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Stubbs Parkin & South Whitchurch Bowling League 2019


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Peter Lawrence

AGM Agenda Item 16.  Proposed Rule Changes 2018.


The Management Committee proposes the following rule changes for discussion at the 2018 AGM:


Proposed Rule Change (amendments in bold)


Section 2 – Membership of the League


Amendment to Rule 2.2a.  

Applications for a Club to join the League must be sent in writing to the league Secretary not later than 31 December of the preceding year.

Amendment to Rule 2.4b. The wording concerning the timing of the withdrawal of   team(s) needs clarification in order to avoid financial loss to the League.

2.4b. Applications to withdraw a team from the League should be sent in writing to the League Secretary not later than 14 February.  Clubs withdrawing a team after that date but before the season has started will be responsible for paying for any Fixture Books previously ordered for that team.   Clubs withdrawing a team or teams from the League once the season has started will pay all dues owing to the League for that season.

2.4c.  If a Club wishes to withdraw a team (or teams) from the League this must be their lowest team.   Should they wish to withdraw a team that is not their lowest then the Club must submit their request giving full reasons to the Management Committee for consideration. 

2.4d.  Any team wishing to rejoin the League will be required to start in the bottom division.


Section 4 - Fixtures


Amendment to Rule 4.1.  Some Teams find that 6 Fixture books are too many.

Each Team must purchase a minimum of 4 League Fixture Books.

Amendment to Rule 4.3b 

This is to ensure that any walkover given is justified.

Amend second sentence to read: A player given a walk over due to a club not fielding a full team must have been present at the time the game would have been played.  He/she will be considered to have played in that League match …   

Amendment to Rule 4.9.


Rule to read: 4.9.  In Divisions 1 – 4, home team captains are to name and number with the order of play four cards and place them face down.  Visiting captains will then place their own four cards on top, this being the draw for the first four games.  This process is to be repeated for the middle and last four games.  The home team captain will nominate after each game is completed the next game to be played.  In Divisions 5 and below, it is up to the Home team captain’s discretions as to whether cards shall be placed face down. 

NB.  A player who is not present or is unavailable to play in the first two fours shall not be named to play at the time of the draw.



Section 5 – League Competition Rules


Amplification of Rule 5.2.3. 

The purpose of introducing this rule was to improve the image of the game.   It became apparent last season that it should be applied to League Merit competitions and Cup Finals only ie not to semi-finals.

Rule 5.2.3 to be amended as follows:

BCGBA dress code must be adhered to for all League Merit Competitions (except for Under 12 Merit) and all Cup Finals for Jubilee Doubles, Jubilee Doubles Consolation, Shropshire Star and Presidents competitions.  Dress code:  to be as laid down in the BCGBA Rules for the current year.

5.3.5a. Amendment to clarify

NB The wording of this amendment might change slightly for the AGM.

Players who have played all their League games for a higher team in the League by 30 April in the current season are not eligible to play in this Competition for a team in a lower Division. 



Proposed Rule Change submitted by Wem BC

Amendment to Rule 4.3a.

Wem BC’s explanation:  We think that this move would greatly help clubs struggling to fulfil their commitments.  Far too many teams had to give games away last season.


Management Committee’s comments:

  1. Division 7 teams have already been reduced to 10 players.
  2. The evidence of need in Divisions 5 and 6 is not overwhelming: games given away last season were:

Div 1: AWC A (2)

Div 2: Victoria A (2)

Div 3: Barony Park (2), Woore B (1)

Div 4: AWC C (3), Malpas Spts B (1)

Div 5: Cholmondeley A (1), Hodnet B (2), Prees D (3)

Div 6: Chester Rd Ladies C (1), Malpas C (1), Norton in Hales B (1), Wem USC B (2)

Proposal that teams in divisions 5, 6 and 7 be reduced to 10 players.

Proposed Rule Changes submitted by Hanmer


Amendment to Rule 4.3c. 

Final sentence to read: ‘The team that was available and ready to play will be awarded an average of their opponent’s home scores with the exception of the first home game when the complete walkover score should be given.’

Amendment to Rule 5.1

Insert: With the exception of the Preliminary Round of the Jubilee Doubles, all competitors in W&DBL Competitions  ….


5.1 should contain "with the exception of Preliminary Round of Jubilee Doubles" then rule matches that quoted in 5.3.5a