Modified for covid situation. 

Each player to supply their own measures, mat and jack which should be of the normal approved size but not necessarily stamped or in date, and  keep your own score. Bowls to Crown Green specification. 

A jack or bowl will be "out" if any part of it crosses the outer edge of the white line, unless it returns to an "IN" position on the playing surface. 

A jack or bowl will be "out" if it goes over the blue rope but not if it is touching or has touched it and stayed on the playing surface.

There is an illustration at the green to illustrate these rules. 

Play to start at 10.30 for one hour and a quarter or 21 up whichever comes first. Finish the end that you've started. A draw will be decided by a coin toss.

Should the shots be less than 21 after an hour and a quarter then both players will be given the same extra points to achieve 21. Otherwise " computer says no "

8 players in a team and four games on each green as far as possible all games starting at 10.30.

There is one point for each game won plus two points for the aggregate win. One each if drawn.

Should a team be short of players then unaffiliated or substitute player ( s )  will be allowed, their selection to be made as randomly as possible. 

This will make it easier for smaller squads to make up their numbers on an ad hoc basis.