Wolverhampton Seniors Bowling League 2018

President Secretary Fixture Secretary Treasurer
Mr W Crosby  Mrs Pat Poxon  Mr Nick Williams Mr Terry Morris 
 01902 634174 01902 757074  01902 790732 01902 893883 


    07718634730 07443940532
     nickwilliams1149@hotmail.co.uk tmorris2@toucansurf.com




Proposed Delegates Meetings 2018 
Date Del Exec Committee Actions Delegates Actions
07-Dec-17 Yes Yes AGM All teams to be represented 
11-Jan-18 Yes Yes Pre Season Meeting,  Clubs to Confirm Team entries for forthcoming Season and start times
01-Feb-18 Yes Yes Pre Season Meeting, Conduct 1st Round Cup Draws Need Secretary and Captains Information for Handbook, League Fees to be paid
29-Mar-18 Yes Yes Fixture Book Distribution Need Completed BCGBA Player Registration Forms for all Teams
Proposed League starts 4th April 2018 hence the 30th March Mtg  
03-May-18 Yes Yes K/O Cup Inter Round Draw Entries for Individual Merit Required
07-Jun-18 Yes Yes 2nd Round Cup and IMC Draw Clubs/Teams to return Individual Merit Trophies 
05-Jul-18 Yes Yes K/o Cup Semi-Final draw and IMC Final Qualifiers Doubles Entries Required
02-Aug-18 Yes Yes Update on K/O Cup and Leagues Clubs/Teams to return all Cup Trophies and Doubles Merit Trophies 
30-Aug-18 Yes Yes Confirm Doubles Final Qualifiers  Clubs/Teams to return all League Trophies Purchase Tickets for Presentation
11-Oct-18 Yes Yes Final League Tables and Presentation Details Purchase Tickets for Presentation
08-Nov-18 Yes See rule 16 Presentation Luncheon   
06-Dec-18 Yes Yes 2017 AGM Clubs to Confirm Team entries for forthcoming 2018 Season and start times