Stubbs Parkin & South Whitchurch Bowling League 2021

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     Whitchurch and District Bowling League


CHAIRMAN                                 PRESIDENT                      SECRETARY

Phil Scott                                     Isobel Jones                      Juliette Swire

Creamery Cottage                                                                 132 Shrewsbury Road

Post Office Lane                                                                        Market Drayton

Hampton, Malpas                                                                TF9 3DT

SY14 8JQ                                                                            

TEL: 01948 820757                     TEL: 01948662474              TEL: 07896977425



Executive Meeting held on Tuesday 8th October at 7.30pm

Venue:  AWC


  1. Chairman’s Welcome

    Phil Scott opened the meeting and welcomed everyone who had attended.

    Reported that all fixtures had now been fulfilled.


  2. Apologies

    Dave Fisher


  3. Minutes of the Executive Meeting of 19th March 2019 

    Minutes were accepted as a true record.


  4. Matters Arising.

    There are no matters arising.


  5. Secretary’s Report and Correspondence – Juliette Swire 

    Juliette Swire reported that all fixtures had now been played. Preparations for the Annual Dinner were underway.

    She asked that any Club wishing to give notice of new rules or proposed alterations to rules, must submit this in writing to the League Secretary by 30th November 2019.

    Correspondence – Clarification was requested from Wollerton regarding Coaching Requirements . Main points raised were having a “ Coach on site” at practice sessions. Safeguarding issues and the justification of having a coach to deal with any issues that may occur.

    Email from Julie Thornton representing Ellesmere- The Club had experienced the “ Walk Over  Rule  , and issues that it had raised.   The League requested that any changes to the Rules should be put forward as a proposal to be considered at the AGM.

    Rule discussed in the meeting and Mike explained. Barbara Pritchard commented that the rule was open to interpretation.


  6. Treasurer’s Report/ to include Grant Report 2019 – Peter Lawrence

    Peter Lawrence reported that all bills had gone out to Clubs. Fines had been added to bills as appropriate.

    Prizes at the Annual Dinner Presentation will be made by cheque, but if cash is required they must notify Peter so he can put the necessary preparations in place.

    A balance of £14,456.02 remains in the accounts after the Grants to Clubs had been paid out. Remaining outgoings – prize money and remaining income- Fees.

    Peter also discussed that instead of paying out Grants in 2020, the money could be used for the purchase of Size 2 bowls for Clubs that need them.

    He also added that at some point in the future that Defibrillators should be installed at clubs.


  7. 2019 League Fixture and Website – Mike Beckett

    Mike Beckett reported on the structure of the League for 2020. Main points included,

    If there are no new teams and no withdrawals for 2020, to maintain the lower divisions at 12 teams, there will need to be 4 relegations from Divisions 4 , 5 and 6.

    This will make Divisions 1 to 3 with 14 teams and Divisions 4 to7 with 12 making 90 teams in total. 

    Mike also discussed Rule 4.3c and the impact this had over the Season and how it had been implemented during League Matches.

    Adderley A First Division Winners – Congratulations to them.

    Phil added comments on how the October 1st date facilitated the postponed matches was used due to cancellationsfrom June.


  8. Competitions – Jamie Brookes

    Jamie sent this report.

    Thanks to all competitors who have entered this years . In total we had an increase of 112 individual competitors compared to last season. 22 more in the singles and 45 extra in the doubles.

    Malpas Sports A won the Jubilee Doubles at Audlem

    Prees A won the Jubilee Doubles Consolation at Adderley

    Woore A won the Shroorpshire Star at District.

    Ash A  won the Presidents Cup at Bridgewater.

    Thanks to all the host clubs and the Referees.

    As I have stated to the Management Committee , I’m a little concerned with the amount of withdrawals from the Team Events. With the normal excuses stated as “we weren’t aware we were playing”. All I can say is I have sent emails to Clubs hosting and I have plastered the front page of the Website with as many reminders and advance information as soon as possible, as soon as the draws are made. Please get into the habit of checking the page.

    Overall I feel that it’s been a successful season for the competitions . Well done to all the Winners.”


  9. Referee’s Report and Welfare – Phil Scott

    Thanks to all the North Shropshire referees who have officiated at County Comps and County Championship matches.  North Shropshire is well represented at this level.

    The BCGRS Referee Meeting is this Saturday 12th October at Winnington.

    One of the main talking points/ queries has been the footwear issue this year.

    BCGBA Bye -law 19-1

    suitable footwear must be worn Hard or Block – heeled footwear, sandals or other open- toed footwear must not be worn whilst on the green in any match played under the Association jurisdiction “

    This bye-law applies to ALL matches, not just those organized directly by BCGBA.

    Organisers of competitions , green managers, team captains and other officials responsible for the matches, should prevent a player from commencing a match if they are not abiding by the byelaw.

    It is hoped that players will see the benefits of doing so and , therefore, there will not be any need for officials to prevent them from commencing their match.

    It is not a  Law of the Game and , therefore, no punishment can be applied if a player is found not to be abiding by the byelaw during a game.

    A player with a medical condition that means they must wear open-toed footwear/ sandals can apply for a medical dispensation to allow them to do so. They should apply in writing, including a letter from their doctor/ consultant explaining the reasons for the dispensation. This written request should be sent to the BCGRS secretary David Williams.

    Moving on to the welfare side of things. All Whitchurch Leagues Clubs are covered by a Safeguarding Officer for 2019. There are 19 Whitchurch League Clubs to renew in 2020.

    Safeguarding Course was arranged for August, unfortunately we didn’t have enough takers, so we had to cancel, we will try again over the Winter.

    What’s disappointing as a League is the amount of Code of Conduct misdemeanours we are hearing. Something that we can’t let get out of hand, can I remind everyone the Captains are the referees on the night and it’s their responsibility to control their players on behalf of their Club.

    In the Management proposals we are making a proposal to make it easier for Clubs to send in letters of complaint concerning code of conduct. So I hope you all back this a t the AGM.


  10. Coaching – Isobel Jones and Derek Wright

    Bridgewater Bowling Club have hosted three coaching sessions this summer.

    March 23rd when 24 attended

    August 10th when 26 attended

    September 14th when 24 attended

    Another one has been arranged for October 18th.

    Thomas Adams School in Wem had four weeks of coaching which was held at Wem United Services Club. Coaches were Pauline Wilson, Mo Corley, Derek Wright and Isobel Jones.

    Coaches that have attended the sessions are Susie Lawson, Edd Proudlove, Christine Sayers, Graham Sayers, Richard Proudlove, Will Hare, Andy Wilson and Isobel Jones.

    A Referees Seminar was held on Monday 26th March, seven candidates attended.


  11. SCGBA Report – Simon Fullard 

    Just a few relevant points from last night’s meeting.

    A report was given by Brian Kitson the Treasurer on the small grants scheme. 11 clubs applied (the same number as in 2018) and £3660 was allotted towards a variety of requests such as new floodlight bulbs, fencing, toilet refurbishment etc and a grant was given to Severnside towards Green maintenance for this season. It was then learnt at the end of the meeting that Severnside as a bowling club has now closed and been taken back into ownership by the Horticultural Society for recreational use.

    No up to date figure was available but Brian advised that the bank stood at around £10,000 currently with some payments still to go out and monies to come in.

    243 New Bowling cards have been issued this year-roughly the same as 2018.

    The Treasurer was awaiting a list of Clubs from Mike Potter whose Greens had been used for County Competitions so that the £15.00 fee for Green preparation could be paid.

    Phil Scott then gave the safeguarding officers report highlighting the number of checks carried out and giving dates set aside by him for all those who needed to be checked next year : 25th January, 8th February, 22nd February and 7th March at venues to be confirmed. Several Clubs have still not got the correct information on their Club Site regarding Welfare Officers – those not complying in the Whitchurch League are Cheswardine, Ellesmere, Norton in Hales and Woore. If they are not sure what is incorrect please contact Phil.

    He then went on to raise the fact that there has been a marked increase in verbal, physical abuse plus social media abuse this year which will get out of hand unless it is stamped down on. This was confirmed by several in the Executive – most markedly by Barry Jennings and Mo Corley who received many abusive e mails over the running of the County Cup this year directed

    at them personally rather than at the SCGBA. The outcome of this was that Mo Corley has decided, after 14 years of service to finish as Secretary after the AGM next year. (She appealed for someone to consider providing storage for a garage full of paperwork accumulated over her time plus records from the past.)

    It was felt by the room that penalties should be applied to any such abuse with these laid down in the rules as part of the code of conduct. This will hopefully be formulated at the November Executive Meeting.

    Coaching has gone well during the season with many schools involved in the County and schemes such as those at Bridgewater being very successful.

    It was decided that the Senior Interleague should become a 2 day event next year instread of the  4 days it was spread over this year- hopefully becoming a more successful event again. The Junior Interleague as a 1 day event this year had proved to be a great success and even though only 3 leagues participated most players stayed until the end for the finals.

    Vacancies for 2020

    Deputy President: Nominations are required by 18th November (there may be someone from the Tanners League coming forward)

    Chairman – in the light of the situation with a new Secretary required Barry Jennings has said he will stay on for another year to help unless someone else feels they could step forward

    Vice Chairman – Situation Vacant

    Secretary – Required

    BCGBA Delegate – Mike Beckett put forward to replace Mike Potter in this role

    All other positions – current Officers agreed they would seek re-election.

    The Finance Committee would be meeting to discuss Honoraria for next year


  12. BCGBA and BCGBA /Referees Report – Phil Scott

    Phil reported that there had only been one meeting since April. That was held in July . New roles were in place and there had been changes in the Management Executive. No other meeting had been arranged.


  13. Arrangements for the Annual Dinner  Friday 29th November - Juliette Swire

    Preparations were underway, Juliette notified the Clubs that payment and booking needed to be in by 1st of November at the latest.

    Juliette also reminded that Raffles Prizes needed to be supplied by Clubs for the Raffle.


  14. Future Ideas Committee Report- Mike Beckett, Jamie Brookes, Derek Wright

    Derek Wright reported that further to the point Peter Lawrence raised about purchasing Size 2 woods for Clubs, that a quiz was taking place to help raise money.


  15. Management Rule Proposals 2020

    The proposals for new rules and amendments have been sent out early to Clubs to allow them time to discuss them with their members, so they can respond before the 30th November deadline.



       16 .          Any Other Business

Angela Heath from Hodnet Club raised concerns to the recent Disciplinary Meeting.

No objection to the individual being fined, but objected to the Club.

Is the £100 fine written in stone or had it been made up. Should it be a rule.

Other teams might take advantage of the 2 year suspended sentence. This she felt was not a fair result.

Chairman responded thatthe Meeting was not the place to take up the matter and that if the Club wanted to appeal then there was a process in place to deal with it.         

       17.  Dates of Next Meetings


  •    AGM – Tuesday 28 January 2020