Read this  page in conjunction with the local rules page.

Please disregard this page for the time being. I don't want to lose it so it's just suspended. 30/08/21

We will all be under the direction of Hockey England and BCGBA so far as Covid19 risks and mitigation are concerned so I urge you all to study them on the relevant websites. There are a few other things to which I would like you to adhere as follows:

1. Please DO NOT turn up if have not been selected to play. There is a maximum number of 30 bodies allowed on the pitch so 4 teams of 7 plus myself and A.N. Other = 30.

2. Please do not arrive on the car park before 10.10 and try to use alternate spaces to maintain your social distance.

3. When you arrive at the enclosure please maintain your social distancing and wait to be booked in and temperature tested.  IF YOU FAIL YOU WILL BE TURNED AWAY. Proceed to pay, contactless preferred and then go to "your" side of the green which will be marked and please do not congregate in the dugouts. 

4. There will be no roll ups so there is little point in being ready to play any earlier than 10.25. All the games should start at 10.30 and proceed to 21 up or 11.45 whichever comes first. Finish the end.

However, 4 A.  if the scores are level then toss to decide the winner.

                 4 B.  If 21 up has not been achieved then add the same number of points to each score.

5. Use your own individual jack and the mat as decided.  Should you lead the jack off the pitch then the other player should use his jack. If that goes off then both players should go to where they went off and proceed as usual. This is to avoid anyone else from touching your equipment. 

6. The portaloo is available but please exercise care when using it and rejoining the game. There should be sanitiser and paper towels inside but I will provide disposable gloves which, I think,  are a more effective and safer adjunct providing,  of course,  that they are used and disposed of correctly.

Overriding all the above PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not turn up if you are symptomatic.