Coventry and District League Bowling Rules


  1. The League shall be known as the Coventry and District Bowling League. All Clubs must become affiliated to the North Midlands C.B.A.
  2. The Officers of the League shall consist of a President, Deputy President, Secretary/Treasurer, Match Secretaries, Competition Secretary and three Trustees who shall be elected annually and constitute the Management Committee of the League.
  3. The business of the League shall be conducted by the Officers of the League, together with the League Council consisting of two League members from each Club in membership and shall meet bi-monthly. A Club may be represented by any one of its League members present at the meeting, but and Club not represented will be fined £2.00 and the sum of £5.00 for consecutive meetings. After 3 (three consecutive missed meetings will be fined £15.00 and be liable to suspension from the League. Five delegates of separate Clubs present shall form a quorum.
  4. The Annual General Meeting shall be held during the close season at such time and place as may be determined by the League Council. The business of the Annual General Meeting shall be the adoption or otherwise of Annual Reports, Balance Sheet and the election of Officers for the ensuing year. A Rules Revision General Meeting shall be held in December to consider Notice of Motion for alteration to Rules, application for membership, formation of Leagues and any other business deemed appropriate. The Council may at any time summon a Special General Meeting. A Special General meeting may also be called on receipt of a requisition signed by the Chairman or Secretary of one third Clubs in Membership, stating the reason for such request. The meeting shall take place within 28 days of the receipt of the requisition by the League Secretary. Only registered members of the League shall be admitted to and have the right to vote at General Meetings. Each Club in membership shall be represented by one delegate per team per League. (Saturday, Thursday, Mid-Week League & Premier League) each delegate present having power to vote on Motions concerning the appropriate League. Officers of the League having power to vote on all Motions. Notices of Motion for the General Meeting must be written and in the possession of the League Secretary 28 days before the date of such meeting. The League Secretary shall give at least 14 days’ notice of any General Meeting and include the Balance Sheet with such notice for any Annual General Meeting. A Club wishing to move an amendment to a notified Notice of Motion shall notify the League Secretary seven days prior to the date of the meeting at which the Notice of Motion is to be considered.
  5. No League Rule shall be altered or replaced and no Rule shall be made unless the requisite 28 days’ notice be given as per Rule 4. And a majority of members present and voting at a special or General Meeting is obtained.
  6. A Club wishing to join the League, enter additional team(s) or withdraw teams must give notice at the December Rules Revision General Meeting prior to the formation of the Leagues. Failure to do so, the Club or Team(S) will be considered members for the following season and liable for all League dues. Any Club ceasing to be a member of the League shall forfeit any claim to a share of the funds or property of the League.
  7. All League dues shall be determined by the League Council and declared at each Annual General Meeting. League fees and team registrations to be paid by 31st May and balance by 31st October. Unless there are extenuating circumstances, any Club not settled by the date due shall be fined £10.00.
  8. Teams newly elected to the League shall be placed in the appropriate division with the approval of the League formation meeting.
  9. All matches shall be played under British Crown Green A.A. Laws of the Game. In Saturday League matches a team shall consist of 12 players, Mid-Week League eight players and Sundays League matches 6 players. Games to be played up to 21 up singles. Home and away matches will be played; points shall be awarded as follows: one for each individual game won, plus two points for the home team winning on aggregate shots, three points for the away team. In the event of a tie on shots the home team shall receive one point, the away team two points. In the event of two or more teams in the same division tying on points at the end of the season, aggregate shots to count. In the event of a tie on points and shots, a deciding match or matches to be played on neutral greens between the teams concerned. The League averages for individual players will consist of two points for a home win and three points for an away win. Walkovers will be classed as games won and scores of 21-11 home and 21-15 away credited. Averages to count for one team only if a player is transferred part way through the season. In the event of two players tying on points, aggregate shots to count. In the event of a team withdrawing from the League at any time during the season, all records appertaining to that team shall be expunged.
  10. All matches must be played on or before the date in the handbook or by mutual consent on a date not more than 28 days after this date. A minimum of 7 days’ notice is required and the rearranged date must be agreed in writing with both clubs and the relevant match secretary before the match can be cancelled. Any matches cancelled during the last 4 weeks of the season must be played by 7 days of the last league fixture. Failure to comply with this rule will result in the match being declared null and void and a fine to the sum of £20 to the offending team(s). The NON-OFFENDING TEAM must send in a match sheet to the match secretary explaining why the match has not been completed. The non-offending team will then be awarded appropriate points by the League Committee and their players given scores of 21-11 at home and 21-15 away. A re-occurrence in the same season may result in a team being expelled from the League. If due to a green being unplayable, postponement of all or any part of a match is necessary, teams must agree and must complete the fixture within 28 days of the original date or within seven days following the end of the season. Coventry & District League matches shall take precedence over all Cup competitions and any outside League matches. Clubs with more than one green must inform the League by the formation meeting which green is being used throughout the season by each of their teams.
  11. All players must be separately registered by name and B.C.G.B.A number for both Saturday, Mid-Week and Sunday Leagues, MALE only for the Mid-Week & Sunday Leagues and may not be registered by more than one Club for the same League. All registrations must be in the hands of the relevant Match Secretary 24 hours in writing before playing in a match. No player shall play in more than one team on the same day. No registration will be accepted or transfer granted to a player owing money to another Club. During the course of the season, players may play for any team except during the last 4 games with only players moved up during this period and players who have not played more than 4 games for a senior team may move down. However, players relegated before the last 4 games can continue to play for a lower team irrespective of how many games played for a senior team.
  12. Any player wishing to transfer from one Club to another shall obtain an official transfer form from the relevant Match Secretary. Transfer form to be completed and signed by the Secretaries of both Clubs and the player concerned, and to be in the hands of the relevant Match Secretary 7 clear days prior to playing a match. No transfer shall be considered valid until receipt of the transfer form has been officially confirmed by the relevant Match Secretary. No transfers in the last 4 weeks of the season.
  13. The play of an unregistered or otherwise ineligible player is an offence, the penalty of which shall be the forfeiture of the point(s) and shots for the game and a fine of £2.00. The offending player(s) will be deemed to have lost 21-0, the shots and point(s) of the match revised accordingly.
  14. All Saturday matches to start by 3.00 p.m., and Mid-Week League games at 6.30 pm (6.00 pm all games in April & September), all Sunday games to commence at 10.45 a.m. These times must be adhered to and may only be varied in special circumstances by mutual agreement between the Clubs concerned. Result sheets to be completed together with names and registration numbers by 5.00 pm Saturday Matches, 7.15 pm Mid-week matches (6.45 pm all games in April and September) and 11.30 a.m. for Sunday Matches when all players must be present. Absentees to be counted as walkovers. An absentee player will not be eligible to participate in a re-arranged game and no substitute will be allowed for an absentee player. In the event of an adjournment all points shall be carried forward to the resumption of the Match. In the event of a team receiving a walkover they will be awarded the points, plus for aggregate purposes, 120 shots for a home match or 72 shots for an away match. In Midweek League the allowance will be 80 shots for a home match or 48 shots for an away match, for Sunday League the allowance will be 60 shots for a home match or 36 for an away match.
  15. The green must be vacated 5 minutes before the designated start time of the match. The away side having exclusive use of the green for practice for the preceding 15 minutes. Should the match be abandoned the visiting team should again be allowed the same practice.
  16. All League matches shall be played under the supervision of the captains of the competing teams, whose duty it is to insist on and see that the game are carried out in accordance with the Laws of the Game and the Rules of the League without waiting for an objection to be laid by any player or players. If at the commencement of or during the progress of the game the green is considered unfit for play, the captains shall power to adjourn the match, but no Saturday match shall be called off before 4.00 pm.
  17. The home team must forward a result sheet correctly completed with players full names clearly identified, to reach the relevant Match Secretary within three days. Alterations on the sheet must be countersigned by both captains. In the event of postponement or adjournment, notice of such must be sent instead by the team responsible for calling off the match. Infringement of this beyond three days will result in a fine of £2.00. Walkovers must be shown on the result sheet and scored 21-0. Both captains must sign the result sheet. For any deliberate falsification both Clubs will be fined £10.00.
  18. In all League matches the home Club shall provide jacks as specified by the B.C.G.B.A., such jacks to be available for practice by the visiting team. The home club must also provide a tape measure of not less than 19 metres length.
  19. The order of play shall be decided by the captain of each team placing their own cards. Providing sufficient players are present four ends be played.
  20. The visiting players shall have the first cast of the jack subject to Law 2.4 of the Laws of the Game.
  21. No Saturday League fixture to be scheduled on the date of the B.C.G.B.A. Senior Merit finals.
  22. All Clubs in membership shall contribute the sum of £5 towards the cost of the raffle prizes at the Annual Dinner.
  23. In League matches and League competitions all players must wear suitable clothing. Hard or block heel footwear must NOT be worn on the green. In Mid-Week, Thursday and Sunday League Matches, one day competitions and Merit preliminary rounds, players must wear full length single coloured, trousers, jeans, track suit bottoms or shorts. Ladies may wear skirts or dresses at least knee length, Shell suits. Shorts and sleeveless tops are not allowed. In Saturday matches smart casual dress may be worn. Tailored shorts with sport socks are permissible. Sleeveless are not allowed. The only permitted dress for players in merit finals is full length single coloured trousers and, shirts with sleeves and collar. Ladies may wear single coloured skirts at least knee length. Complaints for non-observance should be made before the start of a game by the opposing captain or the official in the finals. Non-observance of the rule will result in the offending club being fined £25.00 or in a final player may be banned from playing.
  24. These rules shall be upheld as printed in the Handbook, and no plea for ignorance shall absolve any Club or Player. No complaint shall be considered, unless the complainant has deposited the sum of £3.00 with the League Secretary, together with the written protest or complaint. Deposit to be returned if the protest or complaint is upheld. An ad hoc committee shall be appointed to deal with all such protests and complaints. A Club or member disagreeing with the result of a complaint or protest shall have the right of appeal to the County Association.
  25. Each Club membership shall be deemed to have accepted all League Rules, and have agreed to abide by all Management Committee and League Council decisions. Interpretation of the League Rules shall be vested in the Management Committee and the League Council. They shall have jurisdiction over all League matters and the power to adjudicate on any matter not covered by the League Rules


Rules for Premier League Only

  1. Away players will have first cast of the jack.
  2. Teams winning away will be awarded 3 points.
  3. Teams finishing first and second in Premier Two will obtain automatic promotion, replacing teams in Premier One finishing ninth and ten respectively.
  4. The dress code will be plain black trousers and a collared shirt, all of the same colour. N.B. Reasonable dispensation will be given to non-regular players covering for sickness or holiday.
  5. Matches brought forward or re-arranged through bad weather cannot be split.
  6. Eight players from each Premier 1 & Premier 2 teams shall be automatically entered into the North Midlands Senior Merit.


League Competition Rule

  1. All Clubs entering players into any League competition will make their own green(s) available, as nominated by the competition Secretary, if required, for any stage of the same competition. If exceptional circumstances arise which preclude the use of any green, then a minimum of 14 days’ written notice stating the reasons, must be given to the League Secretary prior to the closing date of the relevant competition. The matter will then.
  2. Players registered with more than one club must indicate the same on all competition entry forms. Any player failing to furnish full details will be liable to be disqualification.
  3. Players shall play on greens as selected. No substitutions or alterations shall be allowed.
  4. 4. Entries should normally be made on official league entry forms, additional telephone and e-mail entries may be made before the specified closing date.
  5. Late entries may be accepted at the discretion of the Competition Secretary, but no entries will be allowed after the draw has been made.
  6. Players receiving a ‘bye’ in any League Competition shall be allowed 15 minutes’ practice before the next round providing that the opponent did not also receive a ‘bye’ in the previous round. Should both players have received a ‘bye’ then normal practice will apply.
  7. 7. Opponents of players that qualify for the final rounds of any League competition being played on their HOME GREEN will receive 2 shots in single events. Pairs will receive 2 shots per player.
  8. At the conclusion of all finals the appropriate trophies shall be awarded to the winner and runner-up whom will be the holder for 12 months. Holders names will be engraved on the trophy and the holder will be responsible for its return in good condition at the appointed time. Any damage to League trophies must be reported to the League Secretary. Failure to do so may be deemed as acceptance of responsibility.
  9. The Management Committee shall have full control of all League competitions and their decision shall be final.
  10. Previous seasons winners of League trophies are responsible for giving trophies back to Competition Secretary. This should be done within 7 days of finals of following season’s competition at very latest. A fine of £20 payable if trophy is not available on the day of current season competition, unless unforeseen circumstances arise. Being on holiday or working is not acceptable. Each scenario will be looked and individually by management.


Mixed Pairs Competition

  1. Clubs may enter any number of pairs providing one player is currently a registered member of the Coventry & District League.
  2. Both players must be named on the entry form. One named player and A.N. Other or partner will not be accepted. Once the draw is made a substitute will only be allowed providing that the substitute was not named in the original published draw.
  3. All games to be played under B.C.G.B.A Laws of the Game. ‘5’ to be added to the card before commencing play.



Jack Hughes Cup

  1. Competitors must be registered members of a club in the Coventry & District League.
  2. The Competition shall be a handicap competition open to all players with a handicap of +4 or higher. The player’s handicap shall be entered on the score card before the commencement of play. In the case of male members the handicap shall be as published by North Midlands B.A. Ladies handicap shall be as determined by the League Management Committee.
  3. All games shall be 21 up under B.C.G.B.A. Laws of the game.
  4. Prizes will be awarded according to entries received.


Peter Merchant Handicap Cup

  1. Competitors must be registered member of a Club in the Coventry & District League.
  2. The Competition shall be a handicap competition open to all players. The player’s handicap shall be entered on the score card before the commencement of play. In the case of male members the handicap shall be as published by the North Midlands B.A.

       3. All games shall be 21 up under B.C.G.B. A. Laws of the game

       4. Prizes will be awarded according to entries received.


The Arthur Brown Triples Cup

  1. Clubs may enter any number of Triples provided that two named players are registered as members of that Club with the Coventry & District Bowling League.
  2. All players to be named on the entry form. Players may not move from one triples to another once the draw has been made. Substitutes must be notified to the Competition Secretary. No player already in the draw will be allowed to act as a substitute.
  3. All games to be 15 ends or 21 up if sooner.
  4. In the event of a tie after 15 ends an extra end will be played. Toss of coin to determine the first cast of the jack. A measured “tied end “shall count as a played end. A jack struck of the green shall NOT count as a played end.


Brandish Cup

  1. Six players per team, Clubs may enter more than one team (A, B, C etc.).
  2. Handicap competition, using the county handicaps which must be added to the teams total score.
  3. 3. Members must play for the Club with whom they are league registered and cannot change teams once they have played in the competition.
  4. Games to be played on neutral greens with 6.30 start. Winners to telephone the result to the competition secretary and post the match sheet immediately after the match.
  5. Draw to be made by captains placing their cards and a toss of a coin selecting odds or evens for first cast of the jack.
  6. A tie to be decided by – a. Number of wins – b. best winning card, then the next best and so on – c. A selected player from each side to play one deciding end.


Jubilee Men’s Pairs

  1. A Club may enter any number of pairs providing that all players are registered with Coventry & District League.
  2. Both players must be named on the entry form, partner or A.N. Other will not be accepted. Players do not have to come from the same Club, no player may move from one pair to another during the competition.
  3. All games played under the B.C.G.B.A rules, all games 21 up with 5 on the Card. Prizes will be awarded according to entries received.