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Stubbs Parkin & South Whitchurch Bowling League 2019


President: Isobel Jones 2019 Chairman: Phil Scott 01948 820757/ 07946478299
Results Secretary
Mike Beckett
01948 661930


Assistant Secretary
John Mitchell
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Juliette Swire



Competition Secretary
Jamie Brookes



Peter Lawrence

Minutes of the Whitchurch & District Bowling League Executive Meeting held on Tuesday 5 December 2017 at 7.30pm at the AWC


1.         Chairman’s Welcome.  The Chairman welcomed all those attending.


2.         Apologies: Cheswardine. Clubs not signed in: Ellesmere, Ifton, Nantwich Barony.


3.         Minutes of the Executive Meeting of 3 October 2017.  The Minutes were accepted as a true record.


4.         Matters Arising. There were no Matters Arising that would not be covered later.


5.         Secretary’s Report and any Correspondence.  Alison Hine reported that:

  • Correspondence.  Ruabon had regretfully withdrawn from the League.  Proposed Rule changes for the AGM had been received from Wem and Hanmer.

  • Annual Dinner.  The attendance had been low (136) but the event had been enjoyed by all those who did attend.  In addition to the low turnout it was of concern that fewer than half the prize winners were there and only two Juniors attended.  The Management Committee had discussed the issues and had agreed that: there would be a Dinner in 2018 but that it would be brought forward a week to avoid clashing with Shropshire schools Half term; the menu would be reduced from four courses to three; a reduced price for Juniors should be negotiated; and there should be a disco after the meal.  


6.         Treasurer’s Report.  Peter Lawrence reported that there was £20,970 in the bank, down £949 from last year.  Donations totalling £239 had been made to the British Heart Foundation, St Alkmunds and the Air Ambulance.  He would provide a printed account sheet for the AGM.  He also noted that we had paid out £360 in prize money for the Jubilee Doubles but had taken in only £65.  


7.         SCGBA Report.  Phil Scott reported that:

  • At the last and previous meetings there had been the usual details of competition reports and statistics.  A welcome change had been agreed: that ladies should be able to play in the County Handicap on Bank Holiday Monday at the end of May.

  • All dates for next year had been agreed with all being at the same time as this year except that the Vets Merit will have a pre-qualifier a month before the finals.

  • The County Treasurer reported that the Shropshire accounts were anticipated to break even this year.  Shropshire had paid £100 to the Bowlathon to cover the two Shropshire players who played in it: Callum Wraight and Michael Beer.  Also £230 was paid to the President’s charity for the year, which had been raised from the Senior and Veterans Inter League.

  • The Finance Committee had proposed a grant scheme for 2018 onwards which was approved by the County Executive meeting and will be rolled out in the new year.  There will be £5000 available in the first year for which clubs will be able to apply.  Applications will be required by 31 May and will be assessed against certain standards before being distributed.

  • Insurance is available from Endsleigh for everyone for just 93p per person but there had been a big reduction in the uptake of this offer in 2017.

  • Shropshire had issued 238 cards for new players in 2017 which was a reduction on 264 in 2016.  Shropshire had banned Dave Peach from playing or attending bowls events until 1 April 2021 and this had been ratified by BCGBA.  Other global bans were: Phil Alderson 10 years, Paul Rolfe Indefinite and John Morton Indefinite.

  • The structure for nomination of County Deputy President/President had been reviewed and will hopefully be approved at the AGM.  The current rota system doesn’t work anymore because most Leagues don’t have a nomination, so the same 5-6 Leagues continually provide the president.  In future any League may nominate someone they think deserves the accolade and the County Executive will decide if there is more than one application.

  • All County officers have indicated that they are willing to stand again for their positions, except for Barry Jennings as Welfare Officer/Counter Signatory.  NB This post will be called Safeguarding Officer in future.

  • Finally, well done to North Shropshire Ladies on winning the inaugural Presidents Cup without losing a game.  They are now back to the main 16 for 2018.


 8.        BCGBA and BCGBA Referees Report.  Rob Ellison reported that the BCGRS had made a slight loss this year.  The AGM had taken place the previous Saturday and a revision to Rule 4.4a concerning the setting of a mark had gone forward.  The BSGBA Management Committee was predicting a loss of about £10,000 this year.  This was due to the television coverage of the Champion of Champions bringing in only £11,000 as against the anticipated £22,000. 


9.         Update on Referees/Coaching/Welfare. Isobel Jones reminded all referees that BCGRS and Shropshire subscriptions were due (£10 in total) and should be paid no later than 1 February.  All Clubs should ensure that their Welfare Officer’s DBS Certificate remained in date ie less than three years from the date of issue.


10.       Competitions. Phil Scott reported that:

  • Thanks to all the hosts in 2017 for having the Competitions.  The Management and all the players are very grateful to the greenskeepers and members who provided the refreshments.

  • One thing to notice and will be the same in 2018 due to the congestion of dates for every League is that some competitions will continue to be run in the evening.  Not Ideal but free dates are in short supply.  All next year’s dates had been set after consultation between the Whitchurch and Market Drayton Leagues, but not taking into account the Wem or the Tanners leagues.  If there is a clash, players will have to choose. 

  • Had not been a lot of fines for withdrawals from competitions after entering.  Club organisation is obviously getting better!   

  • Congratulations to all the winners and commiserations to anyone who lost a final.


11.       Fixtures and Website.  Mike Beckett outlined the likely structure of the League for 2018.  As Ruabon had withdrawn and Divisions 4 and 5 were now down to 13 teams, there would be no relegations from Division 4 down.  The number of teams going up would depend on whether there were any further withdrawals.


12.       Agenda for the AGM.  Alison Hine reported that:

  • Ihe current Management Committee members were willing to stand again. 

  • The AGM would be invited to agree to the appointment of an Assistant Competitions Secretary to run events on the day, removing some of the load on Phil Scott.  The Honorarium would be split 50/50. 

  • The proposed Rule changes had been circulated but the final version would be sent out with the AGM paperwork.


13.       Any Other Business.  It was announced that Tony Coles had passed away on 30 November. Funeral details were awaited.


14.       Dates of Next Meetings Executive Meeting Tue 27 March 2018; Tuesday 2 October 2018; Tuesday 4 December 2018; AGM Tue 30 Jan 18.