1. The League shall be known as the Lichfield and District Bowls League.


  1. The officers of the League shall be the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Assistant Secretary and Treasurer.


  1. The management of the League shall be vested in the Officers and one representative from each team in the League.


  1. The executive Committee shall comprise of the Officers of the League together with six other representatives (preferably each from different clubs) to be elected at the Annual General Meeting, to deal with questions of emergency for which it may not be deemed desirable to hold a full League Meeting.  Honorary vice-presidents of the League to be selected by the Committee, with a maximum of 10 people in any one season.


Any Club involved in a dispute having a representative on the Executive Committee, that member to be asked to leave the meeting during the discussion and decision of that business.  If necessary, the Committee may co-opt replacements.  Five to form a quorum.


  1. Any Club desirous of joining the League shall apply in writing to the League Secretary and such applications shall be discussed at the Annual General Meeting or a special meeting convened.  If accepted, then the new team/club will be entered in the lowest division.


  1. The annual fee per team shall be £50.00 for team subscriptions (Ray Miller & 3 Spires K.O. Cups inclusive.)  Payment must be made at a pre-season meeting.  Where clubs find this difficult due to financial problems, they must contact the Treasurer for special dispensation.  Failure to pay in full by the end of season will incur a fine of £5.00.


  1. The Annual General Meeting/Pre-season Meeting  of the League shall be held in February each year, when the Treasurer shall lay before the members a financial statement for the preceding season.  At this meeting the Officers shall retire, but shall be eligible for re-election.


Any Club not represented at the A.G.M./ Pre-season meeting will be fined £5.00.  No apologies will be accepted.


A member Club shall notify in writing to the League Secretary on or before January 7th each year, any business he/she desires to be brought forward at the meeting.


No alterations in, or amendments to these rules shall be made, except with the consent of the majority of the members present at the meeting.  Seven days notice of all meetings shall be given to each member club and any suggested business or alterations to the rules shall be specified.


  1. The Secretary shall convene a special meeting at any time on receiving a requisition requesting him/her to do so, signed by the secretaries of any two clubs and indicating the nature of the business to be dealt with thereat.


  1. Any Club not sending in a Notice of Resignation to the League Secretary before January 7th shall be deemed as members for the ensuing year and liable for all League dues as per Bye-Law 6 and also incur a fine of £50.00.


  1. Each Club shall be furnished with a copy of the Bye-Laws and Rules to be bound thereby.  In cases of infringement thereof by any Club or player, each complaint shall be dealt with by the Executive Committee who shall have the power to award a match, or impose points and/or shots penalties on Clubs or players committing such a breach or infringement.


  1. All Prize Winners cheques not cashed within the statutory three months shall be deemed void and not re-written.


  1. Any prize money not collected personally by the winning Club will be forfeited and returned to League funds.


  1. Any proposals for rule changes by either a club or a person to the League, or competitions organised by the League and seconded by another club, shall be accompanied by a fee of £5.00 per rule change.  If the proposal is carried then the fee will be returned and if not carried the fee shall be forfeited.







Appeal Hearing of Disputes and Complaints


(I)               Any club in a dispute or complaint must be represented at the hearing to present the case of the relative

club(s).  The complainant club must set down in writing the full facts of the incident complained of.


(II)             Upon the League Secretary receiving a complaint in writing from a club involving another club or clubs he shall request the Secretary of the other club(s) involved to submit in writing their version of the incident complained of, without informing them of the full contents of the letter of complaint.


(III)           When the Chairman calls the complaint to be heard, the representatives of the clubs concerned shall leave the meeting.  The League Secretary will then produce typed copies of the letters received to the committee, for consideration and for them to formulate questions regarding any points of contention.


(IV)           The representatives will then be called to the meeting and given copies of the correspondence from the other club(s) and given time to peruse same.


Any question or point then arising must be made through the Chairman, whose decision as to its relevance shall be final.


(VI)           When the case for the club(s) has/have been presented, the representative(s) shall again leave the meeting whilst the committee concludes its deliberations and makes its decision.


(V)            The representative(s) will then be recalled when the Chairman will then give the decision of the committee verbally to the representative(s) present.




1.    Divisions to comprise of 10 teams maximum, if possible, with the exception of all divisions from division 4 downwards (inclusive), to allow for adjustment when new teams enter the League, or where there are insufficient numbers of teams to form a separate division.  This to be at the discretion of the Executive Committee.  If a club has more than one team entered in the League and should one of them resign before the start of the season, then the remaining team(s) shall stay in their respective divisions.


1a.  All Clubs with two teams in the same division will play their matches against each other within the first two months of the season.


2.   Clubs will play each other on a home and away basis.  Matches should commence at 6.30p.m, with the green fully occupied by 6.45p.m, unless the start is delayed due to inclement weather.


  1. 3.      Matches to be normally played on the date fixed by the League.  Matches may, by mutual agreement, be played prior to this date, but NO MATCHES ARE TO BE RE-ARRANGED AFTER THAT DATE SET BYTHE LEAGUE, except as provided for by Rule 5.


  1. 4.      Teams shall consist of 10 players and all games shall be 21 up.  Any Club presenting less than the full complement of players will forfeit 21 points for each absentee.


  1. 5.      If, due to bad light, weather or green conditions, a match has to be postponed or abandoned after play has commenced, then the points already scored shall count.  The captains MUST, on that evening or within 24 hours, mutually agree a re-arranged date when the match MUST be completed within 21 DAYS OF THE DATE OF THE ORIGINAL MATCH, and the LEAGUE SECRETARY MUST BE INFORMED BY THE HOME CLUB OF THE CIRCUMSTANCES AND OF THE RE-ARRANGED DATE WITHIN24 HOURS.


  1. 6.      The making of the draw shall be in the hands of the two captains, or their deputies, who shall act as the referees.  The order of play shall be the prerogative of the home captain.


  1. 7.      In all League games the green shall be occupied at all times by Lichfield League bowlers.  No other person is allowed on the green whilst matches are in progress, unless they are invited to do so.


  1. 8.      The visiting player shall have the first attempt to set a mark. 


  1. 9.      The games shall be played in accordance with the British Crown Green Bowling Association laws of the game.









  1. 10.     Not less than four standard jacks, three on a stated 3-ended green, as approved by B.C.G.B.A, must be provided by the home club and used in all games.  Each club in membership shall equip themselves with a measuring tape of sufficient length to comply with Law 13 of the game of Crown Green Bowls.


  1. 11.   A match will be won by the team scoring the greatest number of shots.


  1. 12.   a) At the close of each match the League score sheets must be signed by the captains, or their representatives, of the competing clubs and entered onto the web results site WITHIN 3 DAYS.  Failure to do so will invoke a £5.00 fine.  The score sheet so submitted may be amended by the League in the event of any infringement of the Bye-Laws or Rules. 


        b) Mistakes on submitted score sheets and signed by both captains will not be altered, with the exception of final totals which the computer will correct if wrongly added up.


  1. 13.   In the event of inclement weather, the two captains shall decide if the green is fit to play.  In the event of the two captains not reaching a mutual agreement the decision will be at the discretion of the home captain and will be final.


  1. 14.   A list of all players to be registered with the League Secretary before or at the Pre-season meeting, to include ANY OTHER CLUBS OF WHICH THEY ARE MEMBERS.  Any member joining the club after that date shall be eligible to play in League matches after having been registered in writing SEVEN clear days.  In an emergency a player can be registered over the telephone, provided a letter of confirmation is also sent.  Any club playing a member not duly registered shall forfeit all shots scored by such member and the 21 shots given to his opponent and the result of the match shall be decided after any such alteration.


Should a player be submitted to be registered with more than one club, his registration will be accepted only for the club for which he/she plays his/her first League game.


In accordance with the B.C.G.B.A rules, all clubs deemed members of the League must be directly affiliated to the Staffordshire County Bowling Association and also submit annually a full list of registered players with the appropriate fee laid down by the S.C.B.A.


  1. 15.   In the event of a club having two or more teams in the League, players must be registered for one team only.


Transfer between teams shall not be allowed after playing four games for any one team (including cup matches) or, after mid-season, whichever is the sooner, excepting if one of the teams resigns from the League.



All such transfers to be notified to the League Secretary before the transfer takes place.  No second transfer by any player shall be allowed in any event.


  1. 16.   Two points shall be awarded for each match won.  In the event of a draw, each team shall be awarded one point.  The League championship will go to the team gaining the greatest number of points during the season.  In the event of two or more teams gaining the same number of points, then the team having the best aggregate will be the winner.


  1. 17.   For the best League average prizes, home wins are 1 point and away wins are 2 points.  Any player receiving a walkover shall be credited with 21 shots.


17a. In the event of a forfeit match, the team claiming the match will be awarded 2 points and no shots will be awarded to individual players or to the team.


17b. Teams who forfeit a match will have 2 points deducted from their existing total.


  1. 18.   No player shall qualify for more than one League average prize.


  1. 19.   When the League comprises of more than one division, there shall be a movement between the divisions of two up and two down, the top two teams on a lower division will replace the bottom two teams of the next higher division, where possible.


  1. 20.   There shall be no transfer of registered players between clubs during the playing season.


  1. 21.   Any question arising which is not provided for in the foregoing rules, shall be brought to the Executive Committee who shall make a decision.










  1. 1.      There shall be held annually a team knock-out competition for the Ray Miller competition to be played for between teams from the top three divisions.  The 3 Spires competition to be played for between all other divisions.



  1. 2.      The conduct of the competition shall be the responsibility of the Executive Committee.


  1. 3.      The matches shall be played with teams of 10 players on a 5 home and 5 away basis.  The home side to provide standard jacks, mats and long measures.


  1. 4.      Entry to be optional with some games being played on Wednesdays.  Those teams entering must make their greens available for the competition dates throughout the season.


       There will be a handicap system of 15 shots between divisions ie: In the Ray Miller Competition Div 1 v Div 2 = +15, Div 1 v Div 3 = +30, Div 2 v Div 3 = +15.  The same format to apply to the other divisions in the Three Spires Competition, with the final being from scratch.


  1. 5.      All League rules apply with the exception of the following:

The Final will be played on a neutral green, and the toss of a coin will decide which team’s odd or even will take the jack.  In the event of a draw on points, then the team with the most winning games shall go through to the next round.  If the games are still tied then the match will have to be replayed.  Clubs do not have to play the same players.  The secretary must be notified of the circumstances in the first instance.