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Stubbs Parkin & South Whitchurch Bowling League 2019


President: Isobel Jones 2019 Chairman: Phil Scott 01948 820757/ 07946478299
Results Secretary
Mike Beckett
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Assistant Secretary
John Mitchell
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Juliette Swire



Competition Secretary
Jamie Brookes



Peter Lawrence

Agenda Item 16.         Management Proposals for Consideration at the AGM.


The Management Committee proposes the following rule changes for discussion at the 2017 AGM:



Proposed Rule Change


Section 1 – Organisation of the League


New Rule 1.13. The League has signed up to the SCGBA Code of Conduct and this needs to be reflected in the League’s rules.  There have also been instances during the 2016 season of social media being used inappropriately. 


1.13The League has signed up to the Shropshire County Code of Conduct.  Any player in the Whitchurch League who is found by the League Management Committee to have infringed the Code of Conduct in any way, including through the use of Social Media, may be:

  • Required to apologise publicly to the other player, team or club.
  • Suspended from playing within the W&DBL league.
  • Banned from participating in all W&DBL competitions and activities.


New Rule 1.9a. It has become apparent over the last two Presentation evenings that not all Clubs have been contributing to the Annual Raffle or donating suitable prizes.

It is proposed to levy a fixed rate per Club.  This would enable more valuable prizes to be purchased.

1.9a.   Each Club is to pay £? towards the purchase of raffle prizes for the Annual Dinner.  [The value to be decided at the AGM: £5 per team in the League or £10 per Club]



Section 2 – Membership of the League


Amendment to Rule 2.4b. The wording of this rule appears to require clarification concerning the withdrawal of teams during the season. 

2.4b. Add to end of existing Rule: NB. Once the season has started Clubs wishing to withdraw a team that is not their lowest team must submit their request giving full reasons to the Management Committee for consideration.


Section 3 – Composition of the League


New Rule 3.5. Not all Clubs have been renumbering their teams when/if they change places in the League.  It has confused many people!

3.5. Clubs are to ensure that their teams are lettered according to their place in the League eg  Team B is to be in a higher division than Team C etc.



Section 4 - Fixtures


Amendment to Rule 4.3a.  For some years, teams in the bottom divisions have been finding difficulty in fielding 12 players.  When a full team is played, games often take longer resulting in players, who may be school-children or elderly, getting home excessively late.  School/work/transport commitments often preclude starting earlier.

Proposed amendment: Delete all after ‘same division.’: All teams, with the exception of the bottom division, shall consist of twelve players.  Teams in the bottom division shall consist of ten players.  All games shall be 21 up and the team having the highest aggregate score shall be the winner of the match.


Amendment to Rule 4.8.  Some teams are delaying re-scheduling postponed matches.

4.8.  Delete: ‘and may take further action under Rule 1.3’.  Insert: ‘will dictate the date on which the fixture is to be played.’


Section 5 – League Competition Rules


Amplification of Rule 5.2.3.  It was apparent last season that not all teams were aware of what the Dress Code actually was. An explanation is needed.

Rule 5.2.3 to be amended as follows:

BCGBA dress code must be adhered to for all League Merit Competitions (except for Under 12 Merit) and all Cup Semi-finals and Finals for Jubilee Doubles, Jubilee Doubles Consolation, Shropshire Star and Presidents competitions.  Dress code:

  • Trousers: full length, single coloured trousers, in grey or black.  Studs, rivets and zipped pockets are not allowed, nor are external pockets on the legs. For Ladies only: shorts are allowed if they are tailored to the knee. Nothing in this rule shall prevent exceptions being made for individuals with a relevant disability.
  • Shirts must have sleeves and a collar.
    • Where necessary, and in accordance with the pertaining weather conditions, sweaters and/or wet weather gear may be worn.
    • Nothing in the above shall be interpreted to allow the wearing of track suits, jogging bottoms, shell suits or denim jeans.
    • Any player failing to conform to this standard will be prevented from playing (or continuing) in the competition and may be liable to forfeit any entry fee for, or prize money earned in, the competition.
    • In the case of team contests any offending player must be substituted prior to the commencement of the game.  However, if the player's game has commenced, the player shall score nil and the opponent shall receive the maximum score.


New Rule 5.3.5b.  A Jubilee Doubles Consolation Cup was introduced in 2016 in order to encourage more teams to take part in the competition.

All teams knocked out in their first game in the competition (ie in the preliminary or first round as appropriate) shall be eligible to enter the Jubilee Doubles Consolation Competition.






Proposed New Rules relating to the First Division.

As the largest League in Shropshire it is thought that we should raise the profile of our First Division in line with other Leagues in the County.  We need to move with the times and the proposed changes would increase interest in our league and attract better players.   


3.2a: The First Division only will use the Points system.


Over the last ten years, every year one of the two teams that have been promoted to Division 1 from Division 2, has gone straight back down again. To spice things up and keep it more interesting, it is proposed that the bottom Division 1 team continues to be relegated automatically but that the second bottom team should go into a playoff with the second placed Division 2 team.  The play-off should be on the Tuesday after the fixtures end. 


3.3a.  The team having the lowest points in the First Division at the end of the season will be relegated and replaced by the team that came top of the Second Division.  The second lowest team in the First Division and the second highest team in the Second Division will go into a play-off for the First Division place on the Tuesday after the fixtures end. 


It is understood that most First Division teams would prefer team shirts for all games.


3.5.  Wef April 2018 all First Division players should wear team shirts for all First Division games.

It is felt by some First Division Players that there is not enough prize money for winning the Division - you can win more for winning the District Winter League.  It is proposed that for the first division this is put up to £1 per player per week.  This would mean each player would pay another £18.20 each year towards prize money but would bring a substantial increase in the prize money available. 


Money paid per Team would be 26x 12= £312 x 14 teams = £4368.

This would enable us to pay out to each Team in the Division.  Suggested example below:

1ST   £800

2ND £400

3RD £350

Etc etc

12TH £125

13TH £100

14TH £75

Total £3750.


We could also incorporate a most consecutive wins prize and MVP prize.

3.6.  Players in the First Division shall pay £1 per game towards increasing the amount of prize money payable in that League.