Stubbs Parkin & South Whitchurch Bowling League 2021

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Agenda for the Executive Meeting to be held on Tuesday 19 March 2019 at 7.30pm

at the AWC


1.Chairman’s Welcome. Phil Scott opened the meeting and welcomed everyone who had attended.



Dave Fisher – Chester Road.

(Clubs not attending (no signatures in attendance book): Calverhall, Ifton, Victoria 


3.Minutes of the Executive Meeting of 4 December 2018. 

Minutes were accepted as a true record.


4.         Matters Arising. There were no Matters Arising that would not be covered later.


5.         Secretary’s Report and Correspondence – Juliette Swire 

Juliette Swire reported that she would like to thank Alison for her help in the handover of information and was aware she had big shoes to fill.

A few Clubs were outstanding on their GDPR Forms, these need to be returned ASAP. Juliette apologised for a small error that had gone out on the agenda on the Footnote , should say £10.00 fine, this had been amended. She wished all the Clubs a good Season.


6.         Treasurer’s Report – Peter Lawrence

Peter Lawrence reported that their was nothing much to report at the start of the Season. Cheque had been issued for the  Fixture Books.


7.         2019 League Structure and Fixtures – Mike Beckett

Due to the withdrawal of Preston Brockhurst, AWC D, Hanmer D, Victoria C and Edgmond deciding not to enter a new team it has meant that Divisions 5 and 6 now consist of 12 teams and Division 7 only 11.


District D have agreed to come down to Division 6, although they finished 3rd to bottom of the 5th Division and the ruling that more than 2 teams may need to be relegated was only passed at the AGM.

Otherwise it would have meant 13 teams in Division 6 and only 11 in Division 6.


Consequently the first 4 divisions will be starting on Tue 2nd Apr and the others on Thur 18th April.


Note that the Thursday divisions will be playing the reverse of the last 2 matches of the first half the first 2 weeks of the second.


This is to avoid a 2 week break in the middle of the season.


Bear in mind that unless we get any new teams next year 3 teams will be relegated from Divisions  4, 5 and 6 to bring Division 7 back up to 12 teams.


Any further withdrawals at the end of the season would also mean that there could be 4  teams relegated from Division 4 and 3 from the higher divisions.





Notes for the New Rule regarding a player playing twice.


I will be adding these instructions to the club page before the start of the season.


For any club that has more than 1 team the lowest team can play a player twice.


For the team that turns up short of players they can if they wish do the following:


They must have 4 players that are prepared to play twice.


Before the start of the match, from the cards that they have made out for the first 4 to 8 players turn over the 4 cards of the players that are prepared to play twice and put them face down.

The opposing team captain chooses one or more, depending upon how many players there are short, from these cards and those players may play a second game.


I have now changed the method of entering results to what was originally planned to try and simplify it.


When the captain enters their results if either team is allowed to play a player twice they will be able to enter a player twice for that team as the players will not be removed from their list of players when they select them.


There will also be extra boxes at the bottom of the screen and if a player has been selected twice there will be a deduction of 6 chalks from the total aggregate for each player that has played twice.


If only one of the teams of that match can play a player twice the other team players will be removed from the list as usual and you will not be able to select a player twice for that team.

must have played 50% of their games for that team to avoid the possibility of teams bringing in players that normally play in a higher team just to play twice for that match.


This I will monitor and although they will be able to play them, if I find that they have not played the required number of matches that game will changed to a Walk Over.


On the main results screen any player that has played twice their name will be highlighted in Blue.

There will be a deduction of 6 chalks for each player that has played twice from the total aggregate, not from the players score.


Their second game will not be included in their averages though.


This method is already used in quit a few leagues that I cover but if you find any problem please get in touch with me.


The other stipulation is that any player that has played twice m must have played 50% of their games for that team to avoid the possibility of teams bringing in players that normally play in a higher team just to play twice for that match.


This I will monitor and although they will be able to play them, if I find that they have not played the required number of matches that game will changed to a Walk Over.


On the main results screen any player that has played twice their name will be highlighted in Blue.

There will be a deduction of 6 chalks for each player that has played twice from the total aggregate, not from the players score.


Their second game will not be included in their averages though.


This method is already used in quit a few leagues that I cover but if you find any problem please get in touch with me.




8.         Competitions – Jamie Brookes

Nothing too much to report at the start of the Season. The Norman Ford Competition was awaiting 5 replies, April 6th was put forward to fill any remaining places. Jamie added he was looking forward to meeting members at the new competitions.


9.         Fixture Books – John Mitchell

GDPR has hindered some of the information required on the Website and the Fixture Books , due to the new Rules. Forms at present are being filled in completely instead of any amendments. He asked if any improvements be sent or reported to John for next year.


10.       Referees/Coaching/Welfare – Isobel Jones and Derek Wright to include County Development Officer - Pauline Wilson to talk about -Re Coaching in Clubs .

Referees – North Shropshire referees all paid up except one, that is to Shropshire County and the BCGR Society.

Referees Seminar will take place on Monday 25th at Tilstock commencing at 7.30pm. If anyone is interested please come along.

A note for all Clubs Secretaries, please ensure that your Club Jacks are in date, they must be stamped every seven years and no more than four times. The lifespan of a Jack is twenty eight years.

Coaching – Saturday following this meeting , a coaching morning was to be held at Bridgewater Bowling Club commencing at 10.30am. Expected to attend 24 adults and 4 juniors.

Talk From Pauline Wilson –

What are Clubs doing about adding more Junior Players to their Clubs. More Coaches are needed in Clubs , that are trained, DBS Checked and are Coaching Bowls qualified.

Coaching courses are available and suggested that gaining a level one , could be an activator to encourage social fun events at Clubs. Perhaps have a mixture of coaching sessions and social events.

Pauline also reported the impact of Taster Sessions in schools.


Welfare – Isobel

Chairman Phil Scott is now in charge of Welfare Issues.


11.       SCGBA Report – Simon Fullard 

SCGBA Report 19/03/19


Since our AGM there have been 2 meetings of the SCGBA – the AGM and the Executive Meeting last night.


From the AGM


A lovely surprise presentation was made to Rob Ellison prior to the start of the meeting. As most of you know Rob has had to step down last year from the various comitments he had with Crown Green Bowling. Mr Tilstock has represented all of us for too many years to mention at all these various meetings and his words of wisdom will be sadly missed by all. I shall miss my taxi run to these meetings with him and I’m sure many here count him as a friend and mentor. An appropriate rose “Shropshire Star” was handed to him as a parting presentation by the County.


Mike Beckett was presented as the new President with Wendy Icke being nominated and accepted for the role of Vice President


Several Clubs were fined last year for late payment of Account which is due on 31st May each year


New BCGBA cards will now cost £12.00 with replacements at £4.00. There is a new player application form on which the Club Secretary’s address should be filled in as all new cards will be sent to the Secretary of the Club. All new players should ensure that they sign and date the application form.


Executive meeting 18th March.


Main part of the Meeting was taken up with a discussion regarding the future of the Severnside complex. Their Secretary Ian Jones addressed the meeting explaining the reason for its upcoming demise and the reasons should be a lesson to ALL bowling clubs: 20 years ago the 3 Greens supported 12 teams in various leagues, several Club competitions a month were held a month during the season to generate revenue, as well as Open Competitions etc. A full time Groundsman was employed as well as bar staff etc. but they easily covered the cost of maintaining the Greens and club – around £20,000 per year and the rent to the Shrewsbury Horticultural Society.


They now, in common with many Clubs, have been reduced to a possible 4 teams with no willingness to participate in Club competitions, they have lost their Groundsman, have no interest from Members in being Captains of teams and have rapidly dwindling bank reserves making the future unsustainable. They have therefore sadly come to the conclusion that they must wind up the Club and there appears to be no enthusiasm from the current committee to try to extricate the club from the situation.


Various suggestions were put forward-there are potentially around 2- 3 clubs in Shrewsbury who may well lose their greens at the end of the season (including Clubs such as The Prince of Wales) and 4 other clubs folded last year ,so maybe they would be interested in using one of the Greens each. Could SCGBA help with a Grant to possibly keep the Greens cut this year? In the end it was decided that a sub-committee should look at all the options, have discussions with the Horticultural Society about the lease, and report back to the Executive at the next Meeting.


Other items:

Bank current account £17294 Tracker Account £5563 with £1700 still to be paid out in grants from 2018.

Notes from Mo Corley Secretary

Club Secretaries please ensure their Club Page is up to date as the CR1 forms are generated from that so the information needs to be up to date

Closing date for entries to the County Cup and Shropshire Cup is the 1st April

Any Club taking out Endsleigh Insurance via the BCGBA website need to have the BCGBA Club membership number which can be found on the bottom of the Club page. Cost this year 2 million cover £41.78,5 million cover £49.38, 10 million cover £67.30 Personal Accident £0.97 per person and there is also Club Officials cover £19.75

Reminder again that all Club Accounts must be paid by 31st May to avoid a fine with no excuses accepted. All clubs and leagues will be emailed when the accounts are available to download which should be early April and you will need to send a copy of that Invoice to Treasurer, Brian Kitson, with your remittance.


Other items:

Phil Scott agreed to be the Referees delegate for the SCGBA


Senior Inter league first/preliminary round 27th April   £10.00 entry fee per team which will be split to provide funds for the Presidents charity (this is instead of a raffle) Green to be decided by County and there will be no handicap for players for this year as a trial against having a handicap for Premier League bowlers.


Veterans Inter League 15th June to be hosted by the Wem League


Junior Inter league 8th September to be hosted by Mid Shropshire


All competitions will be covered by the BCGBA dress code with decisions re shorts to be made on the day.


Midland Masters Ladies are now eligible to enter


Pauline Wilson Development Officer gave a report to the Meeting regarding Coaching – this will be reiterated with her report to us tonight.


Safeguarding- Clubs should ensure their Club page is updated if their Safeguarding Officer has changed or had their renewal this year so giving their officer a new certificate number. No safeguarding officer in place will mean a club is fined-potentially 3 times in a year March,June and September.



12.       BCGBA and BCGBA /Referees Report – Phil Scott

Report from the  BCGBA Management Committee Meeting 16th February 2019

1*The meeting was opened at 9.30am by the Association Chairman who began by welcoming new county delegates along with the newly installed President and his deputy. He reminded those present that as was passed at the recent rules revision meeting Past Presidents, unless representing their county as delegate, were able to speak but unable to vote on any raised subject. 

2*The minutes of the previous meeting, 17th November 2018 had been circulated and following a few amendments were passed as being a true record of transpired events. In matters arising, questions were asked if, as was agreed, a revised set of minutes of the June 2018 meeting would be forthcoming. The subject closed after debating the improbable feasibility of being able to produce an accurate account. 

3*The Financial Officer gave an outline of the Associations finances and stressed that the meeting needed to take immediate action on two issues. A) The Live Streaming of BCGBA events is bleeding the Association dry, the last two years has seen us pay over £42,000 in this area with what appears to be little in return. Although the coverage had been good, the effectiveness of the, absent from the meeting, Commercial Officer was scrutinised after giving assurances the project would be self-funding through advertising and sponsorship had not materialised. A decision to “shelve” further undertakings of this nature was unanimously agreed. It was later revealed that the Associations working finances have been severely stretched due in part to this that the Officers honoraria payments for the last year had been delayed.  B)He went on to report on the wear & tear and damage being inflicted upon the personal vehicle of Competition Secretary(John C) caused by carrying the heavy and extensive equipment required and recommended the Association look towards hiring or purchasing a suitable vehicle. Lengthy discussions of 20minutes+ ensued with regards, what about the Ladies Competitions? And could the county where event is, supply equipment? Eventually, it was decided to refer the issue to the finance committee for consideration and act accordingly.

4*The Safeguarding Officer that is still a number of clubs who are not yet compliant in having a Safeguarding Officer in place and issued the warning Fines will be implemented from March 1st this year and again in June and September which will be followed by the club facing a potential ban next year. The county to fine the non-compliant clubs with revenue generated being split 50/50 between the county and BCGBA.


5*The National Registrar reported and outlined changes made to the Registration process. A)Registration year now 1st Oct – 30th Sept each year. B)Commission per registration been increased to £1 to cover expenses. C)Cards & stationery distributed only at BCGBA Rules Revision & AGM. D)Counties now encouraged to send monies to BCGBA electronically instead of by cheque. E)Life membership increased to £12 and Replacement cards £4. F)Endsleigh Insurance costs have increased by 3%. Limit of Indemnity £2M=£41.78, £5M=£49.38, £10M=£67.30. Personal Accident is unchanged at £0.97 per person. G)Endsleigh will again sponsor the BCGBA to the tune of £14,000.

6*The Referees Delegate reported there is a new artificial aid available. The “Bowls Launcher” is a device that enables the user to push bowls/jacks.  As missing the print deadline, this will not feature in this year’s handbook. As with all disabilities, a written medical dispensation is required in all cases.

7*It was reported that action has been taken to tighten the specifications of Standard Jacks by removal of all references to the 1994 standard. It has now been agreed that ALL Jacks are to be tested and stamped using the 2004 specifications. Jacks must be stamped every 7 years and a maximum of 4 times with consecutively running dates to avoid compromising the integrity of the 28 years maximum life of a standard jack. In short, if a jack has been stamped year 2010 and may have been sat in a garage since is sent for retesting, providing it now passes the specification, it will be stamped twice, 2017 and 2024.

8*It was agreed to accept a proposal from the Performance Review committee that identified some Officers of the Associations roles have evolved into full time working positions whilst also recognising work being done by other Officers had been grossly undervalued for many years that warranted an increase to the annual renumeration fees paid from £26,000 up to £50,000.   

There being no further business, the meeting was closed at 14.30pm.

The date of the next meeting was set to take place Saturday 8th June 2019








13.       Arrangements for the Annual Dinner  Friday 29th November - Juliette Swire

The Annual Dinner is booked for 29th November , the current format of a hot meal has been retained. A Disco will take place after the presentation of Trophies . Cost of the tickets is £22.00 and under 16’s £10


14.       Formation of Sub Committees – Phil Scott

The formation of the following Sub Committees and names of the Management that will be attending them.

Grants committee.

Peter Lawrence, Phil Scott, Isobel Jones, Simon Fullard and Juliette Swire

Formed to oversea applications for Grants

 Cut off Date March 31st.


Future Ideas Committee

Jamie Brookes, Derek Wright, Mike Beckett


Management Meeting – Minutes for these are now been taken and once they have been ratified will be available on the Wedsite.

15.       Any Other Business

BCGBA Policies

The BCGBA Policies for Safeguarding will be sent out to Clubs and must be put up and visible.

Safeguarding Forms will also be sent out and on view in Clubs.

Membership Forms – require a signature at the bottom along with a description of what is used and what for.

Permission is required for Photo’s to be taken at Competitions to be used in photo’s used in the media.





16.       Dates of Next Meetings

  • Executive Meetings 2019: Tuesday 3 December

  • 2020 AGM – Tuesday 28 January 2020