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Stubbs Parkin & South Whitchurch Bowling League 2019


President: Isobel Jones 2019 Chairman: Phil Scott 01948 820757/ 07946478299
Results Secretary
Mike Beckett
01948 661930


Assistant Secretary
John Mitchell
01948 667378


Juliette Swire



Competition Secretary
Jamie Brookes



Peter Lawrence

Minutes of the Whitchurch & District Bowling League Executive Meeting held on Tuesday 3 October 2017 at 7.30pm at the AWC


1.         Chairman’s Welcome.  The Chairman welcomed all those attending.


2.         Apologies: Peter Williams, Phil Scott, Alan Cornes (Whixall), David Fisher, Barony Park, Cheswardine

(Clubs not attending (no signatures in attendance book): Ifton, Prees, Wem Albion)


3.         Minutes of the Executive Meeting of 15 March 2016.  The Minutes were accepted as a true record.


4.         Matters Arising. There were no Matters Arising that would not be covered later.


5.         Secretary’s Report and any Correspondence.  Alison Hine reported that it had been an uneventful season until almost at the end when there had been two appeals and a disciplinary matter.  The first appeal related to the dress code for semi-finals. The appeal was withdrawn but it was agreed to review our dress code rule.  The second appeal related to the playing of unregistered players and would be covered in Item 11.  The disciplinary matter concerned the behaviour of a player at a match between Hodnet and Hanmer.  Letters were sent to Hodnet and the player concerned with a warning as to future conduct.


6.         Treasurer’s Report.  Peter Lawrence reported that the bills had gone out.  He apologised that those for teams in Division 4 had been incorrect due to the last minute withdrawal of Prees C.  Some large bills had been received for League shirts and for a coach for the Junior Inter League competition. It was likely that the League would have made a loss this season.


7.         SCGBA Report.  Phil Scott had sent a report: the main meeting would be the following week so there was nothing to report.


8.         BCGBA and BCGBA Referees Report.  Rob Ellison had nothing to report as the next meeting would take place in ten days’ time.


9.         Update on Referees/Coaching/Welfare Isobel Jones reported that a referees’ seminar had been held.  Four candidates were to be congratulated on having passed the exam.  Three of them had already been gaining experience refereeing Whitchurch, Market Drayton, British Parks and North Shropshire County Ladies competitions.   There will be another seminar in March.  She raised the problem of an increasing number of complaints about bad language on and around the green, which are being received not just from spectators but also people who live by bowling greens.  She advised that all Club bowlers should read the BCGBA Handbook and that new members should be advised about the rules. Finally, anyone interested in coaching should contact Peter Carter.


10.       Competitions.  Phil Scott had sent a short report: competition entries had been down this season, probably because there was too much bowling going on!  Nantwich Park Road asked about the late cancellation of the use of their green for a semi-final between Woore and Chester Road.  The semi-final due to be played at Ash had also been moved.


After note: the Secretary investigated the matters.  The match between Bridgewater and Ash was moved because one of the Bridgewater players plays for Ash in the Market Drayton League.  The match due to be played at Park Road was changed due to a last minute appeal from Chester Road that ‘half’ the Woore team had played there on the Market Drayton league merit on the preceding Sunday.  She apologised for the late notification and asked to be informed if any financial loss had been incurred. None had.


11.       Fixtures and Website.  Mike Beckett had sent a report: it had been a good season with very few matches having to be postponed due to bad weather, and all those matches were played within the 4 week ruling.  There had been 2 issues requiring management decisions:


  1.  Wem USC C failed to play their match against Victoria B in Division 7 on 22 June.  They were advised to go with as many players as they could to avoid being fined £100 as per rule 4.3c. and receiving 0 points.  They failed to show so Victoria received 210 points.


  1. AWC played 2 players who did not have registration numbers from the start of the season until mid-September. After they had played 5 games AWC was reminded of the need to register the players in accordance with Rule 4.11.  The County Secretary also became involved in late July. By mid-September, despite several warnings, no registration numbers had been applied for so the results for the two players concerned were changed to Walk Overs; their D team in Division 5 lost 226 points and their E team in Division 6 lost 345 points. 


  2. The next day AWC then informed the League that they would appeal against this decision – and also submitted the registration forms for the 2 players within the next few days.  The appeal was heard by the Management Committee on 27 Sep with Andy Docherty from AWC attending.  The Management decision was that the points would remain deducted as it was clear that AWC had not obeyed Rule 4.11, despite being warned on several occasions.  To ignore that would be unfair on other clubs who had all registered their new players within the time allowed.


The outcome:

  • The Management Committee accepts that the situation was allowed to go on too long and that the online results programme should be altered to prevent a reoccurrence.  Next year any unregistered player who has played more than 5 games will not be available in the list of players but will have to go down as an unlisted player.  Once proof is provided that their number has been applied for then the unlisted player will be changed to the correct player.     


12.       Management Proposals for Consideration at the AGM.  The Management Committee will circulate proposals for Rule changes at the next meeting.  Amongst them would be a review of the League dress code.


13.       Arrangements for Annual Dinner and Presentation Evening 2016.  Alison Hine reviewed the arrangements for the Annual Dinner to be held on 27 October.  Tickets were on sale and there would be no payments accepted on the night.


14.       Any Other Business.  Cholmondeley raised the question of the substitution of someone else if a player someone failed to turn up.  It was confirmed that if the expected player’s name had already been entered on the card then there could be no substitution.


15.       Dates of Next Meetings Executive Meeting Tue 5 Dec 17; AGM Tue 30 Jan 18.


Meeting closed 20.25.