Stubbs Parkin & South Whitchurch Bowling League 2021

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     Whitchurch and District Bowling League


CHAIRMAN                                 PRESIDENT                      SECRETARY

Phil Scott                                     Isobel Jones                      Juliette Swire

Creamery Cottage                                                                 132 Shrewsbury Road

Post Office Lane                                                                        Market Drayton

Hampton, Malpas                                                                TF9 3DT

SY14 8JQ                                                                            

TEL: 01948 820757                     TEL: 01948662474              TEL: 07896977425



Management Meeting Wednesday 3rd July 7.30pm @ Tilstock


  1. Chairman’s Welcome – Chairman Phil Scott opened the meeting and welcomed the attending members.


  1. Apologies – John Mitchell


  1. Minutes from last meeting. – recorded as a true account of the meeting. Proposed by Simon Fullard and seconded by Isobel Jones.


  2. Matters arising –


    Derek Wright reported he has a contact with a business that may be interested in sponsoring the League. This was a sporting business and a work in progress that may be possible sponsorship for next year.


  3. Chairman’s Report – Phil Scott

    A few things To comment on from the last 3 months, firstly the rearrangement of the whole Tuesday's fixtures to Tuesday October 1st which seemed to go down very well with all clubs especially the ones with games to rearrange from the previous week from both local leagues, thanks for all the managements quick replies to the email

    Secondly something I had to sort out with an incident concerning Mike where we had a club captain/ secretary ring him at 12:50 am to complain. This has been dealt with internally by myself and Juliette, the offender has apologised to Mike via email within 7 days as he was instructed to do and has been told any repeat of the incident he would be facing a disciplinary hearing. This was completely out of order even with mikes family circumstances I hope it doesn't raise its head again from anybody. The club in question has also reprimanded the offender and basically sacked him from his position in the club.


    I had one request for a transfer which was refused straight away. It was from a player at Ifton who had played one game for them and wanted to transfer to Hanmer.. It was only a Messenger request not officially done either.

    I instructed Brian Kitson to fine the league according to  SCGBA rules about non attendance at Inter League which Peter has received and paid.

     I have arranged with Paul Ashmore national safeguarding officer  a date for a safeguarding course in our area he has suggested Saturday the 24th of Aug 11 AM to 2 PM. So if Juliette can get some info to all clubs I think we should encourage all the Whitchurch Clubs Safeguarding Officers to attend .

    In order for the safeguarding course to go ahead 15 to 20 officers will need to attend.

    The Chairman also asked Juliette to send out a letter to all clubs regarding coaching insurance. It is a requirement that there is a qualified coach in attendance, even if this is just on site, on practice sessions and if coaching is taking place at any club. This is to address coaching and its consequences at clubs who do not have sufficient insurance when carrying out coaching sessions.

    Also to send out a reminder to clarify rules concerning- open toe sandals they are not permitted on the Green and also  the 19 metres mark is  from the middle of the mat.  


  4. Secretary Report – Juliette Swire

    Any emails received by Juliette that concern Rules etc will be forwarded on the to relevant person, for any additional comments.

    Juliette reported on the Dinner at a later point in the meeting.


  5. Treasurers Report – Peter Lawrence

    Peter discussed the bank balance of £15,652.

    Adverts from Whitchurch Sports, Oakleys and Barbers. A letter of complaint had been received regarding the wording of their advert.

    Some sponsors are now paying by Bacs.

    Whitchurch Sports should be kept for some of our engraving needs as Peter deducts their sponsorship money from their bill.

    Insurance for the Whitchurch League has been paid.

    Barclays Mandate has not been updated, Phil needs to pop in to add his signature.

    Alison will sign cheques until updated.

    Grant Cheques will be sent out alongside a covering letter to the successful clubs.

    Peter also reported that Fines have been  sent out .


  6. Fixtures Secretary – Mike Beckett

    Some of the matches that were postponed from the 4th June were played tonight.

    Update on using players to play twice when not enough players :-

    Playing twice has gone down well and is being used. Tweaking may be needed, must have two teams playing. Lower teams could use 3 card turnover as they have 10 players. 4 walkovers have been recorded.


    Now we are into the second half of the season unless we have any new teams for 2020 it will be necessary to relegate 4 teams from Divisions 4, 5 and 6 to maintain 12 teams in the lower divisions.

    Rule for next year, Thursday night teams only playing twice.

    Feedback needed at the October Meeting on this years Rules, ready for next year.


  7. Competition Secretary – Jamie Brookes

    Jamie suggested it be put forward that the Senior Inter League be one bigger possibly better event. It could start at 6.00pm


    Competitions that have been run so far :-

    Norman Ford. Raffle £59. Transferred on 31.05.19

    Judith Purcell. Raffle £62. Transferred on 31.05.19

    Inter League . A Team lost in Q/F’s. B Team lost in S/F’s


    Competitions Coming up:-

    St Alkmund is on Saturday 8th July @ Chester Road

    Over 60’s is on Monday 10th July @ Malpass Farmers

    Jubilee Doubles R32 is on Wednesday 10.07.19


  8. Shropshire Crown Green Report – Simon Fullard

    Meeting 20th May

    Main points :

    Mike Beckett had to step down for a while as Mary his wife was not well Wendy Icke standing in for him in short term.

    2 greens at Bowring to be used for the junior interleague on the 8th of September.

    Grant applications extension to the 14th of June.

    Severnside demise again discussed after lengthy discussions it was eventually decided to allocate a grant a £500 to help maintain 2 of the greens.

    This would not last all season however and was a  once only donation. Albert road may takeover the site for 2020 but this was not certain.

    Draw for the County senior merit at Tilstock was made.

    Several coaching sessions in place plus coaching courses filling up so look promising.


    Meeting 1st July

    Mike Beckett back as president he said thanks to all who had sent messages of condolence. He now felt ready to continue his role of President. 

    There have been 15 applications for grants to be discussed at the Finance Committee meeting.

    Although funds at the end of May are approximately £31,000 Brian Kitson projected got the balance by the end of the year would only total £10000 so not so healthy as last year.

    Rob Burroughs had emailed with a lot of issues regarding the website reverting to an earlier date as regards various rules and he brought up the issues surrounding the County Cup Matches- particularly the Newport/ St Georges situation.

    After a long discussion with many points raised it was decided that the quarter final replay should be on 10th July and then the semi finals still played on the 13th and 20th July as originally sorted at the start of the season.

    There were congratulations to : Tilstock on the way the Merit was organised, the Senior County Merit Team on their successes and also the Junior Team for encouraging revival of fortunes.

    From the coaching courses 10 new coaches have been appointed in the county and Pauline Wilson and her team were congratulated on the success of various initiatives with Schools etc around the County. She again made the point that Clubs who do not have a qualified coach could fall foul of problems with insurance, if they try to run coaching sessions and problems arise.

    A suggestion was made that clubs should be compensated for preparation of Greens for County competitions but it was pointed out that this had already been decided in 2018 and that the Finance Committee would therefore have to decide what was paid out to Clubs already affected.

    It was asked that Leagues should potentially put forward a candidate for Deputy President in 2020 as the rota system was now in disarray.

    Finally a sponsor for the County Merit had been obtained for the next 3 years as Budgen Motors had agreed to do this.



  1. Coaching Update – Isobel Jones, Derek Wright

    Seven new coaches in the League and County will be giving them £40.00 each, Isobel enquired if the League would be giving them anything.

    Coaching has been happening in Wem School, very keen to take part, these coaching sessions have now been suspended until September, when school term starts.

    Referee Exams had been taken in March.


  2. Annual Dinner Preparations – Juliette Swire

    Disco has been booked- Tim Beckettt

    Caterer has been contacted as has the venue to confirm arrangements.

    Juliette needed information concerning Winners of Competitions etc in order to make arrangements for the prizes and presentations.

    Peter will not be in attendance at the Annual Dinner, he will liaise with Juliette/Phil  for cheques and prize money.


  3. Grant Application Report – Phil Scott, Peter Lawrence

    Victoria / Adderley/ Whixall/ Wem/ Ash have all been given Grants.

    It was suggested that if Clubs apply again that it should be for new projects and not ones that had already been completed.


  4. Rules Revision 2020 Proposals

     To clarify a dress code ruling that was applied in 2019 by the BCGBA. In all Whitchurch League and Cup matches the BCGBA rule 19-1 applies.

    Suitable footwear must be worn. Hard or block-heeled footwear, sandals or other open-toed footwear must not be worn whilst on the green.

    This could be reworded.


  5. Future Ideas Committee Report – Mike Beckett, Jamie Brookes, Derek Wright

    Jamie suggested that perhaps a Newsletter be sent out to Clubs twice per year, to keep them updated on matters and Competitions.

    Minutes to go on the Website, once they have been signed off by Phil Scott.

    Quiz Night has been arranged at District, with a view to raise money for Coaching.



  1. A.O.B

    Peter Lawrence raised the matter of having Defibrillators , do we have to have them if Clubs have over a certain amount of members. Might the League be able to help finance this? Could we see if we could get it through the AGM.



    Meeting Closed at 9.20pm