Stubbs Parkin & South Whitchurch Bowling League 2021

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Whitchurch League Executive Meeting on Zoom Tuesday 23rd June 7pm



1.Chairman’s Welcome. Chairman Phil Scott welcomed everyone who attended  Virtual Zoom Meeting. 24Clubs attended


2.Apologies. Newport and Woore


3.Secretary ‘s Report – Juliette Swire

Juliette reported that due to the due to the Pandemic we have had to cancel the Annual  Presentation Dinner. We have however been able to transfer it to 2021. So the new date for the Annual Presentation Night is Saturday 20th November.

A list of the Trophies held by bowlers and clubs had been sent out with the Agenda, Juliette requested that feedback on the list could be given  during item 7.


4.Treasurer’s Report- Peter Lawrence

Accounts and update on HMRC

Not much is going into the Accounts this Season, but due to the Honoraria being paid out and booking the Annual Dinner, there is a loss of £5400 is forecast for this year.

Also reported was an item from the previous meetings, investigating into whether the League and other Leagues, would have to pay tax on Honoraria, the reply from HMRC states that we do.

Peter added that, this will be actioned and that we have asked if we can incorporate other local Leagues/Clubs into setting up the PAYE Scheme.

In regard to advertising in the League Handbooks, Peter reported that he will be sending a letter to the Chairman for approval, stating that there will be no payment required for those that sponsor and advertise in the Handbook. It will also send our wish , that they continue to support us next year.


5.Junior Bowls Scheme Update – Simon Fullard

Simon reported that the bowls were on their way and would be distributed when it would be safe to do so.

The Juniors Bowls Scheme and the Coaching Scheme will be carried over to next year.

6.Safeguarding Update – Phil Scott

Internal Comps information and Phase 3

Phil Scott informed everyone of the likely changes to the Internal Competitions which would be coming out soon and he advised all Clubs to keep following the guidance and to keep sending in their Risk Assessments and Track and Trace to him. Safety is paramount !!!


7. Club participation – Clubs in Alphabetical Order

Each club will have 2 minutes to bring up any issues they have at their Club. This maybe finances, safeguarding, protocols for bowling etc. Management will discuss and help where appropriate.

A round up of the Clubs revealed how many players are going for a practice, a lot of Clubs only have around 6 members who regularly attend. Of the 24 Clubs in attendance , 4 are still closed, with 1 opening just this week.


8. Whitchurch League Pandemic BEST KEPT GREEN COMPETITION 2020.

Phil was able to give some good news!!

The League recognise that during the Pandemic , each Club has a person or team , who still tend to the Green, even without players using it.

So a Best Kept Green Competition is to be run this year and following years. It will be split into two categories , Single Green and Double Green and will be judged during the end of August into September.

Entry for the Competition is free and nominations need to be sent via Email to Juliette , before the closing date of 15th July 2020.

There will be a prize  for the Winners and Runners Up in each category. Prizes to be presented at the Annual Dinner 2021 or the AGM.


9. Management Plans 2021

 How we can help Clubs encourage bowlers back to the games and new players.

Phil reported , we now need to think about how we are going to attract players back to clubs and bring in new players over the coming months.

Suggestions were requested from those attending the meeting.


Most agreed that there were players that would be scared to come back and there might be a loss of players and teams.


Richard Proudlove suggested, using the Coaches to support Clubs, helping players where they are needed. We have a wealth of talented Coaches , that are eager to help and will bring their own equipment.


Rich Lockett reported that promoting clubs could also help. His Club had set up a table outside a popular store, with information and offers . Other Clubs might want to try this too.


Julia Davies asked if we were still looking to join the Leagues. She was informed , that more information would follow when appropriate.


Julie Thorborn asked if we could reduce teams to ten players.

Phil stated, that this would have to be in the form of a proposal from Clubs for the AGM.


Meeting Closed