Stubbs Parkin & South Whitchurch Bowling League 2021

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Whitchurch and District Bowling League


CHAIRMAN                                 PRESIDENT                      SECRETARY

Phil Scott                                     Isobel Jones                      Juliette Swire

Creamery Cottage                                                                 132 Shrewsbury Road

Post Office Lane                                                                        Market Drayton

Hampton, Malpas                                                                TF9 3DT

SY14 8JQ                                                                            

TEL: 01948 820757                     TEL: 01948662474              TEL: 07896977425



Minutes for the Executive Meeting Tuesday 3rd December  at 7.30pm at the AWC

Chairman’s Welcome

Phil Scott opened the meeting and welcomed all that had attended.


Reg Cartwright- Tilstock , Irene Jeffries – Victoria , Jo Walley – Audlem , Harry Clewlow- Nantwich Park Road, Don Nixon – Tilstock, , Roy Frane- Victoria


Dave Fisher – Chester Road

Minutes of the Executive Meeting of 8th October 2019 

Proposed by Wem Albion and Seconded by Adderley.

Matters Arising.

Angela Heath from Hodnet requested a copy of the Disciplinary Meeting concerning her Club and some of the members.

Secretary’s Report and Correspondence – Juliette Swire 

Juliette reported the following correspondence :-

Thank you card from Jill and George Edge for inviting them as guests to the Dinner .

Email received from Andy Perry to inform the League Secretary that Nantwich Park Road Bowling Club have withdrawn their D Team with immediate effect.

Club information Sheets and GDPR Forms will be sent out with the AGM paperwork, and returned to League Secretary and where possible returned at the AGM. This will give more time for details to be updated by Juliette on the Website and give additional time for the Fixture Books to be update also.



Treasurer’s Report/ to include Grant Report 2019 – Peter Lawrence

Peter was not in attendance to give a report. This will be given at the AGM

2020 League Fixtures and Website – Mike Beckett

At the moment Nantwich Park Road are withdrawing from the League but Ellesmere have applied to enter another team.

This will mean that we shall have 90 teams. To level the Divisions up, it will mean Divisions 1 to 3 will have 14 teams as per last year.

Division 4 will come down from 14 to 12.

Division 7 will go up from 10 to 12.

The top 2 teams of each Division will be promoted and the bottom 2 relegated as per normal.

In addition there will be relegations in Divisions 4 to 6 , a further 2 from each Division .

If any further teams withdraw, them Audlem B would be relegated from Division 3 and the next one  would be Wrenbury C.

If the Rule is passed to make each Division 12 teams, as it stands there would be 4 teams left to go into Division 8.

In the future there may be further teams withdrawing , so that all Divisions may eventually be down to 12.

Confirmation of the League will be discussed at the AGM

Competitions 2020   – Jamie Brookes

Jamie will be working over the next few months to organise the Competitions for 2020.

This year had shown an increase of Competitions attended. Also noted that there had been an increase of Clubs that had not attended or pulled out of competitions, fines would be issued.

Also requested , anyone who would like to sponsor a competition match. Please forward names to Jamie Brookes.

Referee’s Report and Safeguarding  – Phil Scott

Phil reported that there were several clubs who required DBS renewals for their Safeguarding Officers.

Dates were in place for clubs to book a slot to have their renewal completed. Appointments for the 8th February at Tilstock venue , can be booked through juliette.



Coaching – Isobel Jones and Derek Wright

Isobel reported that even though this was the closed Season for Bowls, she had provisional bookings for April but these were yet to be confirmed.

Any Club or individual who would like coaching before the next season, then the coaching team  will be available from March , weather permitting.

Isobel expressed how proud she was of the North Shropshire Coaches as this had been their first season and all had turned up when requested. Isobel added, that if anyone would like to become a coach, they could contact her.

She would also be  requesting a Rules Revision Evening before the next season, at the next Management Meeting.

SCGBA Report – Simon Fullard 


Very short report on the above meeting:

In matters arising from Minutes of 7th October there would be a tidying up of the County Cup rules so that players must have played in the Current Season for their Club as currently this is not qualified.

Treasurers report  After a loss of £1400 last year he believes there will be a further loss this year of approximately £1000 but will not know until the accounts are finished.

Reasons- more coaches for away matches for Juniors in particular but as they are the future of our sport then they must be encouraged

Honorarium to be increased again by the RPI so 2.4%

Maybe look at savings on Grants etc to balance the books in 2020

The secretary asked again for all Clubs to ensure their web page is updated and information passed on to any new secretaries coming in for next year. Also she advised all Clubs make sure that they receive a schedule from any company they use for insurance as there had been a problem with one club who had had a claim against them and it was only by using bank records that they were able to convince their insurance company that they were insured!

The main issue that arose during the meeting was that there have been NO applicants coming forward for the post of Secretary to the SCGBA. Without someone to take over then the SCGBA cannot function. I suggested that the details should be sent out to every club in Shropshire to see if there is anyone willing to look at taking over from Mo. I believe this has been done and would urge all clubs send this out to members in case there is interest.

It was suggested that maybe it is time to widely advertise the post outside the bowls community but would there be any applicants anyway as the Honorarium is not massive.

Maybe its time that the bowls community realise that we have to pay for this post in a more commercial way?

Welfare was a hot topic again with the Whitchurch League again pointing out that there were no proper guidelines from either SCGBA or BCGBA  regarding Code of Conduct issues and the fines/penalties that could be imposed. A working party with Phil Scott and 2 others are to meet to formulate procedures and a definitive  Shropshire  County Code of Conduct .

The County Competition dates were discussed , amended and approved and will be advised in due course.

There’s a reminder that all Clubs in the County can apply to have competitions on their Green and are encouraged to come forward to the County to do so.

Finally on coaching : There have been several coaching days throughout 2019 – some of you or your members may well have gone to the ones held at Bridgewater – and they have all been successful. Schools and  groups such as the scouts have been involved in the Telford area.

Any Club having an open day next year to try to obtain new members are encouraged to contact the coaching teams if they do not have their own coach. Again it is pointed out that unless you have a proper coach at your club you are not covered by insurance should there be any incidents at an open day.

BCGBA and BCGBA /Referees Report – Phil Scott

The CEO has received an email from Susan Cooper of BDA, offering the BCGBA opportunities for 30 clubs to participate in a “Play Bowls” Open Day at no cost to the Club or BCGBA. Each Club would receive £200 for taking part.

The CEO confirmed that it is down to individual councils , if they wish to include their Greens  in their Pitch Playing Strategy.

Ladies Keith Turton, questioned why there was a need for a March Meeting. Sue Todd replied that this was the case  for several years , as counties collect their handbooks, pay their fees and some competitions were drawn. She confirmed that the Ladies County Championship Final , would be played on an Home and Away basis.

2020 Senior Individual Merit. The Meeting agreed on the number of competitions each County will receive next year.

Rules Revision. The Meeting agreed on several Notices of Motion to be put before the Rules Revision  Meeting in January. A proposer for each of the agreed propositions were appointed.

The CEO explained that they were not able to suggest an annual payment per player until they know exactly how many bowlers they have. Once the GoMembership Database is complete a better idea of total membership will be available.

The CEO advised that the  Competitions Officer , John Coxill, has regrettably tendered his resignation, as he unable to continue in the role, due to ill health.


Annual Dinner Report for Friday 29th November - Juliette Swire

135 tickets had been purchase for the Dinner , down on last year.

Some trophies had come back uncleaned, just a reminder that they must be cleaned.

Some of the Trophies are now very fragile and are in need of replacement, we are looking to do this next year.

Not all clubs had given a raffle prize for the dinner, what would clubs that have given like to do about this.

A proposal will be going forward to the AGM to address the problem of Clubs not providing Raffle prizes for the Dinner. We propose that £10.00 per Club be added to yearly bills , the money raised will provide the prizes for the Dinner.

Secretary Juliette Swire , will purchase the Raffle Prizes.


Junior Bowls Scheme -  Phil Scott

 This Scheme will help to develop our Junior  Members. Clubs will be able to purchase at a reduced cost more suitable sized bowls for younger players. There will be requirements to obtain the bowls, more information will be forwarded to Clubs shortly.


 Agenda for the Annual General Meeting – January 2010

  • Nominations for League Appointments – agreed nominations will be taken forward to the AGM

  • Proposed Changes to League Rules – agreed proposals will be taken forward to the AGM.


NB. 1.6 The Rules of the League may be altered only at the Annual General Meeting.

Notice of new rules or proposed alterations to rules must be submitted in writing to the League Secretary by 30th November of the proceeding year.


Any Other Business

Derek Wright had arranged a Quiz Night for the 7th December, he reported that this would need to be rearranged.

Code of Conduct will be updated .


Dates of Next Meetings


  •   2020 AGM – Tuesday 28 January 2020



    Enclosure: Minutes of Executive Meeting of Tuesday 8th October 2019