DERBYSHIRE CGBA COUNTY CUP RULES (Ratified 17th March 1985)  
    The Competition shall be open to all Clubs affiliated directly or through affiliated Association within the County,  
    and they are eligible to enter one or more teams in the Competition.  
    Teams so entered shall comprise of TEN (10) male members.  
    Where any club enters more than one team for the County Cup they shall nominate a squad of ten players for each team  
    above the lowest and members of such squads shall not play for any team lower than that for which they have been nominated.  
    The nominations of ten players must be submitted to the County Secretary on or before the closing date of the Competition.  
    All players must be registered with the County Secretary on or before the 1st May via their Section Secretary.  
    All players must be registered to play in a respective Derbyshire League for that club they wish to play for in the County Cup.  
    No player shall bowl for more than one team in the competition in any one season.  
    Teams eliminated in the Preliminary round together with those eliminated in the First or Second round proper by actually  
    playing their first game in the competition (excluding preliminary or first round winners) will be automatically entered into the  
    Repechage Competition for the Len Dawson Trophy. The entry fee for the County Cup shall cover this Competition also.  
    Teams withdrawing from the County Cup will not be eligible for the Repechage Competition.  
    This competition shall be run under the Rules of the County Cup Competition.  
    The County Committee shall arrange at the A.G.M. the dates on which matches shall be played and clubs shall make  
    their greens available. Any Club failing to play on the date stipulated shall be disqualified and entry fee forfeited.  
    The draw for the Preliminary Round and all subsequent Rounds will be made at a full Representative Meeting of the Association.  
    They will when selecting the greens for play, have due consideration of the distance to be travelled bearing in mind  
    the expenses that will be incurred.  
    All matches will be played on ‘Neutral Greens’. A neutral green will be construed as one not situated in any Section/District  
    in which the club is registered. In the event of four teams from the same Section/District being drawn together, arrangements  
    will be made for the match to be played on a Neutral Green in their own Section/District.  
    The first round (proper) draw and subsequent rounds will be made in groups of four teams and that group shall play on the  
    same green. The winners of the first match in the group shall play the winners of the second match in the group on the same day.  
    (Preliminary round excepted). For the Final Rounds of the competition, a sub-committee of the County Association will  
    select the venue.  
    All matches shall start at the time agreed at the Representative Meeting, normally 13.00 (1.00 p.m.) in the case of the  
    first Round proper, 15.00 (3.00 p.m.) in the Preliminary Round. The Finals Day shall start at 12.00 noon.  
    Any player of team engaged in a match who shall play on a green selected for the contest between the date of the draw  
    and the date appointed shall be disqualified.  
    The defaulting player to forfeit the game and his opponent's card to read 21-0. This rule shall not apply to pre-arranged  
    league matches and other Associations’ Competitions.  
    When a player or players is/are called to the green by the official in charge, should he/they not be present, or fail to go  
    on the green, for whatever reason a nominated substitute or substitutes shall be allowed to take the defaulting players place.  
    Substitutes must report when called to the green by the official in charge. Any substitutes must be nominated before the  
    start of the match. Any defaulting players shall not be allowed to play in the match at a later time.  
    Each team shall have two ends in play at the commencement of a Round where 4 teams are present  
    (4 ends where two teams are present or by mutual agreement of both Captains).  
    A team cannot claim a match before 13.30 hrs. (15.30 hrs. in the Preliminary Round) for the first match on the  
    non-appearance of their opponents, and not until 15.00 hrs. for the second match.  
    Teams receiving a bye shall have 15 minutes practice of the green prior to the match with the winners of the previous match  
    on that green.  
    A team which has won the previous round can, if so desired, substitute the names of players for the next round,  
    but such substitutes will not be allowed a practice of the green before the game/match.  
    The County Secretary shall supply the necessary result sheets to the first named clubs in the Group.  
    Completed forms must be returned by the outright winners of the Group at the conclusion of the match.  
    All forms must be returned by first class post to the County Secretary within two (2) days of the match being played.  
    All games will be 21 up.  
    The draw for opponents will be as follows: Captains will number their cards 1-10 before the draw the corresponding players  
    will then play each other (as per BCGBA Senior County Championship Procedure).  
    Should a Club find it necessary to withdraw from the competition for any cause, the County Secretary must be informed  
    immediately, who will notify the teams opponents.  
    Where a withdrawal is necessary the club/team must notify the County Secretary NO LATER THAN WEDNESDAY  
    on landline, mobile or in person. Email will be accepted duly acknowledged by the Secretary.  
    Should the withdrawing club fail to observe this rule a fine of £20 will be payable if not notified till the Thursday before the  
    match. The amount will increase by £10 for each date notification is late. (namely £30 on the Friday, £40 on the Saturday  
    and £50 on the Sunday). The entry fee for the competition from the defaulting club shall also be forfeited.  
    Clubs failing to notify in time their withdrawal on the day of the match, meaning that their opponents have travelled to the  
    venue in a single game on the respective green, will be liable to pay an amount decided by the management committee per car  
    up to a maximum of £40 to their opponents. This will be on top of any fines levied elsewhere in this rule.  
    In the case of a team withdrawing a team of 10 registered players must be submitted to the County Secretary within  
    two days of the match as per Rule 3.  
    The HOST CLUB up to the rounds before the semi-finals shall appoint officials. In the event of no official being present  
    the Captains of the teams playing each other shall officiate.  
    He/They shall be in absolute control and enforce the Rules of the Competition and those of the BCGBA.  
    The clubs competing in the group shall provide measurers.  
    The exceptions being the Semi-Finals and Final, where officials shall be appointed by the County Association.  
    Teams attending on the day shall pay a nominal fee of 10p per player to the green official in charge on that day.  
    Should a match be postponed before play has commenced, due to adverse weather or other causes beyond the control of  
    the teams concerned, it shall be re-arranged to be played on an agreed date, if possible the following Sunday,  
    unless special permission for another date is obtained by the Clubs, from the County Association.  
    A match having been commenced, and subsequently postponed in consequence of adverse weather or other causes,  
    must be continued on an agreed date, if possible the following Sunday. Scores in respect of the unfinished games shall count  
    as they stood when play was abandoned.  
    Substitutes shall be allowed for any player on the re-arranged date, but substitutes must not have played previously  
    in the match so abandoned.  
    Should the Green keeper or official in charge declare the green unfit to play, fresh arrangements must be made at the time,  
    and the decision communicated to the County Secretary as soon as possible. Matches will continue to be played to a conclusion  
    if there is no agreement between both Captains that play should be abandoned and there is no decision from the Green keeper or  
    Official in Charge.  
  7 PRIZES  
    In addition to the presentation to the winners and runners-up of the Derbyshire Cups, prizes shall be awarded to the contestants,  
    which must have been agreed at a Representative Meeting. In no circumstances will the Competition be subsidised from the  
    General Account of the Association. Any surplus monies after the prizes and expenses have been met shall be placed in the  
    General Account of the Association, but this will not exceed 10% of the entry fees received.  
    In the event of a draw FOUR (4) players shall be nominated by the captains of both teams and the cards numbered  
    (as per Rule 3).The selected players will then play SEVEN (7) ends each and the aggregate scores will dictate the winners.  
    If the result is still tied each of the four will play a further end each, which will continue until a result is obtained.  
    Only Players that have actually PLAYED in the original match can be selected to play in the SEVEN end play off,  
    or subsequent ends till a result has been obtained. Should a draw occur in the Final Round the match shall be replayed  
    in its entirety as directed by the County.  
    In the event that circumstances arise which are not covered by these Rules. BCGBA. Rules pertain, officials in charge  
    or captains making a decision as per BCGBA. Rule 12.1.