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Exciting news, I am pleased to be able to announce that, following approval given by  the WDBL Executive Committee, the WDBL will be introducing a grant scheme to assist clubs to fund a particular project which they may be planning to undertake in 2019.

All WDBL affiliated clubs are eligible to submit an application under this scheme to upgrade their facilities..

Year one of the scheme is expected to be experimental, as it is a case of stepping into the unknown in terms of the numbers of applicants. After the first year, the position can be reviewed and if necessary, re assessed in respect of the terms and amount of funding to be made available under the scheme.

The maximum grant award will be £500 applying to individual applications in order to be fair and equitable to all clubs. Clubs will be expected to make a contribution of a minimum amount of 30% towards the total cost of the project, for example, purchase of mower say £500.00, 30% contribution from the club is £150.00, giving the maximum grant application for consideration, of £350.00.

Examples of improvements that could be funded from the Grant Scheme, could include (but not be limited to):

  • Clubhouse improvements (toilets, basins, flooring, seating, painting).

  • Bar & kitchen improvements.

  • Exterior doors and security including alarms.

  • Machinery, scoreboards.

  • Coaching equipment.


To be considered for the award of a grant under this scheme, clubs should be aware of the following parameters:

  • Can they demonstrate that their project is needed, good value and necessary?.

  • Can they demonstrate that the whole club is fully supportive of the project?

  • Does the club have a written Constitution?


Should clubs wish to be considered for a grant, they should submit an application by downloading an application form from the WDBL website, fully complete it, and send it to WDBL Secretary,

Any club which is awarded a grant will not be eligible to apply for another one for 5 years (On the basis of fairness between all the clubs in the Whitchurch League)

Also in the event of a club folding within twelve months of a grant being awarded the full amount will have to be repayed to the League.

Evaluation, consideration and award of grants from this scheme, will be made by a Grants Sub Committee of the WDBL Management Committee, and all applications will be fully considered and assessed on merit.


Peter Lawrence

WDBL Treasurer