Starred League Players 2021

 Due to the rule change last year, each team is to star a minimum of 8 players. Two additional players (those in brackets) are nominated for cup matches and are not allowed to play for any Teams of lower standing in cup matches for that club.



Gary Donaldson, Gerry Faulkner Roy Jones, Jake McElney, Steve Rowland, Bob Thomas, Dave Thomas,Graham Wright

Dave Hulmston and Ray Williams


John Benstead, Roy Brannon, William Cottam, Norman Harrison, William Hubbert,

Thomas Raybould, Edward Thomas, Dave Wilson, 

(Ray Price, Phil Gordon).*


Mike Brook, Tania Gilfoyle, Stephen Gilfoyle, Alan Heaton, Jack Kiley, Malcolm Gilfoyle, David Tinker, Stuart Worthing.

(Frank O'Neil Jack Wilson)


Steve Gardner, Roy Jones, Dave Motley Jr, Colin Portis,Anthony Carlson Tom Howard, Ian Sharp, Martin Small.

(Andy Eccles, Nicola Eccles)*


Graham Cairns, Bill Dow, Mark Hadfield, Brian Lawrence, Roy McGunigall, Peter Milne, Stan Newell, Wayne Roberts

(Dave Rimmer, Graham Walker).*


Eric Cook, Jim Atherton, Edna Cook, Brian Francis, John Lewis, Peter Jones, Peter Martin, Matty Roberts.

(Gill Smith, A Jones).*


Kath Davies, Chris Griffiths-Gripton, Alec Haynes, Harry Millington, Paul Ollerhead, Ron Rintoul,  John Sheen, Dave Smart.

(Rita Gunnigle, Gill Sheen).


Fred Bolton, Kevin Caffery, Margaret Caffery, Jean Clark, Des Clarke, John Gorrie, Derek Mycock, Colin Taylor.

(Nicky Bailey, Dot Rowlands)


Don Clark, David Gore, Kevin Howgate,  Arthur Hall, Jim Mannion, Mike Smethurst, Peter McBride, Nick Woodward.

(Alan Dunbar, Chris Dunbar).*


Phil Critchley, Gary Cullen, Dave Eaton, Brian Hussey, Jeff Jones, John Kayll, Ian Moxham, John Wilkinson.

(Eric Anderson, Ken Holt).*


Mick Andrews, Ian Hazelhurst, Robin May, Dave McDermott, Jordan McDermott, Ian Muskett, John Rogers, Brian Somerville.

 (Steve Telford, Paul Griffiths).*