Stubbs Parkin & South Whitchurch Bowling League 2021

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     Whitchurch and District Bowling League


CHAIRMAN                                 PRESIDENT                      SECRETARY

Phil Scott                                     Isobel Jones                      Juliette Swire

Creamery Cottage                                                                 132 Shrewsbury Road

Post Office Lane                                                                        Market Drayton

Hampton, Malpas                                                                TF9 3DT

SY14 8JQ                                                                            

TEL: 01948 820757                     TEL: 01948662474              TEL: 07896977425



Management Meeting Monday 9th September 7.30pm @ Tilstock


  1. Chairman’s Welcome – Chairman Phil Scott

     Chairman opened the meeting.


  1. Apologies

Peter Lawrence/ Jamie Brookes/ Derek Wright


  1. Minutes from last meeting.

    Proposed - Simon Fullard,  Seconded - Isobel Jones


  2. Matters arising



  1. Secretary Report – Juliette Swire

    Main points :-

    The agenda for the Executive Meeting on Tuesday 8th of October has been emailed to Clubs, along with the Minutes from the March Meeting.

    Email from Ellesmere concerning the walkover rule. Advised to put into writing and send in by 30th November for Proposed Rules Changes.

    Update on correspondence for upcoming Disciplinary Meeting.


  2. Treasurers Report – Peter Lawrence


    Peter unable to make the Meeting, he sent the following Report.

    “ I have posted Barony bill to A Dawson and if he has been the Secretary for the last two years we have fouled up re handbook contents. The number of handbooks are 4 per team according to the Rules, but list I have worked from for the bills seems on occasion at variance of that Rule. We must tighten this up.

    Most bills are now posted or emailed, one Club rang me and asked for a printed copy!! So is emailing such a good idea?



  3. Chairman’s / Safeguarding/ Disciplinary Report – Phil Scott

    Main points:-

    Busy time over the last three months in the Leagues with various queries to sort concerning a whole multitude of issues from footwear to measuring.

    Disappointed to see more withdrawals or no shows from the league competitions. All teams have plenty of notice.

    All clubs are covered now by a Safeguarding Officer, but some Clubs had been fined for not following protocol or procedures.

    Jamie thanked for all his hard work with the competitions, which resulted in good entries in most comps.

    Mike is sorting out all the niggles on our Website and others when needed and is irreplaceable.

    Unacceptable behaviour is on the rise, not just in Whitchurch but in Shropshire as a whole.

    A Disciplinary Meeting to take place in the coming week and letters will be going out to Clubs and individuals about their behaviour.

    Dress code issues- Men can wear shorts in any competition as long as they are tailored and black.

    Request from Hadnall and Prees, 1st of October match, could this be played early due to remedial work taking place on the Green. Main factors were considered by the Management Committee and it was decided that the match should go ahead on 1st October using the Big Green at Prees.

    Finally, it was disappointing we could not raise enough interest in the Safeguarding Course, it was discussed trying again in November.


  4. Referees / Coaching Report- Isobel Jones

    Main points:-

    Coaching Session- Saturday 10th August 25 attended.

    Coaching Session – Saturday 14th September

    Shropshire Referees Annual General Meeting- Friday 1st November @ Meole Brace Bowling Club 7.30pm

    Coaching Session to be arranged for October.

    Midland Masters had taken place. Referees in attendance Isobel Jones/ Janice Broad/ Eddy Broad, also Will Hares and 3 others from the County.



  5. Shropshire Crown Green Report – Simon Fullard

    Next Meeting is Monday 7th October


  6. Competitions Report and Finals planning- Jamie Brookes

    Main points:-

    One competition left to run, 90 extra entrants this season.

    One competition left to run, Robin Blackhurst Sunday 22nd September. There had been some concerns raised, after the venue had been confirmed, over the handicapping for Chester Road Bowlers, but with the £300 sponsorship input by Robin, I thought it only right that his club should be asked first to hold the competition.

    Jamie believed that there should be no handicap on any players other than the home bowlers in the Individual Merits ( U18, U21, U25)”

    Jubilee Doubles Winners – Malpas Sports A, Consolation Prees A thanks must go to the host clubs Audlem and Adderley and the referees Tony Weaver and Will Hare.

    Unfortunately numerous withdrawals or “no shows” for the Jubilee Doubles, Jubilee Consolation, Shropshire Star and President Cup, resulting in Fines attributed to the guilty Clubs.


  7. Results/ Website- Mike Beckett

    Main points:-

    4 Walk Overs Recorded

    Chester Road 2 before they dropped a team.  Also  Barony when they played District and Whixall.

    Played twice 74, it appears teams generally have 4 players that are prepared to play twice but occasionally they only have 2 or 3 and the opposing team have accepted that.

    It does not appear to have been abused, as there is only one club that used the same player all the time and I am aware that sometimes they have only offered 2 players to play twice.

    The players that are going to play twice must play in the first four. After they have made out the first four cards, then these must be turned over. The opposing team then select from those four and if who they have picked is a player not prepared to play twice that game it is a Walk Over.

    No team has gained an unfair advantage or disadvantage by using the playing twice.

    Mike then discussed how teams could be using the system next year, this will be confirmed when appropriate and the impact of changes to the divisions.

    Next year matches will commence on April 7th Tuesday and April 23rd Thursday.


  8. Handbook 2020 – John Mitchell

    John reported that numbers in League Book sales have gone down. If the price of the books were increased to £1.00 this would cove the cost of the publication of the books.


  9. Development – Mike Beckett, Jamie Brookes/ Derek Wright

    No formal meetings have taken place, but the group have been corresponding throughout the season. Main concern is that we seem to be losing members and clubs. Group will focus on how we can turn this trend around and encourage young members and also new members to join.


  10. Annual Dinner / Invites/ Menu/ Speakers etc – Juliette Swire

    Preparations for the Dinner.

    Menu and Booking Forms have gone out to clubs with a deadline of November 1st for payment and bookings.

    Invitations have been sent out to guests, Disco has been booked and so has the bar.

    Spread sheet ready to take payments and gifts for the guests have been ordered or purchased.

    Request for trophies has gone out, ready to be engraved.


  11. Management Rules Proposals 2020

    The Management Committee discussed a list of proposed Rule changes and additions for the new year. Any changes will be sent out to Clubs in due course, so they can respond and propose their own changes by the deadline of 30th November.


  12. A.O.B


    Close of Meeting 9.00pm