fees per game

2. One group of all League teams, playing each other once on neutral greens. The winners of the Group to play 4th placed team in the group , runners up in the Group to play the 3rd placed team in the Group in semi finals.5th placed team will be eliminated. The winners of semi finals will play each other in the Final. In order to be eligible to play in the Final, players must have played in one previous match.

3. On finals night correct attire to be worn. Black tailored trousers, collared shirt no exceptions allowed.


Nuneaton Open Men's Fours:


1. All Teams must be named"A","B","C","D" etc. and registered with the Competition Secretary on or before the advertised closing date. Players may not transfer from one team to another.

2. The aggregate score will decide the result of the match.When the match is drawn on aggregate, the following should be applied to decide the result,in this order;

(i) Most number of winners

(ii) Highest winning card or

(iii) Finally each four will nominate a player who will play a deciding game.

3. Any team receiving a bye shall have ten minutes practice or first cast of the Jack when their opponents have played in a previous round.