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Stubbs Parkin & South Whitchurch Bowling League 2019


President: Isobel Jones 2019 Chairman: Phil Scott 01948 820757/ 07946478299
Results Secretary
Mike Beckett
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Assistant Secretary
John Mitchell
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Juliette Swire



Competition Secretary
Jamie Brookes



Peter Lawrence

Item 7 – Secretary’s Report – Alison Hine


Generally last season went well.   As usual John and Ann Mitchell had done sterling work getting the books and results cards printed ready for the start of the season.  Unfortunately, some very late changes to Club officials and teams were received which meant that a letter giving details of amendments to the Fixture Book had to be sent out very early in the season.


There were some withdrawals of teams: Ellesmere withdrew their bottom team at the start of the season and one of Hanmer’s teams could not continue after the first few weeks.  We have also been notified that Con Club are withdrawing their one remaining team and thus sadly leaving the League for 1917.  It appears to be a symptom the current situation in bowling with players getting older – and/or preferring to play on sunny afternoons in the Over 60s leagues.      Other teams had difficulty finding players and Chester Road Ladies D had to become a Mixed team for many of their matches.  On the positive side, the withdrawal of Ellesmere’s team enabled Wem USC to put in a second team for 2016 and we await confirmation (by 21 February 2017) of whether any Clubs wish to enter new teams for the 2017 season.  


During the season, there had been a few matters requiring Management decisions:

  • Hanmer applied to withdraw a team that was not their bottom one.  The matter was discussed and in view of the circumstances and the fact that the season had already started the request was reluctantly agreed.
  • The saga of the match between Hanmer and AWC that was postponed due to bad weather dragged on for 10 weeks for various reasons, including the unlikely success of Wales in the European Cup!  In the end it was decided to deduct 50 chalks from both teams.
  • A protest was received from Malpas Sports concerning the cancellation of their match with Cheswardinge due to bad weather.  A meeting was held at which both sides were given the opportunity to air their views.  The Management Committee confirmed that it is the Home Captain’s and/or the Greensman’s responsibility in the event of bad weather to make the decision over whether to cancel a match.  The decision must be taken early enough to warn the opposing team before they start travelling.


The 2015 Annual Dinner was more poorly attended than in previous years so a questionnaire was circulated early in 2016 to see how this could be addressed.  The two problem areas that emerged were the cold menu and the length of the evening so for the 2016 Dinner we returned to a hot roast meal and also shortened the length of the presentation part of the evening s by reducing the number of prizes to be formally presented.  The numbers went back up with some 183 people attending.  The evening went very well – even Phil Scott’s quiz!  The Civic Hall has already been booked for next year’s Dinner on Friday 27th October, when it will again be a hot roast meal.   We will return to issuing tickets and payment in advance for the 2017 Dinner in order to avoid a couple of problems encountered this year.  We are also proposing changes in how the raffle prizes are collected as records over the last couple of years show that some Clubs have not been donating anything.  We are therefore proposing a cash levy which could then be used to buy fewer but better value prizes.    


We have had a suggestion from Wrenbury that acceptable drinks for the losing opponent should be tea/coffee/soup etc and that anyone wishing an alcoholic drink should purchase it themselves.   It does not appear to require a formal rule but should be discussed.


Finally, I would like to thank my colleagues on the Management Committee for their support during the year and particularly the Club Secretaries and Representatives for their assistance.        


There is one item of correspondence to be discussed: Wrenbury’s request that it should be acceptable for the winning player to offer his/her opponent a hot drink rather than an alcoholic one.


Item 9 – Fixture’s Secretary’s Report 2016 – Mike Beckett


The entering of the Results on the Website is now making a big improvement as to how soon the tables are being updated.  75% of the matches are now being entered on the night, many via a smart phone, and the rest within 24 hours.

I have had to make very few corrections this year as any mistakes have soon been rectified by the opposing Captain.

I do send the results to the Shropshire Star on the Friday or Saturday as soon as the Thursday results are in but it is out of my hands as to when or if they get published.


The main problem we had in 2016 were postponed matches due to heavy rain on some match days in May.  These were all played within the 4 weeks as per rule 4.7 except one, AWC A V Hanmer A. This was eventually played 10 weeks after the original date. Both teams made various excuses as to why they could not play so the management instructed me to deduct 50 chalks from both teams as per rule 4.8.  I realise that most teams wish to re-arrange a postponed match on a Wednesday and although there are Cup matches that take up some Wednesday nights there is normally at least one free Wednesday during the next 4 weeks and we should enforce the teams to play on the first available Wednesday and not let them make excuses such as they cannot find enough players.  This is why I wish to propose a rule change to 4.8:

Delete ‘may take further action under Rule 1.3’ and insert ‘will dictate the date on which the fixture is to be played’.


Unfortunately, Con Club has withdrawn from the League so consequently for the new season there will be no relegations from 2016 for Divisions 4 and below. If there are no other late withdrawals or new teams Division 7 will have 12 teams for 2017. Matches will start the first week of April except for Division 7 which may start 2 weeks later.


The entering of any players that move clubs within Shropshire this season will be simplified.

On the Website page where a Secretary or Captain wishes to enter a player who has moved from another club there will be a box where it will only be necessary to enter the Initial and Surname of the player. A list of players will then be displayed that match together with their registration number. Select the correct player and the player will be placed in your Club details and if they have previously played for another Whitchurch League Club last year they will be removed from that club’s list of Whitchurch League members. This will save a lot of duplication that has happened in previous years.


Hopefully for any new players that are entered on the Website before they have received a number, their number should automatically be added once the County have allocated it.

I am still working with the County as to exactly how the registration of a new player is to be implemented.



Item 10 – League Competitions Report 2016 – Phil Scott


Another year has flown by and I’m sure we are all recovering from the Christmas festivities, hopefully everyone had a good one. This last year on the competition front was another good one with some excellent days of competition we began the year with the Norman Ford Trophy played in memory of our friend and league officer. As usual it’s a invite to the winners of the averages in each division and competition winners from the previous year  the final 2 from each category comprised of Alan Boulton and Peter Hunter in the vets section, Liam Edwards and Dan Beeston in the juniors, Louise Allmark and  Kerry Dance in the Ladies and Jack Hewitt and Paul Dugmore in the Men’s.  Some excellent games meant Jack Hewitt would play Louise Allmark in the semis and Alan Boulton would play Peter Hunter. Both great games of bowls with home player Louise just coming second best to Merit Winner Jack Hewitt and Alan Boulton beating Peter Hunter 21- 10. In the final it was nip and tuck till 14 across when Jack Hewitt came into his own and finished off a tiring Alan Boulton 21-14 to start the year with the leagues coveted Trophy,


Next up we had the Under 21 Merit which was held at Joules where Chris Stretch added to his merit haul of the last few years beating Monique Higgs in the final, Connor Whitehall won the consolation against a young Josh Warner who although was playing against players nearly ten years older than himself showed us what was to come during 2016.


After that we travelled to AWC for the Under 25 Merit where the 2015 winner Dan Beeston defended his title  by beating AWC Premier player Jack Hewitt in the final in the consolation it was a case of déjà vu as Liam Edwards beat club mate Russell Crocker in the final for the second year on the trot.


Moving on to the Under 15 merit Liam Edwards beat his club mate Russell Crocker again to claim the prize in his last year in this category and Josh Warner beat Edward Proudlove  for his first Whitchurch League title in the consolation.


On the usual end of May Bank Holiday Judith Purcell Mixed Pairs a disappointing entry of only 9 pairs contested the competition where brother and sister duo Cedric and Jean Bancroft came out on top against Paul Bradley and Donna Bennett in the final.


Next up was the St Alkmunds Trophy at AWC where a field of 32 players drew for partners under the eye of my stand in Mike Beckett. At the end of a long day Paul Bradley and Jamie Brookes won the competition against Cedric Bancroft and Julian Goodwin.


On a suspicious day of weather at Whixall we held the Over 60’s merit where in between rain showers Alan Boulton successfully defended his title against Cedric Bancroft.  After that we held the 3 Merits of Ladies, Under 18’s and 12’s at Chester Road where in the Under 18’s Curtis Metcalfe Ifton finally got his hands on the merit trophy in his last year beating Jacob Holden in the final, In the Ladies comp Paula Healey successfully defended her title against Ann Owen and the Under 12 winner was Harry Brookes the only entrant in the comp.  North Shropshire do not have many junior’s coming through at the moment we need more !!! please.


Moving on to the League Mixed Doubles at Tilstock where Gary Whitehall and Dawn Gray won the day with a wonder bowl from Dawn in the final end against Cedric and Jean Bancroft.

League Doubles title winners were Jack Hewitt and Julian Goodwin who beat mother and son duo Paula and Nathan Healey in the final.


In the one of the penultimate comps of the year Tom Hardy won his second individual merit by beating 2 time runner up Matt Blackhurst in the final at Ash.


In the Jubilee Doubles Finals Woore A got their hand on the main trophy against a very under strength Adderley A side whose players were split between Whitchurch and Shrewsbury.  Malpas Sports A won the inaugural Consolation against Wem BC B.


The end of year Club Competitionss were held between League Champions Wem USC and Hanmer with the Presidents Cup between Div 2 and 3 champions Hadnall and Wrenbury.  Some excellent games were played and Hanmer got their hands on the Shropshire Star Title, the first club out of the usual 5 to win it, and Hadnall won the Presidents Cup in their 3rd Final on the trot.


This was the first year where the dress code came into force for all the Merits.  I was a bit lenient this year being the first year of the rule but next year no excuses will be taken!!!


May I end my report with thanks to all the clubs for their hospitality at the Merits and to all the greenspersons  for their work during the season , anyone who has helped in any capacity from measuring to marking cards or just supporting. And lastly to the players that enter, without you the Whitchurch league competitions wouldn’t be the success they are. Thank You.


PS. One thing that most people reading this would notice is that the same names keep coming up in the winners section.  Let’s have some new names on the trophies: enter the comps and have a go!  Anyone is beatable on the day!!!



Item 11 - Shropshire Crown Green Referees/Whitchurch League Welfare Officer’s Reports – Isobel Jones


Referees update :   

Referees Seminar will take place on Thursday 23rd February at Tilstock Bowling Club commencing 7:30 p.m. All you will need on the night is a copy of the British Crown Green handbook. Prior booking is needed, please contact Isobel.


Referees’ Exam will probably be a week to a fortnight later.


British Crown Green Referees subscription stays at £ 8:00p plus Shropshire Referees subscription of £ 2:00p

  • If all North Shropshire referees are still interested in refereeing for Shropshire County the following fees are due.  Which covers membership and insurance. £ 10:00p in total to be paid to Isobel before 3rd March 2017. Cheques must be payable to Shropshire County Referees Society. Isobel will obtain receipts.


Coaching  no update.


Welfare update:

DBS Certificates; All Club Welfare Officers please check certificates.  Those which expire in 2017 (ie three years old) will need to be replaced.

  • Barry Jennings will be renewing certificates on Wednesday 8th February at 6 Brook Road. Times will be from 7:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. Times must be booked in advance with Isobel.


Reminder the following Club’s DBS Officer needs to renew certificate or if a new Officer is appointed from the Club.

Adderley BC        W Icke                                                Audlem BC            L Davenport

Chester Road      A.Mitchell    7:00 p.m.                    Cholmondeley       J Greenway

Cheswardine       H Crocker                                          Joules                      C Siddall

Hanmer                M Townsend   7:30 p.m  Hodnet                     S Palin

M Farmers           J Blake                                               Prees                       S Taylor      TBA

N Barony              M Cohen     TBA                              Tilstock                   C Barlow

Wem BC                M Telford,  P Davies,  B Lear       Whixall                    L Dean

Whit & District    P Dutton                                           Wollerton               L Jones

Wrenbury            A Brown                                             AWClub                   V Jones

Referee                R Ellison      7;15 p.m.

Please telephone / email for appointment


Will the following clubs please notify me to who their DBS Officer is >

1             Ellesmere         2    Newport               3 Preston Brockhurst

4          Wem Albion                                        



Item 12 – County Delegates’ Annual Report – Phil Scott


Another year of County meetings has flown by with the usual items on the agenda most months. We had a successful county teams year with the seniors reaching the final and the juniors the semis.  All Players must be congratulated on their efforts especially the Whitchurch based players which now are the dominant force in numbers in the junior team. This year might be a different kettle of fish though as both teams are in hard groups but I’m sure all will endeavour to do their best.


North Shropshire players had some success in the county comps this year with Andrew Moss losing in the semis of the Senior Merit but qualifying for the All Britain at LlAY where he lost in the final to Matt Gilmore Merseyside. Cedric Bancroft lost in the final of the Veterans Merit to Mid Shropshire’s Tony Roche , and also lost in the semis of the county handicap. AWC’s  Callum Wraight won the Midland Masters to add to his growing list of titles around the country and Adderley’s Alan Boulton made it to the quarter finals of the Jack and Jean Isherwood finals which was again held at Prees. Thanks to the North Shropshire greens of Prees Wem BC Bridgewater and Hadnall for their hospitality hosting County Competitions.  Don’t know whether we up here will get any this next year depends who takes over as Competition Secretary.


County Finances are always a prickly subject with most people but we as a county are now in a position to put something back to the clubs with a proposed decrease in fees which will be voted on at next month’s County AGM. A further topic for consideration will be Honararia increases for the County Officials.  Most people don’t realise the amount of hours these officials put in every year for a remuneration which is peanuts really so the County Executive is proposing an increase in honoraria for 2017 to cover the hours the officers put in.  Totalling an additional £2600. Also on the agenda will be an increase in entrance fee to county matches to 3:00 per person. 


The County Registrar has issued 237 new cards this year compared to 251 last year.


Now the County has a full list of all players in the county thanks to our honourable colleague Mike Beckett’s sterling work everything will be a lot easier involving the admin of players for each club.


There were a few incidents in the current year involving conduct.  Can I remind all clubs and players of the code of conduct as I don’t want to see any North Shropshire players at a disciplinary hearing!!!


There are also a few County positions needing to be filled for the coming season: Competition Secretary and Coaching and Development officer.  If anyone wants to get more involved let us know please.


All in all the county is at the forefront of most things that BCGBA throw at us from Welfare to supplying information to the governing body.  Long may this continue and show other counties how they should be run.



Item 14 – League Applications/Resignations and Format of the League for 2017 – Alison Hine in Mike Beckett’s absence.


  • No applications have been received from Clubs wishing to join the League.
  • The closing date for Teams wishing to join the League is not until 21 February 2017.  New teams will join Division 7.
  • Con Club has withdrawn from the League so consequently for the new season there will be no relegations from 2016 for Divisions 4 and below.
  • Matches will start the first week of April.  Division 7 TBC.


Item 15 – Fixture Book 2017: Format and Content – John Mitchell


  • Most things to do with creating the books are under control.
  • The main items are to stress the importance of clubs having their AGM early enough to ensure that it is possible for the club data to be included in the 2017 book. 
  • to give me time to edit the information and to give the printers enough time to print the fixture books I need a minimum of three weeks before the first Executive meeting.