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Stubbs Parkin & South Whitchurch Bowling League 2019


President: Isobel Jones 2019 Chairman: Phil Scott 01948 820757/ 07946478299
Results Secretary
Mike Beckett
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Assistant Secretary
John Mitchell
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Juliette Swire



Competition Secretary
Jamie Brookes



Peter Lawrence

Officials’ Reports

Whitchurch & District Bowling League AGM 2018


President’s Report

I have to thank on behalf of the League, our sponsors, Stubbs Parkin & South and the other sponsors who have advertised in our handbook and website.


Can I, on your behalf, thank all the League Officials for their contribution to the smooth running of the League.  And to anyone who has helped in anyway, my thanks also.


My congratulations to all the League Champions, Runners Up, League Competition Winners and Runners Up,  a hearty well done to our Competition Secretary Phil Scott for becoming the League’s Individual Merit Winner, and also congratulations to Martin Lloyd (District) for becoming the British Parks Crown Green Bowling Association Individual Merit Champion.  Commiserations to all those who proved to be the strongest team in their divisions by holding everyone one on their shoulders, this next season is the time to bounce straight back.


The Civic Centre was the venue for our Annual Dinner & Presentation Evening; it was enjoyed by those who attended, thanks to the Caterer for providing an excellent meal.


When it comes to the Election of Officers, I am happy to stand for the position again, if you are not tired of my voice.  The league is also seeking help in running our League Competitions for the coming season as Competition Secretary Phil Scott has got his hands full as he was elected Chief Executive Officer & General Secretary of the British Parks Crown Green Bowling Association last November.


2018 could see some more changes in the structure of the League, but more of that later.  No matter what is decided upon, I trust the Whitchurch & District League will still be as competitive and friendly as ever.


Finally, let’s hope the forthcoming season fulfils all our hopes; we have dry weather, some excellent bowling and enjoy the good company of our fellow bowlers.


Peter Williams



Secretary’s Report


Firstly, I would like to thank John and Ann Mitchell for the work they gain put in to produce the 2017 Fixture Books, Score cards and Results sheets.  It is a huge task to get it all done each year.   


Secondly, I would like to thank the League Officials and all Club Secretaries for their support throughout the year.


We had the usual flurry of correspondence before the season started with teams withdrawing from and joining the League:

  • Withdrawals:  Wem Albion B, Cholmondeley B and Prees C withdrew.

  • New teams joining Division 7: Wem USC C, Hadnall C, Hanmer D and Victoria C.


Otherwise it was an uneventful season until almost at the end when there were two appeals and a disciplinary matter.  The first appeal related to the dress code for semi-finals. The appeal was withdrawn but it was agreed to review our dress code rule.  This has been done and a proposed Rule change will be discussed at the AGM.  The second appeal related to the playing of unregistered players by Archibald Worthington for most of the season.  As several warnings earlier in the season had had no effect, the Management Committee decided to remove all those players’ points.  AWC appealed and attended a meeting with the Management Committee but the decision stood.  The disciplinary matter concerned the behaviour of a player at a match between Hodnet and Hanmer.  Letters were sent to Hodnet and the player concerned with a warning as to future conduct.


Since the end of the season we have received a letter from Ruabon regretfully withdrawing from the League.  It has become apparent that their promotion to Division Four means that they would struggle to find a full team for the Tuesday fixture as many of their players have commitments elsewhere such as shift work or competitive play in other leagues.  Their Chairman wrote:


I want to reiterate that this decision has been taken with a great deal of regret as we have really enjoyed our involvement in the League. In the past we have not struggled for players and everyone was prepared to make the long trips to other clubs, which the other clubs have reciprocated, for which we thank them.


On behalf of Ruabon Bowling Club please accept our sincere apologies for our withdrawal but we feel we need to make the decision in a timely manner to help minimise the disruption to the League as you start to finalise the preparations for next season. I, the committee and members of our club wish to thank the Whitchurch Bowling League for the support, competition and good times we enjoyed as members of the league and we would like to offer our very best wishes to the League and all teams and wish you an enjoyable, prosperous and successful future.


I have responded on behalf of the League thanking him for his letter and saying that we are sorry to see them leave.


The Annual Dinner was held at the end of October but there was a very low turnout of just 136.  Fewer than half the prize winners attended and only two Juniors were there to collect their prizes.   We have discussed the situation at a Management Meeting and agreed that:  


  • We should continue to hold a Dinner.

  • The date should be brought forward a week to miss the Shropshire Half Term.

  • The menu will be reduced by removing the cheese board which on this year’s costs will save £3 per head. 

  • As the Juniors do not seem to want to attend, their trophies will be presented and retained on the day they are won.  Alternative arrangements will be made for distributing the cash part of the prizes.

  • There should be a disco after the meal.


Finally, I wish everyone a happy and successful 2018 season.


Alison Hine




Fixtures Secretary’s Report


We had four new teams for 2017, Hadnall C, Hanmer D, Victoria C and Wem USC C and when the fixtures were sent to the printers had 7 divisions all with 14 teams.


Unfortunately, before the season started Cholmondeley had to withdraw their B team from Division 5 and also Prees asked to withdraw their C team from Division 4. Under rule 2.4b a team must withdraw their lowest team which should have been their D team in Division 5. The Management Committee agreed to their request to withdraw their C team as it would have meant 2 sets of byes in division 5 which we felt was unacceptable in the circumstances. 


Very few matches were postponed this year due to the weather and most of the results were on the website within 24 hours. There is still the odd club that does not enter them within that period and if the home captain is having a problem it would be helpful if they could inform the away captain to enter them for him as they should have a record of the result.


As many of the results are now being entered via a tablet I have changed the tablet entry to the same method as a desktop and Laptop to make it simpler. Also when you go to the Club page you will select which team to enter the result for on that page.


We had a problem this year with new players not being registered with the SCGBA before they have played 5 matches.  Under rule 4.11 they are not allowed to play more than 5 games without being registered and for 2018 that rule will be strictly adhered to whereby they will not be available to be selected if they have not got a BCGBA number after their name after 5 matches.


For 2018 Ruabon have reluctantly withdrawn from the League as they were due to be promoted to Division 4 that meant them playing on a Tuesday. Whilst we could give them dispensation to play at Home on a Thursday, they could not play away that night as some of the away greens would not be available.


The Division structure for 2018 has been complicated by the withdrawal of Ruabon who were due to go up to Division 4 and the 2017 Byes in Divisions 4 and 5.  As a result, there will be no relegations from Division 4 downwards but in order to keep 14 teams in Division 5 three teams will be promoted from Division 6.


Promotions and Relegations for 2018 are as follows:







Harriers, Wem A

Childs Ercall, Hodnet A

Calverhall, Victoria A


Prees B, Preston Brockhurst A

Chester Rd Ladies A, Cheswardine A


Joules Market Drayton, Hadnall B






Wem USC, District D and Malpas Farmers C



Hanmer D, Victoria B




Assuming there are no new teams or withdrawals, there will be 14 teams in Divisions 1 to 5 and 13 teams in Division 6, starting the week of 2 April.  There will be 12 in Division 7 starting 2 weeks later on 19 April.


Should another team enter the League then Hadnall C would be promoted from Division 7.  If a further team withdraws then then there would be extra promotions from the lower divisions.  Whatever happens no division will have fewer than twelve teams


Mike Beckett

Fixtures and Results Secretary



Competitions Secretarys Annual Report 2017


Firstly, thanks to all the officers, hosts, groundsmen and players for their contribution to another successful season of comps, Individual and club.


The Senior Inter League team lost in the semi finals by 2 chalks losing to the Premier League side who beat Ludlow by 32 chalks in the final.  The Junior Inter League teams both played well down in Ludlow , The A Team lost to Tanners League in the consolation final by a few chalks and the B team all debutants at this level excelled themselves and are players to watch in the future. The Veterans Inter League team lost in the semi finals to Market Drayton after winning their group at Joules.


On the League Competitions firstly we held our trophy in memory of our dear friend Norman Ford at Prees where the 32 invited participants battled for the coveted trophy. The final 8 were Donna Bennett and Jean Bancroft from the Ladies, Curtis Metcalfe and Josh Warner from the juniors, Phil Gadd and Ian Foster from the Veterans and Dan Beeston and Geoff Warner in the Mens section.  Ian beat Jean, Dan beat Josh , Phil Gadd beat Donna , and Curtis beat Geoff to make it to the semi finals, where Ian beat Dan 21-20, and Phil Gadd beat Curtis to 13.  So we had 2 from the Vets section in the final for the first time and Ian reigned supreme beating Phil 21-9. An excellent day of competition where we also raised £82 for the Air Ambulance.


Next up was the Under 21 merit at Victoria. Bridgewater A top player Will Stokes beat Henry Owen 21-7 in the final and Dan Beeston beat Jake Bailey to claim the consolation cup.  Tom Hardy Adderley beat defending champion Dan Beeston to claim the Under 25 Merit with Will Stokes adding to his trophy haul winning the consolation cup beating Henry Owen in Final.


Judith Purcell Doubles at Chester Road saw Donna Bennett and Paul Bradley Malpas Sports successful after beating Craig Ashley and Mo Corley Wem USC, St Alkmunds Trophy winners were Gary Whitehall Adderley and Jean Bancroft Chester Road who beat Jane Peak Malpas Sports and our chairman George Edge Malpas BC in the final at Bridgewater.


Over 60’s winner for the third year on the trot was Alan Boulton Adderley who beat Cedric Bancroft 21-6 in the final at AWC.


Liam Edwards Hodnet won the Under 15 Merit at Tilstock beating Josh Warner Prees in the final, Edward Proudlove AWC won the consolation cup beating Ben Hinton District.


Eve Hollins from Adderley won the Ladies Individual Merit beating Barbara Ward Audlem in the final.  A poor entry of only 3 ladies competed.  The Under 12 merit also the same day was between the 3 Calverhall youngsters where Finn Leonard reigned supreme beating Eloise Fenwick in the final.


The League Doubles followed at Hanmer where Father and Son Duo Gary and Connor Whitehall Adderely beat clubmates Alan Boulton and Chris Mcdermott 21-16 in the final. Next up was the Mixed Doubles at Norton in Hales where Father and Daughter combo Tony and Sarah Weaver Chester Road and Hanmer beat Gary Whitehall Adderley and Marie Matthews Hanmer  in the final.


The final comp of the year was the individual merit at Cholmondeley where funnily enough your competition secretary came out on top beating Gary Whitehall in the final 21-6 .   As a comment I received that was like Leicester City winning the Premier League  lol.


The end of season finals comprising Jubilee Doubles, Presidents Cup and Shropshire Star saw Woore A defend their Jubilee title against the same opponents as last year Adderley A, Wrenbury A won the consolation trophy against Joules.   The Presidents Cup saw a strong Hodnet side beat Whixall and lastly Wem USC won the Shropshire Star beating Chester Road in the final.


To end the report thanks for all the players who entered would be nice to see a few more entries sometimes though.  One point to say is that Gary Whitehall must have set a record for the most finals in a year well played Gary.  


Again thanks to all clubs for hosting and anyone who helped in any way and also to North Shropshire’s referees: Isobel Jones, Tony Weaver, Eddie Broad, Christine Sayers, Bob Fousert and Will Hare for their time this year.

There are no changes planned this coming year as there is no room for any more comps and we all have enough bowling as it is.   Judith Purcell is at Bridgewater this year and St Alkmunds at District, all others decided nearer the time.  Norman Ford qualifiers will be invited in the next 4 weeks via their secretaries


I will be sending out a proforma for clubs to indicate whether they would like to host county comps and qualifiers but please take note some county comps are no home players allowed.


Thanks Again to all my team and fellow selectors and Happy bowling everyone in 2018.

Phil Scott

Competitions Secretary


Shropshire Crown Green Referees/League Welfare Officer’s Reports


Club Welfare Officer’s DBS Checks.  Please will all Secretaries note that Club Welfare Officer Certificates dated 2015 are now due to be updated.  It is the Club Secretary’s responsibility to see that this is done.  A date and venue for checks to be done will be arranged for February.  Three Club applications have already been received.


Referees’ Update.  The Referee’s Annual Fee of £10 is due to be paid to Isobel by the end of February.   A big thank you must go to all the North Shropshire Referees.  They are all a credit to the Whitchurch league.  If anyone is interested in becoming a referee, please would they contact Isobel.  She will need at least six to make it worthwhile holding a seminar.


Isobel Jones

League Welfare Officer