Stubbs Parkin & South Whitchurch Bowling League 2021

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Whitchurch and District Bowling League


CHAIRMAN                                 PRESIDENT                      SECRETARY

Phil Scott                                     Isobel Jones                      Juliette Swire

Creamery Cottage                                                                 132 Shrewsbury Road

Post Office Lane                                                                        Market Drayton

Hampton, Malpas                                                                TF9 3DT

SY14 8JQ                                                                            

TEL: 01948 820757                     TEL: 01948662474              TEL: 07896977425



Management Meeting Monday11th November 7.30pm @ Tilstock


  1. Chairman’s Welcome – Chairman Phil Scott


   Chairman Phil Scott opened the meeting.

  1. Apologies

Mike Beckett/ John Mitchell/ Derek Wright/ Jamie Brookes



  1. Minutes from last meeting.

    Signed and ratified


  2. Matters arising

No matters raised.



  1. Secretary Report – Juliette Swire

    Juliette reported that she was enjoying her role as Secretary but had been a little concerned by several emails and comments made at the last Executive Meeting. Very much felt that folks were taking their frustrations out on her.

    Could we please remind clubs and individuals that Juliette is responsible for dealing with the results from meetings that need to be conveyed to clubs and individuals.

    Also raised was an issue with some of the trophies, most have come back dirty and we urgently need to replace ones that are falling apart.

    Correspondence – Cheque of £100 fine. Response from Disciplinary Meeting 18th October.

    Juliette asked if we could sort out the form for up to date details with the paperwork for the AGM. She felt that this could be collected back at the AGM for Juliette to update her records then pass it back to John to update the book.




  2. Treasurers Report – Peter Lawrence

    (To include Prize Money recommendations for 2019 at annual dinner)

    Peter reported that to date of the meeting we are making a loss of £208.00 , this is expected to increase due to the pending prize money that will be paid out at the Annual Dinner.

    It was suggested that an increase the prize money should reflect the number of entries in each competition.






  3. Chairman’s / Safeguarding/ Disciplinary Report – Phil Scott

    Phil reported that the recent Disciplinary Meetings had been dealt with and that will hopefully settle the matter.


  4. Whitchurch League Code of Conduct -  Phil Scott


    A new Code of Conduct is expected to be adopted at the AGM Meeting .

    A copy of the Code will be sent out to each Club, which must be put up on Notice Boards. Each Club will be required to sign and date the Code and send confirmation that it has been actioned.

    A copy of the Code of Conduct will be sent out to each club before the meeting, so they can respond with relevant comments and suggestions.




  5. Results/ Website/Fixtures 2020 - Mike Beckett


    Mike Beckett sent the following report :-

    If there are no new teams and no withdrawals for 2020, to maintain the lower divisions at 12 teams there will need to be 4 relegations from Divisions 4,5 and 6.

    This will then make Divisions 1 to 3 with 14 teams and Divisions 4 to 7 with 12 making 90 teams in total.

    My first thought was to suggest Division 4 play on a Thursday. This would mean though that Nantwich Park Road B and Chester Road D would need to play on a Tuesday as Nantwich will have 3 teams on a Thursday and Chester Road 5.

    This perhaps may ease the situation of players that play in the Barlows on a Tuesday afternoon that do not wish to play at night in the Whitchurch on the same day.

    If the Division 4 remain on a Tuesday Audlem C would need to play on a Thursday and Chester Road C, who currently play on the Men’s Green, should play on the Ladies Green to avoid them having to play on a Thursday. We let them do this last year as they did not wish to play on the Ladies Green but being as that they are now all mixed teams they should organise their teams to play on Greens that are available for the correct match day.

    There are a couple of teams in other divisions that have to play their home games on the wrong day. Wrenbury C in Division 3 will need to play on a Thursday, as they did last year. Whixall B who have been relegated to Division 5 will still need to play on a Tuesday.

    I have provisionally done a set of fixtures for either situation with Divisions 4 to 7 starting 2 weeks later than Divisions 1 to 3 and finishing 2 weeks earlier.

    In regard to the following rule :

    4.3 c:

    It is expected that clubs will fill teams by drawing players from the teams below them. In the event of the LOWEST team of a club being unable to field a full team for a match, its captain may put face down four or more cards with the names of players who are prepared to play twice that evening. The opposing Team Captain will draw from these cards a player who is allowed to play twice. If more that one player is required, he/she may continue to draw from the remaining cards. The points that these players score will count towards the team total, but six points will be deducted from the total aggregate for that match for each player who has played twice. Add this rule only applies to Division 5-7.


    It needs changing to:-

    It is expected that clubs will fill teams by drawing players from the teams below them. In the event of the LOWEST team of a club being unable to field a full team for a match, its captain after they have made out the first four cards, may put face down the first 4 cards, in Division 7

    Only 3 cards unless 4 players are required. The opposing Team Captain will draw from these cards a player who is allowed to play twice. If a player is not prepared to play twice then the second game will be a walkover to the opponent. The points that these players score will count towards their team total, but six points will be deducted from the total aggregate for that match for each player who has played twice. The second game of the player who has played twice will not count in their Division averages. This rule only applies to Divisions 5-7.


    This will then cover the situation of a team having less than ¾ players who are prepared to play twice and also them naming the same player more than once on the cards chosen from.



  1. Development – Phil Scott  (To discuss Junior Bowls procurement and how we progress after obtaining quotes)

    It is suggested that to encourage younger members to join clubs we introduce a Junior Bowls Scheme. This will involve purchasing a set of 2.0 bowls per club.

    Quotes on the cost of purchasing the bowls have been obtained with costings of £62 for black bowls and £67 for coloured bowls. This works out at a saving of £20 less than retail.

    These bowls will be stamped with Whitchurch League.

    For clubs to obtain the bowls , certain conditions will apply:-

    Clubs will pay half the price of the bowls, if proof of how they will be used is submitted and that input from our Coaching Team has been involved, who will have to have been in attendance.

    Clubs can purchase the bowls at the full price, making use of the discount that have been obtained.

    The cost of the bowls will be added to Club Bills at the end of the season.



  2. Annual Dinner Plans and Organisation of the night – Juliette Swire

    Trophies that need replacing, we can order from Whitchurch Sports, he will not charge for the engraving and we could have them ready for the Dinner.

    Booklet for the table just needed to be completed with the order of events, Juliette will then print off.

    Table numbers had been allocated and sent to caterers and the venue. Bar Staff have had numbers so they can sort their staffing.

    Not attending the dinner  Alison Hine, Stubbs Parkin.

    Few Clubs still have not given a raffle prize , Juliette will send out an email to remind them all clubs should provide one.

    Table numbers will be displayed in the corridor outside the room and a duplicate will be on the table, to save any confusion.








  3. Club Rules Proposals 2020 received – Juliette Swire

    Email from Barbara Pritchard- regarding wording in Playing Twice Rule- discussed with Committee. No formal proposal on this change has been received.

    Suggested proposals from Tilstock and Ellesmere.


  4. Shropshire Bye Laws Proposals from the Whitchurch League – Phil Scott

    Phil discussed the changes and additions to the Bye Laws list of proposals which will be presented to the SCGBA before their AGM.

    A formal letter will be sent to the County Secretary before the December deadline.



  5. A.O.B

    No other business was recorded and Chairman  closed the meeting.