Wrexham Bowling League 2021



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Irving Price David Broderick Kevin Stevenson Vacant Brenda Jones Kevin Stevenson John Lloyd John Davies Malcolm Parry



Saturday 6th       1st 7              
Sunday 7th       2nd           1st   1st
Monday 8th       3rd PAIRS 5 1st PAIRS 9     2nd Pairs 18 2nd
Tuesday 9th       4th   2nd       3rd   1st
Wednesday 10th   1st   5th   3rd       4th   2nd
Thursday 11th   2nd   6th   4th   1st   5th   3rd
Friday 12th   3rd WG cup 1st Round 7th Cyril Adams P/L 5th WG cup semi final 2nd League Cup Finals 6th   4th
Saturday 13th 1 4th 4 8th 8 6th 12 3rd 15 7th 20 5th
Sunday 14th   5th   9th   7th   4th   8th   6th
Monday 15th   6th PAIRS 1 10th PAIRS 6 8th PAIRS 10 5th PAIRS 14 9th   7th
Tuesday 16th   7th   11th   9th   6th   10th   8th
Wednesday 17th   8th   12th   10th   7th   11th   9th
Thursday 18th   9th   13th   11th   8th   12th   10th
Friday 19th   10th League Cup prelim 14th League Cup S/F 12th   9th Cyril Adams S/F 13th   11th
Saturday 20th 2 11th 5 15th 9 13th 13 10th 16 14th 21 12th
Sunday 21st   12th   16th   14th   11th   15th   13th
Monday 22nd   13th PAIRS 2 17th PAIRS 7 15th PAIRS 11 12th PAIRS 15 16th   14th
Tuesday 23th   14th   18th   16th   13th   17th   15th
Wednesday 24th   15th   19th   17th   14th   18th   16th
Thursday 25th   16th   20th   18th   15th   19th   17th
Friday 26th WG cup P/L    6pm start 17th   21st WG cup Q/F 19th Cyril Adams Q/F 16th WG cup final 20th   18th
Saturday 27th 3 18th Senior Merit Qualifiers 22nd 10 20th 14 17th 17 21st 22 19th
Sunday 28th   19th   23rd   21st   18th Cyril Adams Final  22nd Burton Cup ? 20th
Monday 29th   20th PAIRS 3 24th PAIRS 8 22nd PAIRS 12 19th PAIRS 16 23rd   21st
Tuesday 30th   21st   25th   23rd   20th   24th   22nd
Wednesday   22nd   26th   24th   21st   25th   23rd
Thursday   23rd   27th   25th   22nd   26th   24th
Friday   24th League Cup Q/F 28th   26th   23rd   27th   25th
Saturday   25th 6 29th 11 27th All England 24th 18 28th COC Blackpool 26th
Sunday   26th   30th   28th   25th   29th   27th
Monday   27th PAIRS 4     29th PAIRS 13 26th Pairs 17 30th   28th
Tuesday   28th       30th   27th       29th
Wednesday   29th       31st   28th       30th
Thursday   30th           29th       31st
Friday   31st           30th        
Saturday               31st 19      
                    6th Oct WCGBA COC    
Colour Code : Cyril Adams Cup/dates to be ratified by the area committee *   Sat League   Wrexham League Calendar 2019 (subject to change)     Mal Parry 10/12/2018  
  WG Cup   Pairs League                  
  League Cup